Quilting for knitting…

August 11, 2016

…or knitting for quilting….

DSCN1109.JPG(‘Tis only a matter of time before he’s in the bag of goodies…)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I celebrated well, like any responsible table games dealer would(no, I did not search whether that was an oxymoron)…alas, I went to Roz’s diner in Rosebush, with my Dear James, his treat…but we’ve wanted to try this. I made plans next year that supercede this one, trust me;-). Roz’s was good. I had the lamb burger. I got out of work at 12:03AM the morning of my birthday(and though I had to be back at 12:15pm to pick my new shift,) I used the early day to prep for the quilt show.


I received a new sewing machine of my request…I’m not sure what I was thinking when I picked it, but I believe it will work for me. I’ve opened it and looked, but I haven’t used it yet. My quilting may move into the twentieth century….but truly–where would the fun be in that.


The wool…for the sampler with my quilt guild…
I often remind dear James, as I did tonight, that if the zombie apocalypse happens(and looking at our presidential candidates–it has–i’d rather talk about the silliness of pokemon go), I’ll be in high demand.  As I watch the gymnasts and swimmers on the Olympics and hope they survive their treks through unsafe waters, I can only hope.


See, there really was knitting this week (and no ripping!)…

In the meantime, I got some knitting done at the quilt show. Then I came home with scores of new fabric(yes, I was lucky enough to shop this year–and well, did what you guys do, right?). We will not discuss budgets…but I didn’t list that all my dreams had come true. (I’m not even sure of all of them some days). But I got more than expected…allow me to show you;-)!


I know where one of these is going once washed…the other, we’ll see…perhaps the purse…

Oops…I may have gotten a little over-excited there…and there was yarn, but I refrained because, well, budget….and it was a quilt show. Later I may kick myself but I have a stash and I need to finish the purple cabled socks–both pair, and what I’m working on now. Alas, enjoy my goodies and allow me to quietly re-take some photos over here while you enjoy the fun stuff…


This should be a pretty cool purse, see what I mean;-).

P.s. The cats are claiming it all…DSCN1113

And Putzer is not shy about it, he just sent Squibby packing…(Squib would rather play with the knitting anyhow)…

QuiltWeek Inspires Progress

August 14, 2015

It is hard to attend Quilt Week and not be inspired to make something, or something more. There is little explanation needed. When you see all things possible, you wish to move forward with your own possibilities.  It’s been a busy week following a busy week. Thankfully, next week is only half busy, so far.  The fairy house is complete and turned in, as I reported last week. But we’re moving onto what happened this week. I even have a sneak preview of a certain super-secret fantasy quilt…anyone up for giving opinions?


See what I mean…it’s getting there, but is still not what I want.

My brother texted me Saturday, early for me, and asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner the next day. Sunday was my birthday(I’m 24 again, and I have no idea how long my best friend and I have been 24 again). So, I responded with the typical kid’s question: “What’s for dinner?” Oops, the kid’s offering to cook for me. He tells me burgers and lets me set the time for Six p.m. because it’s my birthday. Dear James would tell me not to be picky about food cooked for me, but I haven’t liked pork in America since I had it fresh-killed, that morning, by a fellow traveller in Nicaragua. I’ll eat sausage and tolerate ham, but pork tastes dried out and flat in comparison. I’d almost rather go hungry. And since it’s my birthday, I figure a little entitlement hasn’t hurt anyone. I’m grateful my baby brother(who’s not 24 again, but likely somewhere in his 30’s), offered me burgers.


Squib, saving my knitting spot…or aspiring to knit…I’m never quite certain.

So, we went, and had a nice birthday, and I got gifts I had outright suggested or hinted at, though not intentionally on the hinted one.  To be fair, my dad asked what I wanted, and I informed him I could use a new tool box. I live alone, it’s only prudent to have the tools on hand I need for small repairs and a place to put them. My brother bought me a palm sander, after I asked to borrow his for a couple of weeks. I’d likely be done with it in a couple hours, but I wasn’t driving it back the next day, or didn’t have reason too. I also wasn’t certain when I would be getting to that project. It’s been on the back burner for a while.


I’m never really without help on the knitting front…Zeus wants snuggles.

My James, however, gave me a bottle cutter and money to attend the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week in Grand Rapids, MI.  After a slight change in plans in which my best friend chose not to attend, I chose to take my oldest niece with me. Here’s the good part, as my youngest niece was going camping with Grandpa that day, my oldest niece was left…but she’s the one for whom I’m working on the super-secret fantasy quilt . There will be little to no discussing my own quilt work, no matter how interested the parties seemed.


7 28 15 005

Challenge quilt, “Make a quilt based on a holiday that occurs on your birthday,”  This quilt is entitled National Book Day.

But a quilt show means quilt progress. Just as knitting shows or knit in public days mean progress, right. You get inspired watching others work on their projects.  At least I do. And if I make some progress, perhaps I feel a little less behind. Now, my niece is young and youthful, and the salespeople were pretty good. One of them showed us a long-arm quilter with an automatic lock stitch feature. I still feel the need to lock the stitch myself, but she noticed my niece would probably love it. If she ever needs a long arm quilter,  well, I wish her luck with making money first.  However, my dear Jessica was not enthralled by machines or many quilts that were not bright, Warriors themed(a young adult novel I am not yet familiar with), or bejeweled. She wants a Bejeweler (a cross between a hot glue gun and a soldering iron for Swarovski crystals), and she enjoyed the dye your own fabric demo.   And we did have engaging conversations about the quilts. She makes great quilt show company.


It is possible to get too busy on a quilt…forgive my planning.

So, where does that leave the knitting to come in?  I knit Monday night, simply in part because I was planning to go, and I had time. And if you have time, you make progress, right? In addition, tonight, a day after the show, I set up my quilt as it is, finally ironed out some seams, and started to check on my hexie progress.  Now, I just need to sew somewhere close to 300 hexies…I’m going to reduce that by 7 and round to the nearest number and say I need to sew (excuse me while I pull out the calculator, I only do math in my head at work, and we have most of the cheats); about 43 flowers. That sounds so much more manageable.


I like the brown background better, What do you think?

Here’s where the decisions come in to play. I have color choices to work out. This quilt is bright and busy and going to a thirteen year old girl who wants to Be-Jewel her life. (Trust me on this). However, there is such a thing as too busy, and I may have stumbled upon it…forgive the evidence I present…my basement isn’t the best setup for photos, but I have to share with someone who’s somewhat into this stuff;-) Please indulge me.


Thank you for indulging me…here is another possibility.

What does this mean for my knitting? I heard you whispering in the corner over there. Well, I can’t just make progress on the quilt now, can I? I decided to do even one more round this week on these socks. It’s getting closer. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll need to get some buttons on a favorite shirt and begin to welcome Autumn soon. I enjoy Autumn, I just don’t care for the Winter that follows it. Now, I have some more flowers to sew.


See, I really have made some knitting progress, too…