This week I actually mean it. I really should be studying, or packing, or cleaning…or perhaps even embroidery stitches–but those are a stretch. I’ve heard rumor of a winter break at private schools in a sixteen week term. We don’t have those, and I usually just want to push through. But school is affecting my knitting.


I even set up my rows so that I would be knitting easy rows while I was chatting, or at least I tried. So, I knit the cable row at home or between classes where I have less company. Then I got to class early on Monday. I knit row four, then row five of the repeat. My friend I normally chat with wasn’t there. So, I continued on as I waited for entry into class and I knit row seven.


Current progress on the Knot Sock…One and a half more rounds until the toes on this one…

You read that right, I skipped right over row six and knit row seven. (No photos again…). But my middle name is starting to feel like Tink! So, waiting for another class, I tinked back row seven, and knit row six and left row seven for this morning. I actually made it to row nine without too many more mistakes, Yeah! (for this week). I do have photos of my current progress. But I was getting behind on the Argonautica as I was struggling through this knitting-hence the suggestion I should be studying.


Front of the Terpander socks(Yes, the sun was out when I took this;-)).

For the rest of my week…I made two more simple rows of progress on the Terpander socks (which I only knit on Sunday afternoons when I’m alone). They’re coming along slowly, but nicely. I’ve begun measuring to check foot length, but we’re not there yet. I’ve included a shot of the back so you can see the easy part of the sock.


Back of the Terpander sock…(the easy part).

I also worked on some quilting, though most of it is packed now. However, I had the “Darn it! He’s right,” moment this week. I showed Dear James my wool applique fabrics and told him the name of the pattern…Summertime Sampler. He told me my colors were fall. I still thought I could work with them, until I started to sew the red on with the purple and smoky teal…and it was looking very autumnal. I ended up running to the local quilt shop and buying some summer color wool, and am now using a perky pink for this pattern. I did not think to take any pictures of this before I began packing. Perhaps I should have, but I still have to re-pack the camera.

I’m off to a quilt retreat this week. At least I thought to check and find a retreat packing list. I’m loving the one I found that reminded me to pack tweezers, hand lotion, a cushion and pain relief, as well as the foot pedal and power cord to my sewing machine. I pretend to have it together, but in a week when I entirely skipped a row of knitting, I think I need help packing as well. Wish me luck…I’ll tell you all what I forgot next week.