The End of an Era…

May 2, 2019

The sock is still in the works. And now it’s taken to falling off the needles at almost regular intervals. I think I need better needles, or some school-age complaining terms.

In the meantime, it’s a bittersweet day. I just attended my last final exam, in which the coursework was all turned in last week, and I did my reading last week. So, I was attending mostly for the food and to hear a few people read their own work. It’s also a requirement of the class.


Back of the sock…

This was for poetry class. We’re a bit sentimental as it is. Some of our students were published in Third Wednesday this year, too; which was very exciting for them.  However, my instructor recalled one of my more belabored poems which nearly opened me up and laid me bare. And he mentioned how graduation is a special moment, and it all hits you at once.


Front of the sock…

I get it. It started earlier this week, as it has all been bittersweet. But today, it reared its head even more, and every little thing left me wanting to cry. This degree is twenty-five years in the making, essentially, rather than a standard four, five, or ten years. It is quite special to me. And my last moments was that of an instructor praising my work. This is part of what I hoped for in returning to school four (or five) years ago. It still leaves its own sense of loss that I cannot explain. I want to be excited about the future, but everything is up in the air.


Front of the sock in the right shade of green…yes, these are the same sock.

I want to be glad I’m not, but I’m looking for ways back in through graduate school and possibly teaching others to do what I’ve done, or better. In the meantime, I may get a little more time for knitting or quilting…but I have to work and hope other things work out as well. Wish me luck and until next week,

Happy Knitting!


The Fountain’s Back…

April 25, 2019

and the balancing rocks which makes my day.  (Photo to come, it’s on my phone)


See the lovely fountain;-)

This week’s progress has been slow, but semi steady. But my bright moment of the day involved two of them. I took pictures at the fountain, which wasn’t flowing last time I checked. It was running today and lovely and peaceful. The second was a surprise encounter with a classmate I’ve grown to like and respect over the course of the semester. I ran into Rob while taking the following photos.


Here is the challenging front of the sock…

I ran into semi-snafu’s with the knitting this week, but I fudged it and later, maybe you’ll see the angel’s kiss. Though, I admit, I think the front of the sock has more angel kisses than the back. I knit the front pattern row first, so I’ve figured out what I’ve misread or when I was distracted while I’m knitting the back pattern row.


…and the back of the leg which may make you love to watch me leave…

These socks may look better going than coming…Alas, I’m going to love them all the more when they are done. The more challenging prospects are often the most satisfying.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting


April 11, 2019

Has two meanings…writing poetry when you might be knitting is one of them.Avoiding knitting mistakes, so you don’t have to work out cabling errors is another. I may have fallen into both categories this week. So, I began knitting to avoid necessary homework…I should know better. I don’t. I’m not sure any of us really know better, even when we should.

DSCN4714 - Copy

Scamp, showing off latest repair effort

I missed a purl stitch in the pattern…so I began procrastinating the fix. However, I finally took time to fix it. Tomorrow’s break knitting in Middle School (Spanish and Art), should be fun, provided it’s not first or second hour and they ask me to work for someone else. However, I’m now smart enough to say extra work. (Yes, partly because it’s hard to say, “No.”). In the meantime, this row is fixed and finished while watch Project Runway re-runs (and I thought Project Runway was over).


Tink showing off the latest cable knitting

Alas, I have to read for classes and catch another play–the hardship! I want to know how it ends, which is a good sign for A Raisin in the Sun, partly because I may know how Macbeth ends already (even if I don’t remember it–part of me doesn’t care). In the meantime, here’s the procrasti-knitting.DSCN4717

Tink, helping me show off my knitting.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!


A Little At a Time…

April 4, 2019

I’ve gotten a few more rows done this week, and part of me cannot wait until school is out to finish this sock and it’s mate. I did revisit some socks I finished last semester. I still need to weave in ends and tie off holes. Shh…I’ll get to them…just not on this gentle Thursday. I did inspect them again and try them on my feet. The heels fit funny. I may have to re-knit my stealth argyles…I may sew them as blister protector cushions. Who knows.


Back view…shh…I’m fixing the ladders.

In the meantime, I did get a little knitting done as I waited for events and class to start this week, and on break while substitute teaching. Yeah. I did have to judge if I had time to start the next row. I didn’t. I ended up starting that next row while waiting for a fun poetry reading. The poet had done well at Slam Poetry previously. Her performance style showed. It was a good reading, and here’s my current progress.


Front view of this complicated sock. It’s a fun knit, but it requires concentration.

I might be doing vanilla socks for my next pair.

A Little at a Time

March 28, 2019

Every day or night this week has had something extra thrown in…quilt guild, readings and a play, job interview/hiring process and creating more questions than I go along…not to mention assignments. This means there is not as much time for knitting as I would like, and yet, sometimes there’s a little here and a little there. So, I still got a little bit knit during the play–only a little as I have to write about said play; while I took a deep breath waiting for class to start and sometimes at home after an event to finish off a row.


Current Progress on the Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd.

I will say, one thing about knitting over four needles is that it is easy to get to a stopping point when I’m interrupted, as long as I note where I was and which needle I was knitting when I stopped. It is pretty obvious and I try to stop in the middle. Alas, my current progress above as I watch Project Runway and submit tonight’s homework.


Scamp inspecting the Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!

Over the Heel…

March 24, 2019


011Over the heel and through the leg…

I finally knit the heel. Then I thought, try on that sock. I’m glad I did, the first heel I knit (since this type of short row heel was confusing for me) was two inches too long! I did a lot of frogging with that discovery, and re-knit the heel as best I could. This one fits. Yeah. I’m now into the leg, which I thought would be more of a bear.


Bring the pattern around the back…

The leg is laid out on four needles, and I have to tug those second and third stitches often to prevent ladders, but I think the layout makes more sense than the top of the foot knitting did. It’s at least easier to follow, for me. Until next time,


This needle layout makes sense to me! It’s becoming fun again. 

The knitting is still complicated, but fun. The pattern is Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd and can be found on or in Sock Knitting: Master Class.

Happy Knitting!


DSCN4604 (2)

Our new trouble-maker…Furball (for now).

I promised last week to set aside some time each day to knit this heel. I did, but not the time I expected. Instead, Sunday night, we had a new addition in the form of an energetic two-year old Chow-chow mix. Apparently, she’s mixed with cat (yes, I’m jesting, I think). She does not come when she’s called, which we will work on She’s nervous in the car when she runs out of the house, which we will work on. And she refuses to eat canned food, which we will let slide. We’re out of our element here.


The top half of this sock…part of me can’t wait until this heel is turned.

We’re used to bigger, lazier dogs, that are dogs, and are food motivated. Or we’re used to dogs who act like you’re asking too much when you scoot her off of your favorite couch pillow. She’s cat-like, in that she only wants your attention when you ignore her or are trying to get things done. (and she will not come back when she’s called–in part this is a two-year old dog. In part this is big pain in the arse.) So, she was named Fireball when we got her, and we’re in the process of changing it to simply Furball. After her latest trek out of the house to romp around the neighborhood for nearly an hour at a balmy 21 degrees F (at least it isn’t 9 degrees today), you can replace Fur with your favorite choice phrase. Mine just might start with an S.


Speaking of that Big S. Here’s Scamp…who also goes by the nick name for Furball sometimes, tonight, she’s behaving (or pretending to).

So, Tuesday night, after two days of introduction, I had brought my knitting over, and sat on dear James couch knitting, or trying to. I remember why I knit alone. Every time I tried to make a stitch, I had a dog start to snuggle me and place her large paw on my arm so that I essentially could not knit. I did get her maneuvered and accomplished some knitting, but I’m not certain how much.


The heel looks a little better from the back.

It doesn’t help that I don’t think I love this heel pattern. I don’t love doing any heels toe-up, and I like this method less than most. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary yarn-overing, unless one has very large heels. My heels tend to run small, and I am not paying for any heel pattern. So, the search is on, and here come small heels in the back stretch…I’ll let you know as I knit which ones I might like…or I will move to doing each and every pattern cuff down with an eye of partridge heel flap (then decide on how to turn it). Until next week, happy knitting and may your dog be better behaved than our new addition. (p.s. She will not stay still for photos, either, again…cat-like). However, the cat has decided she will simply snuggle me for now, since I’ve been “neglecting” her lately. (Really, she’s been sleeping when I’ve headed home, but that’s severe neglect in the cat world). In the meantime, hopefully I’ll get the heel turned this weekend and the dog adventures will settle down for a bit.


Serious neglect, I’m telling you. Scamp needs some loving…never mind my knitting goals.

Almost Spring Break…

February 28, 2019

Yes, Finally. It is almost spring break, so one would think I’d be doing homework instead of knitting. But we all need breaks…and I still get to class early to knit sometimes.


Almost ready for the heel, then comes the semi-scary leg.

I am halfway through the third repeat on the sock. I need to set aside time each day to make progress when I’m more awake. Deadlines were yesterday or today, with the exception of one mid-term that I’m likely tackling in the morning.


Bottom of the foot…if you can’t see it, I’m not telling.

I set some goals for Spring Break and we’ll see how many of them I hit. Tonight, I’m simply doing mindless knitting. I’m even showing progress so I can see how this thing grows in increments.


Shawl progress…the latest in mindless knitting.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Three Skeins in, seven to go…onward to the fourth.

I have finally knit through the third skein of yarn. I had to count the remaining hanks of yarn to be certain. It’s simple, I can watch my favorite tv shows while I knit this. It’s also growing. I should measure it tonight to track how far I’ll go with hanks four and five. I have ten skeins of yarn to use in this. I’m debating about stopping after four and decreasing with four more skeins and making something matching or some border details in this, but I haven’t decided where exactly I might go with this.


Can you believe it? I’ll try to get a spread photo on my sewing table over the weekend…I’ve got a wing;-).

I’ve also knit through the second repeat of the first sock and have moved onto the third. I should be able to knit the heel over spring break if I’m good. However, I have a fair amount of school work to do, and I may be seeking further gainful employment. It has been a challenge, but I should be more gainfully employed next week. Fingers crossed. But you guys would rather see the sock, right?



Progress on the sock, Two repeats of the chart down…one more to get to the heel.

Enjoy your gratuitous knitting photos. I hope yours goes as well or better (one day, I’ll learn not to knit when tired, but that explanation may be for next week). Until next time, Happy Knitting!

I’ve barely had time for knitting. Okay, really, I’ve been applying to graduate schools, and this knitting is more complicated than applying for graduate schools allows. I had a meeting with my success coach Monday because I was overwhelmed with the grad school application process. Then I looked at my knitting chart, and said, “Nope. My brain is already fried.” DSCN4450

Some of these patterns are just too mind-boggling for the tired brain. Alas, I’m loving this sock… it is never boring.

Then the rest of my week happened. For a moment, we had an affordable vet bill, and a reprieve for our dear Zeusy. But liver problems prove a difficult foe, and he still wasn’t eating after 24-36 hours on the pill, so my dear James gave up his best friend this week. Zeus will be missed, but he’s playing in that great big dog park in the sky, and dear James’ dad is probably throwing all the balls the dog wants (or that dog park in the sky has automatic ball and squirrel launchers that look and smell like your human. I mean, who knows what kind of heaven a dog gets, but it involves throwing the ball. Trust me.


Zeusy and Maeve…two of our best snugglers… They are both missed.

Later in the week, I got a couple of rows done, when I wasn’t busy making up for snow days (doing far more work than I would have in class, but I’m glad they kept us safe). Then I came home to knit on the shawl for a bit tonight, and am almost finished with the third skein of yarn…In the next row or two (or four), I will be researching joins and joining yarn for the next skein. I’m getting closer to the turning point…I may or may not just continue through the fifth skein…I might knit a border instead. We shall see.


The in-progress shawl… that shall bring us spring…I hope. I realize you do wish for me to knit faster.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!