Mitten Continuance

December 16, 2016

What can I say….the big gifting day is ten days away…I’m almost half done with the first mitten. Hear me out….classes are done, grades are in–they’re respectable, but not my best work…well, except for the developmental psychology class. That was good work, or a 4.0. The rest, I received an A- in, or 3.7. I was surprised by one of the A-’s as I expected a B at highest, but our last quiz replaced a bad grade on a damned literary map (that likely doesn’t belong in a college classroom), so I consider that A- almost a bonus. But I got used to the 4.0 average I was working my butt off for in school, so forgive me if this feels a bit deflated. Alas, I must respect that it is still decent progress.


Squib, cuddling while I knit…at least he doesn’t grade my knitting….just the yarn quality, sometimes

Moving on, I’m busting my butt on the semi-secret fantasy quilt. I’ve sewn in most of my free time and have over half of the border done as well as the cornerstones. I’m making progress…but I feel like it’s never enough. I’m hoping to get this top done before the 25th. I did catch a break today as my sister-in-law and I had gingerbread house-making planned, but she wasn’t ready as I headed off to learn my final grade in my frustrating class(see above, I hope that rant is over).dscn1630

Side 1 of the mitten…I think this is the bottom side, since it’s for the right hand…

I came home and sewed some clouds and worked out where the fabrics need to go to make more clouds. Then I considered the flowers….I need more flowers….I always need more of one or the other, but I made good progress and just have to keep working. I also snuck in a row or two on the mittens while I got some laundry done this evening. However, I also have to cook this week(projects or not….if I wanna eat, I gotta cook-drat).


Side 2 of the mitten….It’s coming along, but I better return to knitting. I’m hoping it turns out better than it looks on the needles, but I think it will be fun in the end.

Then, as I watched the first half of the season finale of Project Runway, I finished dinner and knit the next row…which got me close to half way done with the chart. Since I have the cuff knit, I might be over halfway done, but I also have to knit a thumb in there…That could get interesting.


Maeve, snuggling on mom while I knit… right on the yarn and covering the pattern…she’s a pro at interrupting the knitting process….

Now, allow me to tell you about my “Oh, crap!” moment. I’m not sure if it was yesterday as I snuck in some evening knitting time, but it must have been, because I barely arrived at class on time this morning(class was meeting early due to the final exam schedule). I started the left mitten, I’ve knit everything for the left mitten…do you catch my drift…then I looked at the chart pattern and realized I was knitting the chart for the right mitten! “You’ve got to be kidding me,” is likely the nice version of what I was thinking.


Squibby doesn’t get the ‘What was I thinking?’ thing….he just tests it and sees what happens….I need to be more like Squibby…

Instead of continuing to swear about my luck, I calmly turned the pattern over, saw where I should be. Then I looked at the first page, and saw my salvation: Right mitten: Work same as left mitten. Thank goodness! I may have done a little jig in my chair…minding the knitting needles (and any other pins and needles) of course. I hesitate to celebrate further this week as I hope to make much more progress before I feel comfortable with the gifting.

Another Busy Week…

September 23, 2016

I wish I could say I hit the knitting harder this week. In retrospect, I probably did. I don’t feel like I got much done. However, I did some shopping. Shopping makes up for lack of progress, right? Right! So, let’s see where the pendulum falls…

I’ll be honest, I expected to be bored in my Literary Analysis class. “You’ve been doing this for years, since high school, you just didn’t know it.)” So working through the likely familiar steps would be boring. Now, we are doing literary maps (that are meant to prove we read the book) and coloring in a writing intensive class. We’re finally getting to some writing this week. I’d rather submit five to ten pages a week on the steps or a book review, than do a literary map, which is a memory tool at best. For once, I’d almost rather be bored.

I’d rather find my own allusions and figure out how to do each of these steps, not try to guess which detail (or how many unnecessary details) will prove to the instructor (who is too busy to keep the book’s characters straight) I read the book. I’m explaining the book to my fellow students, who she has thoroughly confused. Today, my literary map was “too big.” Though it was written in print by the instructor, that we could “feel free to up-size,” if our creativity demands it. When have you guys ever seen me take on something small?

Okay, enough about the pissy instructor who managed to piss me off all week. Let’s get back to the knitting. Here’s the purple sock. I’m getting closer to the heel. But it’s the fourth week of classes, I wanted to be knitting the heel flap.


My current progress on the take me to class sock…

And now for the kind of sad, but fun part. I stopped progress on the cherry dream Terpander socks this week. They were being knit on Addi Turbo Rockets in size 2. The pattern was designed for size 1. Since I have a small bend in one of the needles which the shopkeeper became aware of, I likely cannot exchange the size 2’s for size 1. The toe is looking a bit big already. So, I need to downsize. Funny thing, Dear James was just asking me what would happen if I did this as he left for work this evening…I launched into some of the “knit-ese” I can share with you guys.


The brand new knitting needles that will make this Terpander pattern all that it was meant to be…(Dear James claims he won’t understand…Just something else for me to show him later)

First, let’s start with what I like about the Addi Turbo Rockets in size 2. They are smooth. When I am knitting a simple knit and purl pattern, they’ll fly. I may mean that literally. So, what would I improve? In flying, while cabling, I have to be very careful and very firm with all needles so not to drop yarn or stitches. I’ve been constantly wary of dropping stitches as I knit on my more relaxed mornings. I’m not a mindful or relaxed knitter. I knit to relieve tensions of days like today. Since I didn’t have much money to go buy another set of Addi Turbo Rockets in size 1, well, maybe I did, but I wanted to try something else, I went to Knit Picks, and decided to try their needles.


I have a plan…stay tuned, we know how plans work…;-)

I bought their fixed circular needles in 40”(which the pattern requires in Majestic Wood. My boyfriend has already dubbed them black. I also bought two new skeins of yarn.I haven’t decided which pattern I want to knit with these colors…check this out.


I’m developing a plan, and may need more needles. These are entirely me, but likely my winter knits this year…I see myself as booked with knitting, classes and quilting this fall.

I’m torn between the Half-Stranded Socks by Anna Zilboorg or the Stealth Argyles by Eunny Jang. Both require two colors, both are beautiful in their own right. So, do I want stripes that sometimes look like diamonds or do I want beautiful curvy reversed socks…(they sound so fun). Both patterns are included in Ann Budd’s Sock Knitting: Master Class.


Squib helping me with the quilting…mostly inspecting, but he’s not above running off with cool, small toys…that are not “cat toys,” whatever-that-means.

Quilting for knitting…

August 11, 2016

…or knitting for quilting….

DSCN1109.JPG(‘Tis only a matter of time before he’s in the bag of goodies…)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I celebrated well, like any responsible table games dealer would(no, I did not search whether that was an oxymoron)…alas, I went to Roz’s diner in Rosebush, with my Dear James, his treat…but we’ve wanted to try this. I made plans next year that supercede this one, trust me;-). Roz’s was good. I had the lamb burger. I got out of work at 12:03AM the morning of my birthday(and though I had to be back at 12:15pm to pick my new shift,) I used the early day to prep for the quilt show.


I received a new sewing machine of my request…I’m not sure what I was thinking when I picked it, but I believe it will work for me. I’ve opened it and looked, but I haven’t used it yet. My quilting may move into the twentieth century….but truly–where would the fun be in that.


The wool…for the sampler with my quilt guild…
I often remind dear James, as I did tonight, that if the zombie apocalypse happens(and looking at our presidential candidates–it has–i’d rather talk about the silliness of pokemon go), I’ll be in high demand.  As I watch the gymnasts and swimmers on the Olympics and hope they survive their treks through unsafe waters, I can only hope.


See, there really was knitting this week (and no ripping!)…

In the meantime, I got some knitting done at the quilt show. Then I came home with scores of new fabric(yes, I was lucky enough to shop this year–and well, did what you guys do, right?). We will not discuss budgets…but I didn’t list that all my dreams had come true. (I’m not even sure of all of them some days). But I got more than expected…allow me to show you;-)!


I know where one of these is going once washed…the other, we’ll see…perhaps the purse…

Oops…I may have gotten a little over-excited there…and there was yarn, but I refrained because, well, budget….and it was a quilt show. Later I may kick myself but I have a stash and I need to finish the purple cabled socks–both pair, and what I’m working on now. Alas, enjoy my goodies and allow me to quietly re-take some photos over here while you enjoy the fun stuff…


This should be a pretty cool purse, see what I mean;-).

P.s. The cats are claiming it all…DSCN1113

And Putzer is not shy about it, he just sent Squibby packing…(Squib would rather play with the knitting anyhow)…

Dear Scamp:

What are you up to?

Love, Mom


Dear Mom:

I’m taking over the chair. I’m keeping Squib out of it. It’s my chair, see?  And, if Squib tries to get the chair, I’ll pounce on him.

Love, Scamp


Mom’s writing chair, complete with cushion…for the next few minutes.

Dear Squib:

What are you doing? Scamp tells me it’s her chair now.

Love, Mom


See what I mean?

Dear Mom:

The chair is mine! Do you see me sleeping here? I’ve even knocked out your cushion. It’s my chair.

Love, Squib

Dear Putzer,

What are you doing in the kittens’ chair?

Love, Mom


Dear  Human

I didn’t want to climb into my bed. I’m using the chair. It is a good chair. The kittens can have the floor. You can massage me now.

Love, Putzer.


Briannag considers certain seats on the couch, hers first.

Dear Briannag:

What’s up with the couch? It looks like Squib stole your favorite spot.

Love, Mom


Dear Mom:

Squib took my favorite spot, and I’d like you to move him and snuggle me. My chuffs never really work on him. It’s like he thinks he’s the boss, but I’m older. At least I have the pillow.

Love me, Briannag

Dear Mom:

Thanks for distracting Squib. I just want to sleep in my chair right now.

Love, Scamp

…And so it goes…while I never took band or orchestra in school, my best friend did, and she would talk about challenging for first chair. Our first chair is simply more humble. Maeve is not featured here because her favorite chair is a lap.

Dear Squib:

What are you doing?

Love, Dad

Dear Dad:

I’m taste-testing this stuff mom made. The cheese is good. Bleh! Keep this tasteless part.

Love, Squib


Squib, looking for trouble…

Dear Squib:

That’s a noodle. Get out of my food.


Dear Dad:

Perhaps you should have put it away. Let me try this again. Yup, cheese is good. *Bats noodle away, lands on Briannag who’s happy to eat it.


Dear Squib:

GET OUT of my food. *Dad gets up and puts mac-and-cheese away.

Mean ol’ Dad


Squib, pouting over his loss of cheese…

The next day…

Dear Scamp:

I need your help. Andrea wants mac-n-cheese. I’m not paying for refridgerated shipping…any ideas.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sleeping, see?

Love, Scamp


Scamp, sleeping instead of providing ideas…

Dear Scamp:

*Moves to find a new toy…

What do you have? Did you take something apart? Taking it apart, hmm…

Love, Mom

Dear Mom:

What do you mean? Isn’t it supposed to do this?

Love, Scamp

Dear Scamp:

No, it’s not supposed to come apart. But I do think you two gave me an idea.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom:

Um, what idea? Why are you taking away my toy?


Dear Scamp:

I’m taking away your toy because it’s not your toy. I’m going to take apart the Mac-n-cheese I send Andrea.

Love, Mom

Vegetable Rotini, Mustard, Onion, Paprika, Flour and Bay Leaf mailed with a catnip anchovy catfish toy and a gift card(not shown) for milk, eggs, cheese(which do not ship well) and bread crumbs-I had run out. A note was included, as well as a facebook post: Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It…with instructions to share with a friend over a glass of wine. I have not heard if either of their cats were misbehaved enough to try the mac and cheese.

Note; I use real food as much as possible, and cats do not care about things like healthy eating…if you’re looking for a healthier mac-n-cheese, add some broccoli.

Dear Mom,

Whatever. I’m finding another toy.

Love, Scamp

…is harder than it looks. I can say this. This is the second time I’ve truly attempted knitting a lace pattern from a chart. The first time I knit the pattern entirely upside-down. I don’t think it mattered much, those socks still came out looking reasonably good, just not perfect. But they are lace-work.

002Maeve, snuggling in while I knit

006Squib, inspecting the knitting as well as my lap

This is the second attempt to knit lace. I happen to be using black yarn. I’ve learned that you start from the bottom. As I knit row four across and began on row five with less kitten help, but more puppy help, I wondered if I was knitting this chart correctly. The author went easy on me, making every other row a knit across row. It reads like a palindrome.


Briannag, re-claiming her couch spot

The heart I’m knitting into the socks does not. It’s close, but there’s a stitch to the left or right of center from time to time. I do not know if I am knitting the heart in the correct order. I don’t know if I can find this out, even if I look up the blog. Excuse me while I pop over here to check.

I cannot tell from the pattern. The good news is that it doesn’t matter. So long as I remain consistent, I should get a good heart shape in my black socks. Photographing these hearts may prove to be another matter, and that took over my thoughts as I knit more rows of the pattern. I’m wondering what I have that contrasts with black yarn without stretching the work yet to utilize to show off the lace work I’m not sure I’m completing correctly.


One of the hearts I so diligently knit tonight

Alas, one day, I may learn to master lace-knitting, perhaps. For now, I’ll master keeping the kitties and puppies out of the yarn. It may become easier to master the lace-knitting charts, however. Now, I must decide if I will place more hearts along the leg, or if I shall leave the leg in stockinette stitch.

010Scamp joined me again shortly after I picked up the knitting once again.

“Scamp! @)($#$*(&@!” I will not repeat those words in this polite company. I took a photograph of where the skein ended up…this time. Too many dishes needed to be done in the area where the actually knitted sock ruffle landed…. Though Zeus might find it fibrous, and he would likely try to eat it, especially if Briannag showed any interest. Mom would be concerned about two dogs and angry about her knitting all at the same time.

001Where the skein of yarn ended up, with the squiggly part being that which was stretched about fifteen feet in cat-play.

Let me explain the yarn trajectory. The knitting bag, where I try to keep my knitting is in a chair by the outside window. Which sits perpendicular to the couch a few feet away. The skein of yarn landed on the couch, the ruffle of sock and the knitting needles traveled over the back of the couch, beyond the table behind the couch past the “dining area” and beyond the freezer and landed in the dog’s dish just beyond the freezer as the cat dropped the knitting with the yelling I won’t repeat in polite company, and continued down the basement stairs, where she’s pretty sure I can’t reach her.

After all, there’s an obstacle course of a baby gate to the basement, that any cat can scale, but the humans don’t often. Okay, okay, we’ve never scaled it, but we do know how to disable it.

So I gave into my curiosity and decided to check for the pink yarn I could not find, to see if it found a similar fate the black yarn project might have had if not for me catching said kitten in the act. I removed the baby gate–by this time, Scamp had forgotten I’d yelled at her, as the yarn was tucked safely back in the bag. I turned on the light and headed downstairs, into the dark. I came back up to turn on the other light and headed back to the dark. Just my luck, we get to change a lightbulb when we change the litter boxes this weekend. I searched out the flashlight, which ended up being in plain sight on the larger table after I tried the one with dying batteries we play games with the cats with(to reward them for not stealing my yarn, for example).

004Silly Scamp, playing with Zeus’ beloved, bedraggled tennis ball.

As I searched the basement, Scamp showed me and told me all about her hidey-spaces, I checked some unlikely ones, and finally came around to under the stairs, where the skein of pink yarn was resting, undisturbed as if Scamp meant to keep it there. In Scamp’s defense, Squib is just as likely to have done this, but today, Scamp was caught with the black sock knitting project red-handed, complete with the “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mom,” look.


The lost yarn, in need of a good tape-dusting, but otherwise unharmed.

Now, I have to remove the cat hair and dust from the yarn. I’m hoping some simple scotch tape works well. Though its currently hidden in my boot box, with the lid snugly in place, as Scamp was already eye-balling the yarn for a repeat trip. My Dear James, chuckled at this entire episode as he suggested knitting bags that zip shut. I’m afraid the entire bag will disappear next.

010The knit ruffle Naughty Scamp dropped in the dog food dish, empty-thankfully.

Alas, in my defense…five rows of straight stockinette stitch were knit this week. I decided not to rib for simplicity’s sake, but I can talk about that next week as I discuss the next five rows and the implementation of the heart chart…perhaps. Right now, I’m vacillating between laughing my tush off at the cats and investigating industrial strength knitting packaging the cats will likely find a way to run off with as well.

*Note: Squib has learned the sound of the camera turning on, and currently refuses to be photographed in association with the yarn-capades in which he and Scamp partake.

Slowly Making Ruffles

January 30, 2015

I love ruffles. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re so sweet. And if I am to make socks for work, I wish them to be cute, even if they have to be mostly black. I want a pair of socks I’m still willing to wear when I no longer need black socks for my uniform. Hopefully, I will no longer need a uniform, period. However, ruffles can be a wee bit of a pain to knit, and I can’t even complain about it, because I’m only knitting the wide part in black. I haven’t even gotten to the decreasing with black yarn.

However, I’m more quickly than expected switching back to the silvery-green aluminum knitting needles as it is nearly impossible to see black on dark brown. Trust me on this, let this voice of experience speak for you. Knitting with black yarn on dark brown needles is not half as fun as it sounds. There is not enough light in the world to slip into a size 2 stitch. If such a light source can be created, I’ll likely need a shade 10 or better welding helmet to work with it. Shading said light source will cause more problems than it will fix.

001   Last week’s work…black yarn on dark brown needles. Now, please, scroll down and notice the difference as you read.

Now, let me tell you the one good thing about knitting ruffles. I’m not seriously counting stitches every round. It’s difficult. I believe I’m supposed to have 256 stitches on three needles (I hope its three). I’ve decided to be a rebel as ruffles are forgiving of a stitch or two. However, if you start finishing the knitting before you are ready to throw it in the snow(and we do have a wee bit of snow and icy stuff on the ground in Michigan), you may want to count your stitches.


Squib inspecting my knitting…

The tough part of 256 (or thereabouts) stitches of black yarn on the needles, is that when you knit one, you feel as if four or five more just took its spot. Yes, that number is correct, 256, to be whittled down to a simple, sweet 64 darling stitches with which I will attempt to knit hearts into this sock….We’ll see if this project keeps me as black-hearted as the creator claims….. I can see it happening….(insert favorite terms of frustration here, if you please). Wish me luck.


Short knitting hiatus, here, with Squib’s help. Excuse us…

I proceeded to knit row two, then began row three. Luckily, I decided to check what I was supposed to do before I committed solidly to row three. Since I was supposed to Knit 2 together around at row three (not after), I pulled out the first few stitches of this round, and began knitting 2 together around this sock. It wasn’t as tough as I expected. In fact, it was easier than the first two rows. I may be tempted to work hearts all the way down or two increase some rows, only to have to decrease. There’s a little extra space between each stitch, it helps to see them.

011See what I mean?

I also had to shoo the kitties out of the knitting. I could call them kittens, but they’re turning into cats before our eyes, attitude and all. Speaking of growing kitties, excuse me while I wrestle the knitting bag out from under the watchful Scamp and take a photo.

010Scamp claiming the knitting bag for her own entertainment.

I found the black and cream sock yarn, cleverly hidden in a library book tote bag. Tote bags take on a whole new life in my home, but that could be another blog. For now, I picked out a free pattern on called (Black)Hearted, by Ariel Alteras. She even has a blog about these socks on blogspot, I thought it was a good read. I printed off the free ravelry pattern and decided to make these socks. Then I set down the yarn, and proceeded to make some guacamole. I needed energy for studying and knitting. Would you like some chips and guacamole? It will taste better tomorrow, but its pretty good tonight.


See, I found the yarn….and the needles…Let the adventure begin.

As I was chopping veggies and heating the guac, I was unaware of the activity going with the kittens. When I came out of the kitchen, I found Squib, (Mr. Mischief, himself), and my yarn on the floor. The cream yarn was in a state of disarray and the black yarn was on its way to that well-known state of disarray that often gets kitties in trouble. They love unattended yarn. I was almost surprised Scamp (Miss Mischief, herself), didn’t take it upon herself to assist. Had I given it any more time, she likely would have. You’ll have to take my word for this, Squib refused to pose near the scene of the crime. He’ll likely return to it at some point, though.

003Squib, caught on camera before he realized my trick…

But let’s get back to this sock pattern. I shall start with a few tips. If you are new to knitting or even new to sock knitting, be very careful knitting with black yarn. Many knitters avoid it altogether. I don’t necessarily blame them. I need to stop in the yarn store and create a wish list pronto. If you have other people assisting with your yarn stash, get wish lists established at your favorite stores. Yes, that is a tip, otherwise, that well meaning dearie will present you with yarn you might never use to create something you were hoping not to need more of. Yes, there’s a story here. It’s been told in another blog. Let me get back to some tips.

If you proceed to knit with black yarn, as I am, use light bamboo needles, or light/bright aluminum ones. My dear James bought me some beautiful square wooden needles that are dark brown. There is no contrast. I’m going to need stronger glasses before I’m done with this pair of socks. I do not like to advertise that I’m already into bifocals. I don’t want stronger bifocals. James, has been forgiven though, as he did buy quality yarn and quality needles.

 002  Square knitting needles, perhaps you’ll see this better if I don’t lose them before I get to the lighter yarn…

But this could bring me to the next tip: He forgot the Ott-lite to go with black yarn and dark brown needles. If you persist in this knitting endeavor that so many knitters wisely avoid, get good light. Light is your friend when knitting with black yarn. I’m thinking of utilizing his LED flashlight to see my stitches. Currently, the stitches are very dark on quite dark needles, with little contrast and not enough light. You need one or the other at a minimum, if not both.


This ruffle could take a while, it’s not easy to knit what you can’t see…

The next tip: Pick a simple cast-on and pattern choice. This pair of socks came with a choice of a picot edge or ruffled edging or regular ribbing. I would, next time, (if using black yarn), pick the regular ribbing. It is much easier to knit 64 black stitches in a round than 256 of the ruffled edging I have chosen. I feel in over my head already, and I’m still on the first row! I can do this, I will do this, but you may hear about ruffling and light and contrast for some time to come. Come enjoy this determined endeavor with me, and forgive me if I start inserting various random pharmacy tech or medical terms. I’ve got to study sometime. See those stacks of note cards, over there, all three of them? Two of those stacks need to be committed to memory by next week.

Yes, the sock monkey is finished. I think it is the fifth one I’ve knit-thankfully not this year. And I made it through the part where I forgot the pattern creator wasn’t good at reduction math. The theory was close, but the numbers were off. I simply added another row of reduction and don’t think it was noticed too much.

It has been a productive couple of days off for me. I nearly completed one block of the log cabin book wrap quilt. And I made homemade from scratch cranberry sauce last night. I also got some Christmas cards mailed, finally. Now I need to finish the second batch.

I made some double chocolate chip cookies Earlier this week, I put my tree up (finally), and tonight I got it trimmed with lights. It looks pretty. I did not take any pictures. Perhaps for next week…though I may have to decide to post my blog early. I also hear the Chinese (sort of) Chicken and Persimmon Sauce sizzling on the stove. Better get up and check that. Oh, and there’s my tea, in the (gasp) microwave. I haven’t bought my dear James a nice electric tea kettle. I haven’t figured out how to make it a good gift for him….hmmm….perhaps I need the help of a friend here;-).

Alas, oh yes, I wrapped gifts earlier. Phew, I should be exhausted. And I sewed a muzzle and ears and hat and scarf on the sock monkey. I sewed his/her arms and tail on earlier this week. It was easier than I remembered.  Let’s get that tea as I tell you about it…Chamomile with Lavender or Passion tea, dearie?

Now, let’s get back to the finishing touches on the sock monkey. I knit the hat and scarf before I finished the muzzle and ears. Since I was using a thinner yarn, I stuck with the patterns standard measurements on both. They seem to work. Then I began knitting the muzzle with the chunky yarn. Perhaps next time, I’ll use an even different yarn. However, I knit the muzzle with the regular number of stitches. It looked a little big.


Front view of the yet to be named finished knit sock-style creation.

Then I forgot to work out some math and change the ears. So they were knit at the regular size as well. Then I needed to sew everything shut…except the hat. Let me explain. At the end of the knitting is the sewing. The scarf gets sewn shut at the ends. The ears get sewn shut once complete. The hat is not sewn shut. I simply sew it on with the option of removing it. But I do make a pom-pom for it. Dear James thought the pom-pom was a little big…bless his heart. He’s not making this monkey.

Alas, I digress, I had to sew all these parts shut, and since I knit the muzzle a wee-bit oversize, I decided to sew it shut to make up for the overage. I think it worked. And monkeys have a noticeable muzzle, right? In the end, I think it looked okay. I even got the dogs to help me model the dear monkey. He models better with pet help.


Zeus ignoring the sock monkey he’s modeling.

Speaking of the dear pets, I will say, Scamp and Squib have been reasonably good about not getting into my yarn of late. It may be due to James leaving open a night-stand drawer to hold his kindle with a little red yarn he once practiced with to attempt to learn to knit. He has not made another attempt.

     Dear Scamp and Squib,

          Could one of you explain to me why I found red yarn in a cute little pile next to the scratching post? It wasn’t   

      intended for you either. It is also no longer where I set it on the desk…Hmmm….

     Love, Mom


Scamp pretending she’s not ready to run off with the sock monkey while Squib is occupied with his nap. Briannag is the puppy model for the yet to be named creation.

Dear Mom,

           Don’t recall how that happened. Perhaps one of the other creatures in the house helped.

     Love, Scamp

     P.S. Squib is otherwise occupied, but this is our story and we’re sticking to it.

Then Ace of Cakes just raised the bar on the double chocolate chip cookies with nuts I forgot to bring back with me. If I had, I’d offer you a cookie. But someone made bacon chocolate chip cookies. I have got to figure that recipe out.
Back to the sock monkey one last time, she is also officially wrapped and ready to head off to my little next week. I assume its a girl, as well, you see, don’t you. And my little is a girl.


Briannag, resigned to the modelling job, while wishing I’d make her something knit to chew on…It would take her thirty seconds to ruin a minimum of thirty minutes of work…