They’re off the needles and they’re close enough to gift. I must have increased a stitch or two somewhere though, because when I counted the stitches while preparing to decrease the toes, I had seventy-eight stitches instead of seventy-six…So I simply performed an extra decrease for perhaps an extra round.  At this point, I really can’t tell. I don’t think the recipient will be able to tell either. She’s not yet an experienced knitter, and it matters how they feel on the feet. I have pics of the finished pair, but they won’t see feet until Christmas. I also have to keep secret about; and hope I’m clever enough to set her off track if she guesses.


The finished socks…I hope the recipient has a great purple shirt to wear with them, or brown or blue…Perhaps I should tell her mother;-)

In the meantime, I need to think of a creative way to gift-wrap these and present them. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Okay, okay, I got the reminder. Happy Thanksgiving! I hoped to put this up earlier anyway but was distracted by food comas, surprise Orange Cranberry Sauce and catching up on TV shows. In part, I was half to blame for this. So let me go back and say, I hope your food and family gathering were as enjoyable as mine.


The backs of these socks…see the ribbing…I’m now wishing that was the toughest part, but for me, it was cabling while talking to classmates…

Now, let’s get the tree up and move on to wrapping gifts…Wait, I still have to knit and sew some, crap. The tree will have to wait till Sunday, with my little. (Thanks for the great idea, guys!). I sewed more hexies into the hexy background I thought I’d had big enough. I feel like I’m always saying two more inches. So, with the quilting stuff, I’m always going two more inches, with the knitting stuff I feel like I’m going just keep decreasing…


Scamp claiming my yarn bag…she likely thinks to try to escape with the yarn if I leave it open…she’ll wait for me.

Allow me to explain why my other title for this was going to be “Always Decreasing.” I started with seventy-eight stitches at the toes instead of seventy-six. I think I simply added in the two extra decreases and decreased three at even intervals that round instead of one. It was the simplest way. Then I decreased six stitches on the next round, as I thought I was supposed to do. I was either talking to others, paying attention to the previous class letting out, or distracted somehow. It was not lost on me that I couldn’t knit straight knitting with a couple of decreases correctly. So I counted my stitches and still had to decrease in the next round. I figured out where I thought it happened, or close, and simply added one decrease in the next round. After a couple of rounds of this, I thought, maybe I should just decrease three every round.


The latest project…it’s simple at least…I have not decided if I’m going to squeeze in another pair of socks or not. I don’t have much time. And i need to find a way to show the blue of this better. The colorway is cloud. I’ll tell you about it next week.

I didn’t. It gets a little tense if I try this, I know. And I would be doing that soon enough. Out of the twelve rounds, two or three did not have decreases that weren’t supposed to be. But how many of you counted where my decreases happened anyways. They look good, and as long as they are comfortable on her feet is all that matters. And now there is a different color in a different pattern on these needles for a bit, as I have another gift to finish, in addition to the quilt top. Oh boy, it’s gonna be a busy December. Anyone wanna come over, ignore the sewing scrap mess and clutter and have some wine as we knit?

Dear Squib:

What are you doing?

Love, Dad

Dear Dad:

I’m taste-testing this stuff mom made. The cheese is good. Bleh! Keep this tasteless part.

Love, Squib


Squib, looking for trouble…

Dear Squib:

That’s a noodle. Get out of my food.


Dear Dad:

Perhaps you should have put it away. Let me try this again. Yup, cheese is good. *Bats noodle away, lands on Briannag who’s happy to eat it.


Dear Squib:

GET OUT of my food. *Dad gets up and puts mac-and-cheese away.

Mean ol’ Dad


Squib, pouting over his loss of cheese…

The next day…

Dear Scamp:

I need your help. Andrea wants mac-n-cheese. I’m not paying for refridgerated shipping…any ideas.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sleeping, see?

Love, Scamp


Scamp, sleeping instead of providing ideas…

Dear Scamp:

*Moves to find a new toy…

What do you have? Did you take something apart? Taking it apart, hmm…

Love, Mom

Dear Mom:

What do you mean? Isn’t it supposed to do this?

Love, Scamp

Dear Scamp:

No, it’s not supposed to come apart. But I do think you two gave me an idea.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom:

Um, what idea? Why are you taking away my toy?


Dear Scamp:

I’m taking away your toy because it’s not your toy. I’m going to take apart the Mac-n-cheese I send Andrea.

Love, Mom

Vegetable Rotini, Mustard, Onion, Paprika, Flour and Bay Leaf mailed with a catnip anchovy catfish toy and a gift card(not shown) for milk, eggs, cheese(which do not ship well) and bread crumbs-I had run out. A note was included, as well as a facebook post: Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It…with instructions to share with a friend over a glass of wine. I have not heard if either of their cats were misbehaved enough to try the mac and cheese.

Note; I use real food as much as possible, and cats do not care about things like healthy eating…if you’re looking for a healthier mac-n-cheese, add some broccoli.

Dear Mom,

Whatever. I’m finding another toy.

Love, Scamp

…is harder than it looks. I can say this. This is the second time I’ve truly attempted knitting a lace pattern from a chart. The first time I knit the pattern entirely upside-down. I don’t think it mattered much, those socks still came out looking reasonably good, just not perfect. But they are lace-work.

002Maeve, snuggling in while I knit

006Squib, inspecting the knitting as well as my lap

This is the second attempt to knit lace. I happen to be using black yarn. I’ve learned that you start from the bottom. As I knit row four across and began on row five with less kitten help, but more puppy help, I wondered if I was knitting this chart correctly. The author went easy on me, making every other row a knit across row. It reads like a palindrome.


Briannag, re-claiming her couch spot

The heart I’m knitting into the socks does not. It’s close, but there’s a stitch to the left or right of center from time to time. I do not know if I am knitting the heart in the correct order. I don’t know if I can find this out, even if I look up the blog. Excuse me while I pop over here to check.

I cannot tell from the pattern. The good news is that it doesn’t matter. So long as I remain consistent, I should get a good heart shape in my black socks. Photographing these hearts may prove to be another matter, and that took over my thoughts as I knit more rows of the pattern. I’m wondering what I have that contrasts with black yarn without stretching the work yet to utilize to show off the lace work I’m not sure I’m completing correctly.


One of the hearts I so diligently knit tonight

Alas, one day, I may learn to master lace-knitting, perhaps. For now, I’ll master keeping the kitties and puppies out of the yarn. It may become easier to master the lace-knitting charts, however. Now, I must decide if I will place more hearts along the leg, or if I shall leave the leg in stockinette stitch.

010Scamp joined me again shortly after I picked up the knitting once again.