This Halloween, I watch others make their costume and wonder if I can throw together a costume of Agnes from Dispicable Me…or should I be the lady that runs the orphanage. My hair isn’t that short. And while she’s not evil…nope, best to stick with the 50’s house wife…Crap, I know just the old lady dress for that. Perhaps. Alas, I have Christmas gifts to make, and a recipe to finish.

“Are you going to make that recipe tonight?” Dear James asks…almost innocently.

“Um, yeah, let me check on it,” I say as I begin reading over the directions I always forget to read ahead of time…

Tomatoes, chopped, check-that’s easy. Onions, chopped, that’s easy. I should have all the ingredients. Then I read on to that ever so important Directions part: Layer the tomato, onions and kosher salt in a glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let sit overnight.


The veggies I get to put into Green Tomato Picallili

Drat! I wish I’d read that recipe last night, I’d have gotten off of my sewing keister and put all these lovely ingredients into the bowl and had it ready to cook in the midst of my sewing and knitting ventures this evening. In addition, I have to can these babies, unless I want to be eating this for the next fortnight…every night. “Dear James,” I begin, “Will you help me with this recipe?”

“Uh, how?”

…discussion ensues…I’m working my keister off tomorrow night, and leaving the canning to him…oh, my…I hope he doesn’t shoot me. If this blog stops, well, it could be due to a quilt retreat next week I need to pack for and prepare for, or it could be he decided to kill me after I made him can tomatoes. Remind me to remind him how much he likes these darned tomatoes.


Some of my pet help during the knitting process…

In the meantime, there was some knitting this week…close to two hours worth…I got the cuff cast on, and knit–which is my least favorite part. Though, I’m starting to see why it’s so often used. I also got the first cable repeat finished. I’d like to finish two, but I have a bedtime, as I actually have to work tomorrow.


I think this took two hours by itself…but it’s finally finished(that part anyways)

But work is not why I blog about knitting and super-secret fantasy projects…I’m sneaking in a preview of it here. Don’t tell my niece, please;-) There has been progress here as well. I also had a quilt guild meeting this week, and the speaker stated something that stuck with me. It was advice meant for making progress on a quilt, but I find it applies to knitting as well…Penny Sempert in “Taking Your Quilting To The Next Level” explains, “If you spent one hour a day sewing(knitting), you would have seven hours a week or 30 hours every month. That’s a lot. Set a timer. Bet you keep on sewing(knitting).”


Sneak peak of the super-secret fantasy project.

I have applied that time frame of late. I’m hoping it keeps working. I was even concerned that I’d only get in five hours a week, (which is still a substantial amount), because I work two shifts that are up to 10 hours on Friday and Saturday. Then I remembered, I sew on breaks. (The quilting is easier to put down if I only get seven to ten minutes and need to return to work.). But this system is seeming to work for me in the midst of my crazy life–restored tooth and all…Now I’d just love to hear a little more good news about James’ own situation and I’ll be calling it a good week. To the rest of you, Happy Knitting, Crocheting or other crafting this week, and Happy Halloween to those of you that celebrate our candy-gorging holiday…


Current progress…this may have taken more than an hour as well…