Are My Socks Too Small?

January 15, 2016

Confession time: I switched needle sizes…quite by accident. However, I’m a bit concerned that seventy-six stitches of simple, elastically ribbed cable knit socks will not be enough. I attempted to try the socks on my left foot, and dropped a stitch as the needles tried to stretch over my ankle/heel area. I thought of a photo, but I couldn’t see anything good coming of this. You may have to rely on your imagination for this.


Squib helping me knit…with the smaller needles…

I will admit, I’ve made good progress on this sock. I will likely know shortly if this sock is really too tight. I’ve made some minor adjustments to fit my wider foot, but I’m not sure if it will be enough. Then I’m faced with the knitter’s dilemma…do I rip out the sock and re-knit it to make it the right size? Or, do I make the second sock the same, gift them to my niece with some minion stuff for her birthday and buy another large skein of the dark purple painted yarn to knit another pair?


Squib getting cozy as I finished up the cable-work repeat this evening…

It sounds a little on the devious side, but I will tell dear James what happened, and he will get a good laugh if I end up knitting two pair of these socks…or perhaps I’ll pick the pattern he suggested next with the size 2 needles instead of size 1. In the meantime, I’ll be buying some new yarn to add to the stash this week(for socks in my colors one day, that match another sweater and shirt…perchance to dream) and I will likely be buying some yellow sock yarn to work with the blue I have, hoping the blue is enough or I can find more of the same dye lot…to make my niece a minion hat for her birthday. I think she will enjoy this.


Current progress on the smaller sock…

I bought it this evening, planning to make this for her. You can find the pattern here:,PID%3A167185

I chose this pattern for the ear flaps. It looks like I will be learning to crochet in the near future…or I will email this eye pattern to my sister-in-law and ask for her help in completing this hat. I did see a pair of fingerless gloves, and might try to make her a set, but I haven’t decided, and with studies I do not know if there will be time for it as well, or if that will become part of next year’s Christmas gifts.

That shall be all for this week. Please forgive the choppiness of this post, if you notice it. I am running on nights of up to four hours sleep for over half of this week, due to starting classes way too early in the afternoon…However, my shift has been switched to a bit earlier, so I hope getting to class will get easier in the near future…003 Current progress-side view on the sock, perhaps I can make them work on my feet after all…