I created a second blog, called Scamp Letters, a little bit ago. I publish this blog early Monday morning, before I go to bed. This knitting blog is published on Thursday nights, or early Friday mornings. At first, I thought it was convenient as it was the end of the week, or the beginning of my work week. But I had the blog before I had the overnight, weekend job. My dear James, however, has had an overnight job working from Wednesday through Saturday for much of our relationship.

008The truly completed sock, sewn toe and all…

During this past week, as I finished classes and tackled projects that lay on the back-burner, I realized there may be more of a reason that I knit and blog more on Thursday nights, or Friday mornings. Usually, Dear James isn’t here. In addition, the plethora of pets we have behave marginally better for only one authority at a time.


Maeve, offering/requesting comfort while I knit…perhaps also scheming for a skein of yarn…

I was casting on my sock on Monday night, finally expressing some of my feelings about black yarn, and utilizing sites like knitting paradise and ravelry to show Dear James that I was not the only person who hesitated a great deal before knitting with black yarn. He dared inform me we have “good” lighting. I kindly informed him the lighting was only adequate, and that was after we put up a second lamp. Alas, I got the yarn cast on, and the first row knit, which took much longer than I expected, likely, in part due to company.

005Briannag, et al…helping me knit the decreases I mentioned…

Tuesday night, as he went to a role-playing gaming group he is part of, I planned to tackle some knitting before he got home. He came home a bit earlier than I expected, and the internet had run away with my knitting plans. I didn’t get started until after he got home. I invited him to play video games as soon as he walked in the door. I don’t always open with this invite. Once we got settled, I pulled out the knitting and began to knit the rounds and decrease the stitches. Aside from taking longer than I expected (once again), to knit each round of about 256 stitches and decrease to 128 stitches, with a few extra knit in, things were going well.


Scamp, offering her assistance or critique…Okay, she’s waiting for her banned yarn toys.

Occasionally a cat would come visit or a dog would need to be put outside. Dear James even helps with the dogs. With the cats, I simply hope they not eat the yarn, or run off with it. As I knit the round of 128 stitches to prepare for the next decrease in the ruffle cuff, I informed Dear James that I would like to desktop computer back. I don’t trust using the laptop on the couch, you will soon see why.


Zeus snuggling with Dear James, and Briannag claiming my knitting spot…

As I knit this round, about half-way through, Dear James returned to the couch, to be followed by not one, but two, yes, two–eighty pound dogs. Both dogs needed to be on our laps or in snuggling spots, knitting be damned. They got booted from the couch before I got the picture. Well, the less stubborn of the two found a bone on the floor. Then the oldest cat, Putzer decided four human hands had nothing better to do than massage him. Dear James was already reading on his Kindle.

Putzer, the cat, wasn’t as obtrusive as the dogs, however, he can get obnoxious about his demands, uh, requests… Next, Maeve decided my knitting bag made a good pillow, especially since mom had most of the pointy needles in her hand. I went from knitting with the occasional Squib rub down(and Squib is usually content to be petted between needles unless he is trying to eat them), to trying to knit around four animals. Somehow, we got the animals situated and I managed to finish the last leg of my knitting of 128 stitches…though I think the last 42 stitches took as long as the first 86.


Scamp asks: Just what does it take to get a skein of yarn from Mom?

On Thursday nights, dear James is at work and I’m home all-night, and usually pick times in which the curious kitties and pernicious puppies have settled down, at least until Squib or Scamp decide the yarn will make a great toy. This particular evening however, Briannag turned around to find a spot between mom and dad on the couch, and she deftly batted the yarn straight off my lap onto the middle of the floor. Scamp and Squib must have been napping, as no one attempted to run off with it before I picked it up and slid it back in the knitting bag. Now, here’s hoping the stitches stay on the needles till the next time I pull out the knitting.

In addition, friends, this dear man wants another dog….Is anyone donating another couch? We need another couch to make room for the dogs. And for all of you who do not allow your dogs on the furniture, I get it…but my dear stubborn James decided they get to be comfy as they are the equivalent of his kids and more spoiled than any kids he might’ve had would likely be. Then I get the joy of teaching a new puppy not to play with the yarn or knitting needles. My apologies if the furry felines and clawed canines take over the second sock journey I’m knitting this month or so.


Thursday night’s progress…though the rounds of 64 stitches are much easier than the previous decreases…

Until I get to the lace parts.