Making It My Own…

December 18, 2015

I like to give handmade gifts of me at Christmas. I like to create something I hope someone will enjoy for time to come. I’m also broke much of the time. Even so, I still enjoy seeing my work come to life before me, as well as the feeling of putting on those hand knit socks the first time, and many times thereafter.


Zeus hasn’t noticed the limb yet…though he looks like he’s snuggling it.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t make it all…I just can’t–and knit candle holders or hot cocoa mugs are just not good ideas. Perhaps one day I’ll take up ceramics or metal-smithing…but I have to make more money for that first.


Briannag, Begging for her very own stuffed gift from Santa Paws…or “Mom, Is this for me?”

But some days, you just want to do and create. Most days, I do so. My job usually allows for that. While my projects are ambitious, they light a fire in me. I want to keep that fire going, especially around the holidays. I do celebrate Christmas, but more because of tradition and love of the holiday(and I’ve learned to embrace 1 special gift over multiple small ones).  I believe I told you about my stocking traditions last year.


“Mom, I will love him, and hug him and name him George, right before I chew the eyes and nose off and rip the stuffing out of him.” It’s not for Briannag, sorry, Girl. Better get some puppy treats…

This year, I’m beginning a slightly new possibility.   I saw a t-shirt I liked in August, and bought it for my dad(Dad, if you did read this one, stop peeking, you’ll see it Tuesday). My brother posted a t-shirt he liked, but after obtaining other gifts for my nieces and nephews, some of them pricier than planned, I realized it wasn’t feasible if I wanted to keep pretending I was following the broke budget plan for holiday spending.


Putzer, helping me knit the secret gift…

My brother also reminded me that he only wears t-shirts about one day a week. If it’s not going to get use, there isn’t much point in me purchasing this item I’m constantly wondering if it’s a bit over-priced. So, I needed another approach. I realized I still had one canvas left in my basement. I also use acrylic paints (and may move into oils when I have more budgetary freedom), but for now, the most appealing part is that I can make it my own. I’m not limited by some company’s idea of the “correct” phrasing. Now, I just have to figure out which brush will paint the words I need. I believe some will be easy and some a challenge….but it shall be interesting. (I am practising on newsprint first).


If you can guess what it is, please don’t post here. This is the wrong side of the fair isle knitting/color strand work.

Now, you’ve read this far and there’s not near enough said about knitting, except the feeling when you put on a new pair of socks. Well, a few weeks ago, I decided to make a gift for my nephew’s car…(David, quit peeking, I’m not showing this either). Well, I’ve got one finished and need to finish the second. I got a good start on it tonight, but I have some work to do, in the midst of finishing some other plans….oy and vey…Photos will come shortly, so long as I remember to take them. In the meantime, I simply have to make these gifts my own, even if the ideas were generated by that which I could not afford;-). Merry early Christmas for those of you that celebrate. Happy Holidays to the rest of you!