Knitting in Public…

April 27, 2017

…while making short progress. I did it! I got the darned paper done. It might even be a good paper. I hope it’s a good paper. I constantly feel as if my grade is suffering in this class. I often feel like my grades are suffering (especially if I don’t have a cushy, solid A that lets me fail the final exam and still obtain a B in the class). Alas, I hope it’s enough to get me a better grade, but I likely won’t know until I take the final anyways, so I’llst have to wait and see. Yes, Finals week is coming up. So, what’s a girl to do?


Look, look, it’s almost a periscope!

She takes her knitting to the pub to wait for friends to share a couple of beers and enjoy some karaoke(How does one spell Karaoke?). My former sister-in-law got up and sang. I haven’t found a good song that matches my voice since I got up and tried Martina McBride’s “When God Fearing Women Get the Blues,” while I did a stint in the Navy. (This song doesn’t even come close to matching my voice or style, by the way). There shouldn’t have been enough beers in my system then and there weren’t enough beers in my system now to get up and give a song a memorably bad rendition of singing. We’ve considered Toby Keith to match my voice, but I don’t really listen to country much, and there are only a few of his I would be okay with doing. I may have to get up and do classic rock, one of the ones where people are guaranteed to join you in the singing.

I’m willing to perform, the singing voice is another matter. I’ve heard it can be trained, I’m just not sure how that’s going to work;-).


The front view and right side up!

However, I ran into work friends, and figured out which ones were chatty and which were downright affectionate with a couple of beers in them. I also made some memories with my friends(who are both former sisters-in-law–they divorced my brothers, not me;-)). So, I finally got to the part where I get to turn the heel(I might even get that part done today if I keep at it), and I snuck in two more rows of the Terpander socks this week.


The back view, upside down…(yes I know there are rotation buttons, but I’m going between kindle and laptop, so forgive the technical difficulties, Please;-)).

So, progress has been made, but I really need to get back to the studying I’ve neglected in favor of progress;-) and nights out with friends where I knit to the heel turn (while waiting, I might add).


Now to pick up stitches and get on with this bad girl, just in time for summer;-)…
Now, for the update. I did get some studying done, but I had time before class and diligently worked on the heel turn, simply choosing to move my knitting bag very carefully since the stitches would be straddling two needles the entire time. I got it finished this evening with only a few more minutes of effort and I still have time to study that chapter and review the next over the week…Wish me luck on finals and summer classes(possibly).  We’ll find out whether I’m studying or knitting and quilting and working on a book this summer.


Another Busy Week…

September 23, 2016

I wish I could say I hit the knitting harder this week. In retrospect, I probably did. I don’t feel like I got much done. However, I did some shopping. Shopping makes up for lack of progress, right? Right! So, let’s see where the pendulum falls…

I’ll be honest, I expected to be bored in my Literary Analysis class. “You’ve been doing this for years, since high school, you just didn’t know it.)” So working through the likely familiar steps would be boring. Now, we are doing literary maps (that are meant to prove we read the book) and coloring in a writing intensive class. We’re finally getting to some writing this week. I’d rather submit five to ten pages a week on the steps or a book review, than do a literary map, which is a memory tool at best. For once, I’d almost rather be bored.

I’d rather find my own allusions and figure out how to do each of these steps, not try to guess which detail (or how many unnecessary details) will prove to the instructor (who is too busy to keep the book’s characters straight) I read the book. I’m explaining the book to my fellow students, who she has thoroughly confused. Today, my literary map was “too big.” Though it was written in print by the instructor, that we could “feel free to up-size,” if our creativity demands it. When have you guys ever seen me take on something small?

Okay, enough about the pissy instructor who managed to piss me off all week. Let’s get back to the knitting. Here’s the purple sock. I’m getting closer to the heel. But it’s the fourth week of classes, I wanted to be knitting the heel flap.


My current progress on the take me to class sock…

And now for the kind of sad, but fun part. I stopped progress on the cherry dream Terpander socks this week. They were being knit on Addi Turbo Rockets in size 2. The pattern was designed for size 1. Since I have a small bend in one of the needles which the shopkeeper became aware of, I likely cannot exchange the size 2’s for size 1. The toe is looking a bit big already. So, I need to downsize. Funny thing, Dear James was just asking me what would happen if I did this as he left for work this evening…I launched into some of the “knit-ese” I can share with you guys.


The brand new knitting needles that will make this Terpander pattern all that it was meant to be…(Dear James claims he won’t understand…Just something else for me to show him later)

First, let’s start with what I like about the Addi Turbo Rockets in size 2. They are smooth. When I am knitting a simple knit and purl pattern, they’ll fly. I may mean that literally. So, what would I improve? In flying, while cabling, I have to be very careful and very firm with all needles so not to drop yarn or stitches. I’ve been constantly wary of dropping stitches as I knit on my more relaxed mornings. I’m not a mindful or relaxed knitter. I knit to relieve tensions of days like today. Since I didn’t have much money to go buy another set of Addi Turbo Rockets in size 1, well, maybe I did, but I wanted to try something else, I went to Knit Picks, and decided to try their needles.


I have a plan…stay tuned, we know how plans work…;-)

I bought their fixed circular needles in 40”(which the pattern requires in Majestic Wood. My boyfriend has already dubbed them black. I also bought two new skeins of yarn.I haven’t decided which pattern I want to knit with these colors…check this out.


I’m developing a plan, and may need more needles. These are entirely me, but likely my winter knits this year…I see myself as booked with knitting, classes and quilting this fall.

I’m torn between the Half-Stranded Socks by Anna Zilboorg or the Stealth Argyles by Eunny Jang. Both require two colors, both are beautiful in their own right. So, do I want stripes that sometimes look like diamonds or do I want beautiful curvy reversed socks…(they sound so fun). Both patterns are included in Ann Budd’s Sock Knitting: Master Class.


Squib helping me with the quilting…mostly inspecting, but he’s not above running off with cool, small toys…that are not “cat toys,” whatever-that-means.

It’s been a crazy week. I’m still not sure how I survived. I still don’t feel like I have a routine, and I’ve been running over half of the week. I added a workout to my Monday and Wednesday afternoon. I work Monday night, so I meant to bring my uniform with me. I left it at home, hanging there in my closet. As I drove home just before 5:00 rush hour traffic to pick it up, I realized I left my work shoes at my boyfriend’s house. It made for one of those Manic Mondays. Not to mention the homework I was becoming aware needed to get done.


Here they are! My Pussy-Willow socks made to match one of my favorite shirts…

Tuesday came and went with aplomb…it was like a repeat of Monday, only worse. I woke up late, arrived at class late and somehow remembered that I needed my laptop. I hoped to resolve some program issues I’ve been having with a log-in code for class. The material has been provided elsewhere for now, but I had to pay for it to be provided here. The code should work, it doesn’t. So, between classes, I went to get my laptop, switch bags and locked my car.


Trying to photograph the side detail…I may need help with this…

In class, there were no plug-ins. Nor were there any plug-ins in the hall outside. I don’t like giving up class time for this anyways. I need plug-ins because the battery is dying, and it’s just not worth the price to fix it. Do you see this having a negative effect on my knitting time. After class, I went to take the useless laptop back to my car. I had locked my backpack in there, with my books in it. I realized then I had locked my keys in my car.

There is good news, however. I pay for roadside assistance. I always have and likely always will-for days like this. I called my boyfriend to look up the number, and alert him in case I needed him to get the spare key. I called roadside assistance and they arrived in about ten to fifteen minutes, then opened my passenger in about 45 seconds. It took him longer to remove the tool than it did to unlock me. My keys were in my backseat next to the backpack, thank goodness.


Here’s what they look like from the inside view…(still an easy pattern, just quite detailed).

Then I high-tailed it to my niece’s and nephew’s school for their track meet. I got there in time to catch my niece running her race. It was kind of cool. Then I came home to do homework. It’s not hard homework, but I’ve had a crazy week and I want to do something that’s just more fun than read books I don’t love. I have attempted some knitting, only to get myself in a bit of a bind with the terpander pattern. I knit one of the cables the wrong direction! Drat! Now I have to tink. I may also need smaller needles for this. It is giving me an idea.


The sock that has my Psych Graduate Assistant requesting a sweater…If I knit instead of study, I could make this work out…(I don’t knit that fast, better study.)

Next, I worked on a couple more rows between my two classes today after I did a fair amount of reading in the book. This one is a good book, but a slow pace and a detective novel where I’m struggling to see the dilemma and the over-arching case and theme do not seem directly related to the main character. Yet, she’s almost the glue that holds them together, and the better detective. However, I still only have a little progress on these socks. I can hope for a little more next week, but I think I just gave myself more sewing to do. We’ll have to see.

Today was easier. I got through the workout yesterday and only have medium stiffness when I sit for too long. I also took my aunt shopping yesterday. Today, I checked the weather, and said, sixty-four degrees Fahrenheit, eh? I can wear my hand-knit socks today. Yes, I saw that it was likely to reach seventy three degrees Fahrenheit as well…I ignored that and put on my socks and the pretty shirt that matches them. Enjoy my pictures of my feet, as well as the socks on them. It was worth it for a bit of foot sweat. (It wasn’t near as much as work where I sweat to pieces in black socks and shoes). So, I promise, I didn’t kill my Pussy Willow socks made with the continuum yarn from String Theory Color Works.


The Crafter’s Conundrum…

September 9, 2016

…to knit or to read…? Oh, dear. Perhaps that is the question after all. I know the simple answer…books on tape. I’m somewhat a fan. I do a fair amount of driving, so I can manage this, some of the time. However, I’m in school, so the question might be better posed as to study or to knit? Time is needed for both. So, how much? And, before you offer that helpful suggestion of books on tape again(which I do enjoy to some extent), let me remind you not all of the books are available on tape. Also, I’m not generally an auditory learner–I NEED to take notes if I’m listening, which means I’m writing instead of knitting then, too.


Tonight’s helper is Scamp. I swear I was reading The Odyssey for class right before I took this…Briannag is snuggling a pillow in the background.

Now, I have devised some solutions for this, but it’s not a perfect world. Let’s go over what I have so far. Knitting travels to class with me. I commute and parking becomes a bear of a challenge each semester. So, I get to class quite early and have time to knit a couple of rows before class. Remember, two rows at a time will get you there…it just takes the entire semester.


Another favorite pasttime…(I quilt, too.) But this is some knitting I could be doing.

I also usually set aside an evening a week where I take an hour to knit, guilt free. One must take a break from a psychology text after all, or at the end of a “Book” in The Odyssey. But this week was short on knitting time for one reason or another. There was a holiday(I’d rather just finish Monday on Monday instead of half of Monday on Tuesday, or skipping it altogether). Holidays throw me off. The time off is needed, but that’s when I attend a quilt retreat, or reduce the job load.


My one allowed “belated” birthday present, because J.D. Robb doesn’t publish the week of my birthday(it’s in early August, in case you wish to assist with the petition).

Alas, I’m working on both patterns, and had some time set aside for each, but I didn’t get very far with either of them…. This week may be more of the same…allow me to show you my choices:-)…”Squeee….!” is involved. Sorry, but it the autographed copy of the original book, on both of them…and then there’s the knitting. Alas, I’m in the middle of (okay, two-thirds through) another engaging book with one and a half books left in the series. You can guess what I’m doing tonight, after I put down The Odyssey for the final time this evening(hopefully through another “Book”).


Nothing gets a true Squeee! like this….look at these….ah, now to wait for the third in the trilogy to come out. The In Death book will be started very soon.

And yes, I will be looking into obtaining The Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid on tape, if nothing else then for reinforcements. However, the Developmental Psychology text has no tape, nor does Lisa Sandlin’s _The Do-Right_. I’ll come back to that one when I’m done mapping and analyzing it. (If you really desire to know if you should pick it up–though I think there was a reference to the detectives in The Girl Who Played With Fire, though it takes place in the south of the U.S.). It’s an interesting read, and a bit strange, but I admit that I’m curious to see how the main character carries out her dilemma.


This week’s single sock progress…I may have gotten more done on the two at a time socks….
In the meantime, I need to get some of these school books on tape, so I can get more knitting done-that, or get to class earlier.

More of each sock…

September 2, 2016

I have a plan. I usually have a plan. Plans are good as they often keep things from going awry…. So, I’ve been told. I’ve also been told plans themselves go awry. Yes, I thought of the Of Mice and Men quote here, by John Steinbeck but it’s said to be attributed to Robert Burns as well. I got tired thinking about it.


Smooshy socks…feel like a million bucks for far less…

Allow me to explain, I’ve just started two English classes and a Developmental Psychology class this semester. Everything I write just about must be attributed. I’ve heard “Cite your sources,” in so many ways this week, I could likely write another paper or at least a cutesy document about how to say it. If I get tired enough, I’ll put it into a cute little rhyme.

DSCN1111 (2)

Putzer, demanding I put down the crafts and provide a full-body massage.

I’ve been a different sort of tired this week, as I fell ill Wednesday and it’s still trying to kick my butt. It seems to be just a stomach bug, but it wears me out quite fast. In addition, dear James is home ill as well. I get more accomplished when he’s not here, usually. This week, I found myself working in twenty minute increments and needing to refresh my brain somehow afterwards. I still got some notes finished, but I hate getting sick when I have homework to do.


Zeus, getting snuggled off the couch by Briannag…it’s her spot.

Alas, I still got some knitting time in before classes or some mornings when I felt as if I could focus. I figured out I couldn’t focus when I started on row two of the cabling on the smooshy socks. Now let me talk about this yarn. You can see I got the toes knit and began the pattern(well, you can kind of see that). I learned frogging things in these socks are a real PITA (pain in the arse). I forged on after frogging and got to the second row, which I attempted to knit on one my sick mornings. I think it was yesterday. I don’t think I realized yet I was sick. Otherwise, I’d have known better.


Scamp and Squib performing a favorite past time…they’re leaving the yarn alone, for now…

Let me go back to the yarn. This yarn is so soft I want to knit with it. I feel like I’m stroking my favorite velvet teddy bear from childhood. I didn’t have a velvet teddy bear in childhood, but if I did, these socks are what it would have felt like. I will be finding a way to get more of this yarn in the future. In addition, I will be finding patterns that work on dpns for this future yarn.


Maeve, long ago helping me with the knitting…

In the meantime, I’m working on the third sock of four, in which I have to make a decision. There’s a bonus to knitting a repetitive pattern multiple times. You begin to memorize it. This is good and bad, as my row counter is diagonal hash marks on the side of the chart. One of the tougher parts of this sock, besides tracking how many times I’ve knit or purled or both, is marking the pattern. If you’ve read previous blog entries, you might begin to notice a theme. So far, I’m on the second repeat of this sock–about halfway done with this leg, and I’ve kept up the markings.


Horrible photo of this one, but you can see what it will be above…

I hope next week goes a little smoother with no more stomach bugs so I can get back to my side job as well as the regular job and get some more socks knit and a couple more books read, for school and personally. Next week, ask me about the books.

Quilting for knitting…

August 11, 2016

…or knitting for quilting….

DSCN1109.JPG(‘Tis only a matter of time before he’s in the bag of goodies…)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I celebrated well, like any responsible table games dealer would(no, I did not search whether that was an oxymoron)…alas, I went to Roz’s diner in Rosebush, with my Dear James, his treat…but we’ve wanted to try this. I made plans next year that supercede this one, trust me;-). Roz’s was good. I had the lamb burger. I got out of work at 12:03AM the morning of my birthday(and though I had to be back at 12:15pm to pick my new shift,) I used the early day to prep for the quilt show.


I received a new sewing machine of my request…I’m not sure what I was thinking when I picked it, but I believe it will work for me. I’ve opened it and looked, but I haven’t used it yet. My quilting may move into the twentieth century….but truly–where would the fun be in that.


The wool…for the sampler with my quilt guild…
I often remind dear James, as I did tonight, that if the zombie apocalypse happens(and looking at our presidential candidates–it has–i’d rather talk about the silliness of pokemon go), I’ll be in high demand.  As I watch the gymnasts and swimmers on the Olympics and hope they survive their treks through unsafe waters, I can only hope.


See, there really was knitting this week (and no ripping!)…

In the meantime, I got some knitting done at the quilt show. Then I came home with scores of new fabric(yes, I was lucky enough to shop this year–and well, did what you guys do, right?). We will not discuss budgets…but I didn’t list that all my dreams had come true. (I’m not even sure of all of them some days). But I got more than expected…allow me to show you;-)!


I know where one of these is going once washed…the other, we’ll see…perhaps the purse…

Oops…I may have gotten a little over-excited there…and there was yarn, but I refrained because, well, budget….and it was a quilt show. Later I may kick myself but I have a stash and I need to finish the purple cabled socks–both pair, and what I’m working on now. Alas, enjoy my goodies and allow me to quietly re-take some photos over here while you enjoy the fun stuff…


This should be a pretty cool purse, see what I mean;-).

P.s. The cats are claiming it all…DSCN1113

And Putzer is not shy about it, he just sent Squibby packing…(Squib would rather play with the knitting anyhow)…

Hello friends, another crazy week has passed with only one more to go…for this class. I have decided I will not take a three week class again. I should have taken the online version. I’ve been busy with two jobs, three hours of class a day, a paper and an exam. I made it through each of them, but in a regular class, you either get a breather for a second, or an easier set-up for the next section, usually. In a three week class, you are thanking whatever powers that be that the instructor didn’t assign a third reading to make up for the reading you didn’t get to last night, due to studying for the final.


Current progress on the sock…about an inch, I think…But one inch at a time, right;-)

Am I not making sense? My apologies. The (likely) A.D.D. is kicking in because I have not been able to plan a thing with this instructor. (Testing is forthcoming) There’s a time for pantsing–usually in writing and often in blogs. In three week classes, if I don’t have everything written in ink, at some point it will all fall apart. I thought it already had, but my brain is ready for a serious defrag at this point. One more week to go. Here’s hoping I either read the selection before class without throwing the book against the wall, or that he quizzes on the one I have read.


My oldest nephew, the cynical one on the right… in Jazz Band playing Bass Guitar…(I swear this kid has done nearly everything I wished I had in high school)

In the meantime, I was caught up on my reading on Sunday night for laundry, and didn’t have the paper with me(thank goodness). I got a few rows knit while we did laundry. After the exam today, I got a couple more rows done, though I hoped for more. I knew better. I’ve started taking my time with tests, reading them twice to make sure I understand the question. I cannot afford not to. I still want to keep up the four point oh. I hope I can, but it’s highly uncertain at this point, and over half the rest of the points will be due next week.


(My youngest niece just beginning her career in band. I can’t wait to see what unfolds)

Oh, dear. So, now major trips to the yarn store, though I did score some cool dish scrubbies and wine glasses…Oh, let me show you the wine glasses….


Look at these rustic beauties…it must be the birch…I believe only fallen wood is used. I’m not a mason jar girl, but you give them birch handles and I’m all over it. These are about to become retreat wine glasses;-). I’m afraid the dog will sneeze on them at home…really, it’s a thing.

And I purchased a couple of potholders when I asked dear James if he had a color preference and he said no, so I checked if he wanted them to match one of the scrubbies, to which he didn’t care either…. He was likely busy making my lunch, then, so I can’t complain too much about his lack of input. Though I don’t remember how I worded the question, his answer was “Yes,” which meant bring home whatever you pick out…If he burns them….I may kick him…ah, heck, one of us will burn them…it’s only a matter of time. Good thing they’re affordable. I hope he likes them.


New scrubbies and pot-holders I am not able to crochet…and the crochet adds sturdiness…so, things I didn’t have to knit, and I paid asking price;-).
Now, let me get some rest before the Highland Festival for which I snuck in Saturday night off. More about that next week, I hope…though I will be in the throes of studying for a final exam and review…One more week…one more week until more yarn…and some quilting…Say it with me guys…I think I’m losing it;-)

Week of Short Progress

April 15, 2016

Okay guys, it has been a crazy week. I knit five entire rows this week.+


I took a second job and I have a quilt retreat I leave for tomorrow. I took a second job to make up for the short shifts I’ve been enjoying lately. I haven’t been there long enough to pull out the knitting…I’m looking forward to finishing finals so I can simply veg with knitting and quilting and reading. Though, for this weekend, with most of my homework done enough, I’m going to enjoy this quilt retreat and make some progress on the super-secret fantasy quilt as well.  Until next week guys, and happy knitting.


Let me begin by saying I have a distinct bias: I started on dpns. I am comfortable on dpns. I like the way my dpns make socks. However, I’m open to change to change and am trying one sock toe-up on two circular needles at this time. Later, I will revisit this post or create a similar one, once I get to two socks at a time on one circular needle. I have a specific pattern in mind for that sock. Alas, allow me to return to the socks I am currently working on.


Briannag, helping me model the pussy willow sock…

I’ve been working the Knot Socks top-down or cuff-down on four double pointed needles. This pattern is also cabled. I am on the second sock and getting excited to finish. I knit the heel turn after an exam today and so the sock is taking on a periscope shape, which is one of my favorite parts of knitting with dpns.


The heel-cup(short rows on the purple sock…coming to one of my favorite parts…

I have also been knitting the Pussy Willow socks toe-up on two-circular needles in that pretty gray yarn. I love and hate the circular needles. The extra circular needle is always dangling below. You get used to it, but it can be annoying. The good thing with circular needles is that I haven’t lost any stitches in traveling. I have managed to drop a couple stitches when switching between needles during tricky knitting sections, but nothing major-not even the swearing.


Both socks together…easy drop on the left and picking up to do…lots of cables on the right; there may be no perfect method-but that’s why we love socks, right?

I did not have to tighten the first stitches as much with the cables, but there is a minor amount of confusion about which needle leads to which. I tried to keep the needle I wasn’t working on centered, but that couldn’t happen as I was knitting the heel flap and turning the heel. In fact, turning the heel was actually more cumbersome on the two cable needles as I found myself trying to work two needles together that weren’t meant to cooperate. I ended up slipping the stitches onto the working needle and marking my spot. It wasn’t a tough fix, but the heel is somewhat more difficult on the circulars.


The beginning of the periscope on the purple sock.

This being said as I’m about to pick up my heel stitches and knit across on my dpns. I’m just beginning working into the foot on the purple socks. I’m beginning on the leg on the gray toe up socks. In addition, the toe-up sock pattern is a simpler knit to knit as there is only one spot in which I am working the pattern. The purple cuff-down sock is cabled and more complex with much flicking back and forth on the needles. I’m not sure this pattern could be easily worked on the circular needles.


Current progress on the Pussy Willow sock…It is nice to try it on as I go along…Wondering if its a little big, but sometimes, a girl likes big, slouchy socks. And, Briannag is cuter with her eyes open…usually.
I almost have to work two similar patterns to get a true feel for it. Perhaps when I get to the single circular with cables, but I suspect my purple cabled socks will be done by then…or at least they should be. I’m not ready to track more than two sock patterns at a time. Picking up the heel is going to enough for tonight, provided I do not decide I’m too tired to knit. (I wish there wasn’t such a concept. So, fellow knitters, which style is your preference?

Or adding up all the elements…whichever it was, I couldn’t do it right the other night. I read the pattern section, then again…and my math came up short every time. It couldn’t be my math. Apparently, it was playing an April Fool’s Joke on me a little early.

I even contacted the book editor via email to tell her of my problem. I was disappointed. I even considered that I might need these socks to be smaller…perhaps I could knit the smaller pattern and have it come out right. But I’ve made such progress on this sock. Then I read through the pattern one more time and I saw it…”then repeat rows 1-3 one more time.”


Will it work out or won’t it? (Okay, it did…)

Suddenly, there was light at the end of the tunnel. I decided I probably should not read the pattern when tired as well as not knitting when tired. And it’s been a heck of a week. I do mean a heck of a week.

Saturday night, I dealt up a Royal Flush in the first hour of my shift. This is a jackpot hand. The jackpot was sizable. This is where you better be able to small talk with customers–though that big a hand and jackpot make it easy. It was partially fun, at least the actual dealing of the cards.


Purple sock progress…currently

We celebrated Easter bright and early at 1PM on Sunday afternoon with Dear James’ family–well, a little over half of the twenty-two person brood. He’s youngest of five and has eight nieces and nephews. We had a good time and a good dinner. Then we came home to do laundry. As Dear James and I finished that dastardly chore I knit some through, we were looking for a place to eat dinner.

My aunt Maryal called Sunday night at almost ten p.m. to inform me my aunt Jane was in the hospital for a full hip replacement. She’d fallen again trying to move the cat…(I think I need to get her a scratching stick to maneuver the cats’ with once she finishes rehab. Maryal wanted to travel three hours to Ypsilanti for the surgery, but with my class schedule, the most I could do is drop her off one night and pick her up another.


Briannag even decided to snuggle in on my lap(before I got the camera of course) to check out the new knitting needles, or simply to claim Mom.

However, Jane decided this matter for us, and alluded to surgery on Tuesday(which snuck right under my radar, this time). But Tuesday afternoon, when none of us could reach her, Jane’s friend, Wanda, who reports to us in these matters informed us that Jane was in recovery when she went to check on her Tuesday afternoon. So much for planning.

Alas, Jane is coming through okay, and does not want to go into rehab, but has decided it is in everyone’s best interests. And still, I knit. Though I did have to stop long enough to send a card and make a couple of phone calls(while running errands).


Top view of the heel of the gray sock…after the math was worked out…

In the meantime, I’ve knit the heel of the gray sock, and have gotten ready to turn the heel on the purple sock. I have no idea what time I will get out of work tomorrow night, or if I will deal out any fun hands(I doubt it, law of numbers says it’s unlikely; but I didn’t expect to deal out the hands I did this week). But I will knit when I can and will sew what I can if I get the slacks broken down.


Squib says: Allow me to test these new toys, Mom…

Oh, and remember that prediction about the circular needles-that the cat’s will love them? Well, let me show you what Squib thinks of them…