Too Many Rules…

January 19, 2017

…or too many patterns. Nah, there’s no such thing as too many patterns.

I may have broken my own rule. After all, rules were made to be broken, right? Fortunately, I haven’t broken the rule irreparably…or have I? I have two supposed “adult” rules, and I’ve broken both of them in the past few weeks. I blame James for one. I only have myself and clever marketing for the second…I believe. Besides, blame doesn’t un-break the rules, or get things done. Please allow me to explain.


Cabled Headband…which is the inspiration for only half of these weeks works in progress…

Rule #1: Do not begin three more projects before finishing the first project. This usually translates to one project on the needles and one project on the sewing table at a time…usually. Lately, the socks I’ve been knitting have been complicated. I only knit them on Sunday mornings when I have spare time. I’m making good progress, but I decided to knit some mittens as a travel project and a gift. They didn’t work out so well, so I ended up frogging them. Then dear James bought me a “project” for Christmas. Once I replaced the hat/mitten/scarf yarn with yarn I could and would knit with, I went in search of patterns.


(The finished cabled headband…really, I meant to smile, but I hate taking selfies…;-).)

Yes, you heard me right, I spent a few hours on…who doesnt’. I finally found a cabled headband pattern I liked and was hoping to find a matching cowl. I didn’t. I found similar ones, but I found none that work with me, so I’m left to making it up as I go along.


The current cowl I’m currently working on…I’m hoping it will work with me…but only two more repeats.)

I was scared of the making of it. I really was, but it can’t be that hard, right? You heard me…and yes, we all know I should know better. Thankfully(so far), I do not know better. Instead, I came across that knitting journal I bought sometime last year and told you I’d tell you what I thought of it. What did I think? I didn’t think much of it until I started trying to work out this beast. This cowl shall remain nick-named the beast until it is finished. This week, I have two attempts and almost a graph/chart or pattern worked out. I want to leave options semi-open to make it your own. I like making something my own when possible.

Not near as easy as I thought it would be to write the pattern, I hope it’s more fun to knit…it shouldn’t be as hard as it looks. It was harder figuring out how to set it up…I think.

So, what did I do? It’s pretty simple, in theory, and hopefully in knitting. Explaining it visually or on paper is another matter. Part of me wants to say just do it, and you may have to, if you wish to make this cowl. I don’t think I’m doing the impossible, but we all know knitting can become mind-boggling at times. *If you do try to knit up this pattern as shown here, please give me credit for it…If you find any mistakes you cannot work through, or we cannot work through together, please message me. We’ll work something out. (It is knit in the round, please take that into consideration as you knit the cowl).

So, how does creating a new cowl break my rules….I already have another cowl on the needles, with a pair of socks and one sock beginning to think it’s suffering from second sock syndrome. Something needs to get knit, but I wish to test this pattern. In addition, I’m thinking about a shawl and I can’t find my size 8 dpns to knit the cowl up with, so I may end up doing this pattern on size 7s. Choices, choices…. Patterns, patterns….(And don’t ask me about the quilts).

Waiting on instructions on the quilt on the right, and may need to scale back projects some soon…or at least make a rule to do my homework first….

Yes, that is plural. I have Jessica’s No-longer Secret fantasy quilt to finish tweaking, I have just subscribed to a murder mystery quilt… a charity quilt waiting for Sunday afternoon(my morning), and  I have begun a mystery quilt for my quilt guild that will become a chair warmer/quilt for my nieces to sleep under at my home, it may be time for a second blog. In the meantime, I have to go clarify questions about the fabric and get the photos of my current works…since I have broken my own rules about the number of projects I can juggle.


Squib, helping me with my homework…so much for planning;-)

As for rule #2…I no longer feel like discussing it. Actually, it’s “Nothing comes into my home that doesn’t have a home, but that requires some more shelves. I’m not sure how the projects fit…but the sewing table feels crowded right now. Can I have some more wine, please?

Remembering Lifelines…

October 14, 2016

…or How Many Angel Kisses are Allowed?

I think you have an idea by now that I am not a perfect knitter. Ambitious, absolutely; Frustrated, sometimes; Perfect will not happen in this lifetime. But I try to roll with what I’ve heard dubbed “Angel Kisses.” One or two in a pattern, I can live with, sometimes one or two in a repeat. However, this week, I got to row three of the repeat and realized that not only was there an error in row one of the chart, but that I was knitting row thirteen from memory, not row three. Then I found something else wrong, and stopped crafting for the day–any other crafting I’d done that day had gone to the dogs, as well. I think it was Monday or Tuesday. I’ve since lost track.


Briannag is still waiting for me to make her something special…(she will rip it apart, so I have to be in a specially giving mood, and curious to see how long it will last).

So, brave soul that I am (in other words, fool who knit without lifelines), I threaded some old pink yarn onto an embroidery needle, then attempted to pick up each stitch three or four rows below the needles. Talk about adventure, though this was the easy part, trust me. I likely got about three quarters of the stitches….(are you in stitches yet?). It was a sight to see. Then I gently frogged the yarn back a couple of rows. When I got to the lifeline, I moved to one needle at a time and began following the yarn to thread on as many stitches as possible. Dear James is likely grateful I did this between classes.

I finally got most of the stitches back on…have I learned my lesson yet? Well, kind of;-). I meant to put a lifeline in…I really did. I meant to research the best way to as well. But I had homework. I really did. I had a chapter to finish for Psychology. I can’t get behind on my homework. And I had knitting to catch up on(since I would be re-knitting at least three rows. I wasn’t sure I’d get back to the ripping point this week.


Ripped and knit with forward progress…but I need to get the lifeline in…likely more than one;-).

But I was blessed with distraction, because at some point, you do get worn out reading! Say it isn’t so, you say…well, when it’s psychology and ancient literature…and the short story you just read for the Literary Analysis class pisses you off because it didn’t tell the story of how they got back together; it simply implies that they did, I think. Well, that’s when a girl gets some good knitting time in, and I re-knit the old rows and got some new ones accomplished.

It’s also been a good week for crafting, though a might expensive–yet cheaper than the alternatives. Allow me to explain. I joined a quilt guild about a year ago and have joined their applique group. I’ve done an applique bookwrap quilt and have some applique going into my Semi-Super-Secret-Fantasy-Quilt…which is for someone who might read this blog, so I have to keep pictures of it mysterious and not-defined well. (Sorry!) However, I’m beginning one I can show you.


Scamp, inspecting my choices for applique work. If I leave it here, it will become hers.

The applique group decided primarily on a Summertime Sampler of Wool Applique by Erica Kaprow…which has multiple ramifications….Wool being the first of them. I had bought and bragged about a yard and a half of black olive merino wool (for trousers). It’s beautiful, and I unwrapped it today, unfolded it and prepared to iron…then I looked again. (A photo cannot do it justice). But as I looked again, I realized I just couldn’t cut this into tiny little squares to make a wall-hanging quilt. I needed to check the size of the squares, and it’s a good thing I did. But as I drew the designs on freezer paper last night, cut them out and pressed them on, I also looked at how to make the quilt block.

The author of the pattern gave me a great idea. She stated that she finds most or all of her black wool often in thrift shops in the form of wool skirts. I know where the thrift shop is and they’re open when I finish class. So I went wool shopping again. I found gray wool trousers I can take in a little. I found a black twill skirt I can copy for the wool skirt I now plan to make in black. I found a couple of organizing tools and trinkets…. I found a cute skirt that was simply acrylic and so didn’t make the cut…. I also don’t wear many skirts. But I still needed wool to consider for the background of this quilt. I finally made my way to menswear, since I wasn’t willing to cut the trousers that were just a bit big. And I’m not sure when I’ll get to making this new skirt, or if I’ll try for a sheath dress out of it. So, as I found the menswear…I still lamented the number of suit coats with polyester in them, but I found two that would work.


(I’m aware its not all black. But I like it, and I should have enough wool for $5.00U.S.) These are the materials for the first block…Perhaps I’ll start a monthly blog of this, since it is a block of the month club…

Here is where I exercised restraint. I chose the one that would work better. I brought it home. I ripped out the seam tonight and now will have to homework at work. I double-checked the pattern when I got home and realized I needed 9 ¼ inch blocks, not 8 ½ inch. Luckily, I think this suit coat can do it…there may be some creative piecing, but nothing too major. The sleeves might even have enough fabric with the sides to make the border…Otherwise, I might be talked into finding or creating strips out of other wool I have floating around. But that’s another story.

Really quick before I head home to craft, and do some homework…I did work on the other pair of socks some this week, and I think I got to easier rows, but I did not get any photos of them. Next week I’ll have something prettier to show you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the pets inspection of the new (to me) wool. I thought of keeping it at my home, but realized that just wouldn’t work for this one. If I make a wool skirt or dress, I may have to change out of it before I visit all the pets though. I’d present a picture here, but I haven’t thought of a way to show off it’s true beauty as it deserves. Happy knitting, my friends!

Quilting for knitting…

August 11, 2016

…or knitting for quilting….

DSCN1109.JPG(‘Tis only a matter of time before he’s in the bag of goodies…)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I celebrated well, like any responsible table games dealer would(no, I did not search whether that was an oxymoron)…alas, I went to Roz’s diner in Rosebush, with my Dear James, his treat…but we’ve wanted to try this. I made plans next year that supercede this one, trust me;-). Roz’s was good. I had the lamb burger. I got out of work at 12:03AM the morning of my birthday(and though I had to be back at 12:15pm to pick my new shift,) I used the early day to prep for the quilt show.


I received a new sewing machine of my request…I’m not sure what I was thinking when I picked it, but I believe it will work for me. I’ve opened it and looked, but I haven’t used it yet. My quilting may move into the twentieth century….but truly–where would the fun be in that.


The wool…for the sampler with my quilt guild…
I often remind dear James, as I did tonight, that if the zombie apocalypse happens(and looking at our presidential candidates–it has–i’d rather talk about the silliness of pokemon go), I’ll be in high demand.  As I watch the gymnasts and swimmers on the Olympics and hope they survive their treks through unsafe waters, I can only hope.


See, there really was knitting this week (and no ripping!)…

In the meantime, I got some knitting done at the quilt show. Then I came home with scores of new fabric(yes, I was lucky enough to shop this year–and well, did what you guys do, right?). We will not discuss budgets…but I didn’t list that all my dreams had come true. (I’m not even sure of all of them some days). But I got more than expected…allow me to show you;-)!


I know where one of these is going once washed…the other, we’ll see…perhaps the purse…

Oops…I may have gotten a little over-excited there…and there was yarn, but I refrained because, well, budget….and it was a quilt show. Later I may kick myself but I have a stash and I need to finish the purple cabled socks–both pair, and what I’m working on now. Alas, enjoy my goodies and allow me to quietly re-take some photos over here while you enjoy the fun stuff…


This should be a pretty cool purse, see what I mean;-).

P.s. The cats are claiming it all…DSCN1113

And Putzer is not shy about it, he just sent Squibby packing…(Squib would rather play with the knitting anyhow)…

Inspiration to Continue

September 4, 2015

The good news, the second sock hasn’t become boring yet…Perhaps a six month hiatus helps with the second sock syndrome I’ve heard so much about. However, my fellow bloggers help greatly. There are a few I follow and read often, and each of them is often posting some form of progress or *gasp* a finished project, also known as a knitter’s delight.


Here’s my almost finished project of the week…just some final trimming to do;-)

Each of the blogs I follow lets me see what others are getting done. Some get a lot done. One has been finishing a pair of socks a month. I don’t knit quite that much. But when I’m jealous of her socks, I know I can go knit another repeat on mine. When one blog posts her progress on a sweater for her baby, I see that work takes effort, and am inspired to continue knitting towards the heel on my sock.

0059 pattern repeats and a “cuff”…ready to begin the heel.

I even got there Wednesday night. I finished the 9th and final full round pattern repeat. I finished the leg. I now get to separate the stitches and continue on with the heel. Though I finished the pattern repeat last night, I decided not to continue on, this week.

007Next week, I’ll have checked the heel notes and should have a flap complete…

It’s been a semi-crazy busy week….or just an exhausted week. I’m not sure which. Classes didn’t work out for me, so I’m focusing on projects, and re-directing my efforts for scholastic improvement. I’ve also been making progress on two other projects I’ve been working on. One involves a wee bit of a story…

002Perhaps it really was meant to bee…

‘Tis the story of a lovely lady, who thought she would embroider the straps onto the bag. Out with the golden denim thread she came, sewing on the bodies of a familiar and beautiful insect, originally planned to be a butterfly. But these little creatures were being sewn on breaks, at work, and on a whim. Their wings were simple, though dotted, and the simple gold on red tone of something that appeared to be a child’s art…

003The first is often the best one….should I add an eye to the giraffe?

When Dear James was asked how they looked, he said something to effect of, “Those are nice bumblebees.” If my mother was here, she’d be telling the story of my dad calling my turkey a tree in kindergarten…I was nice when I told Dear James this story, and hinted that this happened in the month of November, where we give thanks by killing turkeys and making lots of food. Don’t let me get started on pumpkin pie, I’ll have to start an entirely new blog for fall. I still have a sock and a quilt to finish.

   004   Back of the completed tote bag…

So, the bumblebees aside, as when you’re an adult, you don’t pretend their butterflies any longer:-(. The sock is ready to knit the heel. The quilt is getting more flowers everyday, and having the petals re-purposed so I might sew more flowers and begin the clouds. Dear James has survived the consulting, and redeemed himself a little when I laid this blanket to be creation out, and he stated, “You really have put a lot of work into this, haven’t you?” I think he was a wee bit surprised at how much making a quilt from scratch takes, especially when you design your own.

006Remember, you’ve come a long way, baby; bumblebees, rose-ribs, and all, that, jazz…

For now, I wish you luck in making progress on your own projects as I post the eye-candy of my projects that are no longer “super-secret.” The quilt is still under lock and key, unless she reveals she’s onto me. There was a close call when they visited, but shhh….I don’t think she put two and three together. (Yes, we normally say two and two, but only the design was exposed, and she was working on cleaning off a table.) I do not bring the fabric that goes with the design out around the intended recipient, at least, not intentionally.

QuiltWeek Inspires Progress

August 14, 2015

It is hard to attend Quilt Week and not be inspired to make something, or something more. There is little explanation needed. When you see all things possible, you wish to move forward with your own possibilities.  It’s been a busy week following a busy week. Thankfully, next week is only half busy, so far.  The fairy house is complete and turned in, as I reported last week. But we’re moving onto what happened this week. I even have a sneak preview of a certain super-secret fantasy quilt…anyone up for giving opinions?


See what I mean…it’s getting there, but is still not what I want.

My brother texted me Saturday, early for me, and asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner the next day. Sunday was my birthday(I’m 24 again, and I have no idea how long my best friend and I have been 24 again). So, I responded with the typical kid’s question: “What’s for dinner?” Oops, the kid’s offering to cook for me. He tells me burgers and lets me set the time for Six p.m. because it’s my birthday. Dear James would tell me not to be picky about food cooked for me, but I haven’t liked pork in America since I had it fresh-killed, that morning, by a fellow traveller in Nicaragua. I’ll eat sausage and tolerate ham, but pork tastes dried out and flat in comparison. I’d almost rather go hungry. And since it’s my birthday, I figure a little entitlement hasn’t hurt anyone. I’m grateful my baby brother(who’s not 24 again, but likely somewhere in his 30’s), offered me burgers.


Squib, saving my knitting spot…or aspiring to knit…I’m never quite certain.

So, we went, and had a nice birthday, and I got gifts I had outright suggested or hinted at, though not intentionally on the hinted one.  To be fair, my dad asked what I wanted, and I informed him I could use a new tool box. I live alone, it’s only prudent to have the tools on hand I need for small repairs and a place to put them. My brother bought me a palm sander, after I asked to borrow his for a couple of weeks. I’d likely be done with it in a couple hours, but I wasn’t driving it back the next day, or didn’t have reason too. I also wasn’t certain when I would be getting to that project. It’s been on the back burner for a while.


I’m never really without help on the knitting front…Zeus wants snuggles.

My James, however, gave me a bottle cutter and money to attend the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week in Grand Rapids, MI.  After a slight change in plans in which my best friend chose not to attend, I chose to take my oldest niece with me. Here’s the good part, as my youngest niece was going camping with Grandpa that day, my oldest niece was left…but she’s the one for whom I’m working on the super-secret fantasy quilt . There will be little to no discussing my own quilt work, no matter how interested the parties seemed.


7 28 15 005

Challenge quilt, “Make a quilt based on a holiday that occurs on your birthday,”  This quilt is entitled National Book Day.

But a quilt show means quilt progress. Just as knitting shows or knit in public days mean progress, right. You get inspired watching others work on their projects.  At least I do. And if I make some progress, perhaps I feel a little less behind. Now, my niece is young and youthful, and the salespeople were pretty good. One of them showed us a long-arm quilter with an automatic lock stitch feature. I still feel the need to lock the stitch myself, but she noticed my niece would probably love it. If she ever needs a long arm quilter,  well, I wish her luck with making money first.  However, my dear Jessica was not enthralled by machines or many quilts that were not bright, Warriors themed(a young adult novel I am not yet familiar with), or bejeweled. She wants a Bejeweler (a cross between a hot glue gun and a soldering iron for Swarovski crystals), and she enjoyed the dye your own fabric demo.   And we did have engaging conversations about the quilts. She makes great quilt show company.


It is possible to get too busy on a quilt…forgive my planning.

So, where does that leave the knitting to come in?  I knit Monday night, simply in part because I was planning to go, and I had time. And if you have time, you make progress, right? In addition, tonight, a day after the show, I set up my quilt as it is, finally ironed out some seams, and started to check on my hexie progress.  Now, I just need to sew somewhere close to 300 hexies…I’m going to reduce that by 7 and round to the nearest number and say I need to sew (excuse me while I pull out the calculator, I only do math in my head at work, and we have most of the cheats); about 43 flowers. That sounds so much more manageable.


I like the brown background better, What do you think?

Here’s where the decisions come in to play. I have color choices to work out. This quilt is bright and busy and going to a thirteen year old girl who wants to Be-Jewel her life. (Trust me on this). However, there is such a thing as too busy, and I may have stumbled upon it…forgive the evidence I present…my basement isn’t the best setup for photos, but I have to share with someone who’s somewhat into this stuff;-) Please indulge me.


Thank you for indulging me…here is another possibility.

What does this mean for my knitting? I heard you whispering in the corner over there. Well, I can’t just make progress on the quilt now, can I? I decided to do even one more round this week on these socks. It’s getting closer. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll need to get some buttons on a favorite shirt and begin to welcome Autumn soon. I enjoy Autumn, I just don’t care for the Winter that follows it. Now, I have some more flowers to sew.


See, I really have made some knitting progress, too…

I received a message this evening as I was watching my nieces and nephews. A friend of mine was having a rough time and needed help, but was unlikely to reach out to me though I’ve told her she could. I decided to give it a try once I got home this evening. At first I heard nothing from her, as I only have her info on social media.



It’s done! It’s Done! Phew! Almost in time, the green and brown is the inside, the blues are the outside…I decided to keep the embroidery simple.

We went to high school together and have only somewhat kept in contact over the years, but some days, the best thing that can happen is that you have someone to listen to when you need them.  I think I helped her, though I could do nothing for her financially or to change her situation, she went to bed feeling better and like she could do what needs to be done tomorrow. Sometimes, that’s more important than what actually happens tomorrow, as it is a new day.

008Scamp helping while mom’s trying to keep the project a secret…

So, after my tough week of training 4 hours a day and working longer than usual shifts on training days–oh, if they would have done this unpaid training two weeks ago when we were all getting sent home early….but they didn’t. My practical test didn’t go as well as I expected and I felt deflated. However, I’d made my nephew a promise of guitar lessons, and learned my goodwill guitar was useful as wall art only. It was turning out to be a downright disappointing day.

013My Dad is into smiley faces…

But there were good parts that happened too. I ran behind in errands, so I offered to take my nieces to my dad’s to drop off the super-secret father’s day gift I finally finished. I forgot it on Tuesday when I was supposed to drop it off and left it on the couch in my backpack which has been my constant companion this week, except for Tuesday, when it sat on my couch with my training notes as well.  My dear James and I bought my dad a six pack of various ales with entertaining names and presented them to him Tuesday afternoon, since we had arrived with coffee for ourselves. My dad does not drink coffee, but I simply could not go in empty-handed.


Scamp, curious about the strings on the bookwrap quilt…

But I finished the bookwrap quilt, and tonight, I remembered my backpack and my guitar and the father’s day gift. I still forgot the camera. I felt accomplished for finally finishing this gift, and for remembering it.  Later that night, after returning the munchkins home, I came home to open the airways to chat with a friend. Her situation made mine look downright simple. I didn’t ask permission to to discuss her situation, but she’s fallen on hard times, that involve more than not doing well on a test because you have an extra half-hour to over-think a process since each person going through the process takes longer than expected.

001Maeve, snuggling while mom knits

Tonight, after all that was done, and I chatted with my dear James, I picked up my knitting, in which I had knit half of the heel flap in black. While knitting the black section of the heel, due to focusing on the pattern and seeing the stitches, I instructed dear James not to talk to me while I worked through this eye of partridge stitch. Tonight, I switched to cream and noticed how much easier it is to see the stitches and to see how much easier it is to track stitches with contrast. While black yarn is difficult to knit with, I will have a beautiful sock that I should be able to wear to work when I’m finished. In addition, I’m told summer is cold in there, so I better start knitting faster. That may be easier with half the yarn in lighter contrast.

004Sock Progress, this week

Some days, you see only the top half of the sock, and see the dark difficult stitches in which someone  included lacy holes to make little heart patterns. Other days, you get to see both yarns and know it wasn’t as difficult the entire way. While I still have to turn the heel at some point soon, I also know  it will be easier knitting with the cream colored yarn. The dark, difficult part of this is not entirely behind me, but is getting easier to work with as we add more light.That’s part of the joy of the knitting journey each sock takes.

I’ve gone and done it again. I didn’t get much knitting done again. I was going to knit. I thought I had extra time, but not this week. The excuses are real, and plentiful…I spent one evening spinning a marble in a planter and later in a pan trying to get the knack of spinning a roulette ball. A friend described the snap technique as a method of squeezing the ball until it has no choice but to leave your fingers.  I went into training early the next day, and “got” it. It surprised me, but my extra time for training was spent checking my snap technique.


Scamp, watching the marble roll around the pan.

In addition, I had to renew my license for my job. That was an extra trip before work as well, and fortunately, I got there on the day the lady chose to work that week. That stress is handled. Yeah, for me.

Next, the real reason I’m not getting much knitting done. I’ve been done with a semi-secret gift I’ve been working on for some time. I’m embroidering the fun stuff now, but it feels like more work than sewing the blocks together. I cannot show you the item, in case the intended recipient happens upon this blog before I finish it and gift it. This could get interesting….We’ll see what I can complete on the sewing, then I can get back to the knitting…

010Scamp has curious methods of helping me sew…

I also borrowed my Little today, and took her yarn shopping at the local yarn store. I could not buy as it’s the day before payday. However, I searched out yarn for another gift for a person who claims she cannot wear wool. I think she’s never tried sock wool, and has tried one that wasn’t treated carefully. I started looking for a cotton blend. The proprietor recommended a cotton/wool/nylon blend to keep the elasticity.

One lady at the yarn store said she tried knitting socks with bamboo, and they just didn’t hold up. I was grateful for their input before I committed to the purchase. I will return next week to purchase the skein I picked out and will take a photo of it, then demand my friend take photos of her project so I can chat about her progress here.

For now, allow me to get back to the embroidery so I may trim and bind, and add the ties…oy and vey….this girl has a lot of work to do.

Please excuse the embroidery interlude…it’s why this post is coming through a bit late…

Now, the embroidery is done. Then I must blind stitch the binding on both sides…then I’m done. Wait, no I’m not! Drat…I still have to sew on the outside ties after this…well, I’m still getting there. But I also have to wash it, and it’s for Father’s day, and it’s due Sunday.  Perhaps we can get it washed before I wrap it and present it. Oy, vey…oh, dear. One thing at a time. In the meantime, a small report, about the cats that must help me with projects, who may or may not run off with embroidery skeins soon.


Putzer, guarding the knitting, or waiting for a massage.

First, Putzer decided to guard my knitting, or he’s standing watch for his nightly massage. It seems we humans exist to massage Putzer…trust me on this.

006Scamp, sleeping on my scissors, and considering sneaking off with

small, portable skeins of threads

Scamp was next to determine that I was taking too much time embroidering the gift. She protested by sleeping on the handle of my scissors. Later, it was  simply my lap and in the way of the  project. Pictures of the actual project will come, I promise.

004Briannag, making my next point

Then the dogs joined in. Briannag is great about stealing my spot and my pillow; and quite stubborn about giving it back. Zeus even took a turn at it tonight, once Briannag was scooted to her own section of the couch. Squib mostly left it alone. Maeve, however, decided that if I was in the computer  chair, I was providing a lap for her, regardless of what else was occupying her lap.

011Zeus, taking his turn at taking my spot.

Somehow, I still got all the symbols embroidered in, mostly reasonably. Now I must remember to clean up the embroidery floss and take photos of the finished project when it is done.      014

Maeve, deciding I’m not too busy to pet her at all…

Some days, I consider trying to teach the pets how to sew or knit, but I’m not sure they’d not find their own projects once they got it. Until next week, when I have a heel to talk about.