Must Knit Faster

December 1, 2016

The third of four socks is done, but I chose not to cast on the fourth sock. I think I will take a break from the purple for two reasons…1) I wish for a simpler pattern and 2) I need to get a gift done. I should be careful about this, as it is a Christmas gift, but I don’t have to say who the recipient is and I’m not sure they’ll guess…I hope.


Zeus, snuggling me while I knit…

Stop me now ladies and gentlemen…we all know these are famous last words. But They’ll still be a mystery while I’m knitting them up and I likely won’t photograph them completed until both are done…P.S. I’m still not sure I can get them done in time. We’ll find out.


Side project…I finished half a repeat and have begun the increase for the gusset.

I cast them on last week once I cast off the purple socks. I’m wishing I’d left them on the size 2 needles, but then I’d be casting on another sock before Christmas. Time does not allow. In fact…I need this gift to be done before Christmas. Hint it’s not socks; still it is knit in the round. I’ve got another inch to go on this first knit 2, purl 2 rib…I want it done. I also have to get a good amount of sewing in.


Shh…the sewing I was talking about…yes, it’s bright.

In addition, I’m still writing another paper this weekend and revising one, perhaps two. The second revision will depend on a Monday afternoon meeting. In the meantime, wish me speedy luck with recycled denim on aluminum needles. I’m really wondering if I would be further ahead to cut this off and re-cast on the size 2 needles. Oh, the conundrums.

A Busy, Tired Week

September 18, 2015

…including some jealousy inducing photos

I spent most of today recovering. I sewed my tush off last week, and some of this week. Though I got a little confused on hexy placement for a moment, but this pattern is currently a little forgiving. I hope I can say these words later, when I really need them. Or perhaps I should stop placing hexies without comparing them to the template, and not my harshly drawn on graph paper suggestions. I wish I could show you more, but this photo will have to do, as its still in the super-secret stages;-)


Scamp, helping me sew while investigating ceiling activity….Hoping I haven’t shown too much of the super-secret part.

I also received not one, but two new autographed hard-copies of books this week. Dear James teased me about how much of my book I would complete the night I received the newest book. The second book is a re-print of one I’ve already read, but I aim to get the entire series(so, its still exciting). Some of these turn into great birthday and Christmas gifts. Yes, my birthday was last month, but the book wasn’t released until this month. It has been worth the wait so far. I’m about a quarter of the way into it and I’ll be glad to get back into tonight. I’ve even considered adding time to my sunset function on my alarm clock so I don’t have to turn on my phone flashlight to finish the chapter…


Did I mention this was the latest release of a favorite author!? 😉

I did end up finishing the other book I was reading on my day off. I even got up early in case a substitute teaching job opened this Monday or Tuesday. It didn’t, so I got to finish the book and the puzzle-which I did not get a photo of, as I’m still missing two pieces. I’ll find them, but I have to clean my dining room to do so. I haven’t yet, but I did check the mail again and found hexies in the post box. Boy has it been a happy week. Enclosed in the well decorated envelope were new cardstock weight hexies with new sayings this week. I took photos of them too.


I love this kind of mail. This is half the reason I buy these on

I also found myself fighting off a low grade fever. I should rest more, but I don’t notice its there until I’m committed to making tomato sauce with lots of fresh tomatoes or lasagna or even while driving to work. I hope I’ve fought off whatever bug has been working its way through me.


Squib, snuggling up while I knit.


Scamp, inspecting the knitting as well.

I’m not sure if its that time of year, or if its due to swinging my sleep schedule around for teaching(though I haven’t tested this system yet). I did complete a 1,000 piece puzzle, and I’ve knit another pattern round on the gusset/periscope of the sock. Allow me to show you what I mean. Please excuse the crazy cat(and dog) lady pile-up. I won’t mention which article of clothing Scamp even made herself comfortable on tonight. There’s plenty of pet activity in the photos.     007Putzer, seeking attention while I knit

Perhaps it was that I sat down and relaxed on the couch, or that I’ve had a busy week and spent much of my normal visiting time at home, sleeping, but all the pets seemed to want to help tonight. 011  Squib,  and Putzer helping me knit, Briannag looks jealous at the end, and Zeus is sleeping in the middle.017Squib and Briannag trying to claim my knitting for themselves…

005Don’t say I didn’t warn you, the pets just don’t get spoiled enough in this house(sarcasm intended here).

  I even made lasagna in the process, and had a great dinner, once I freed my lap of cats and put the knitting away. Yes, you may be jealous of the lasagna…I’m not sharing and not mailing, but darn is it good. Though with the addition of goat cheese and olives, I was looking for some artichoke hearts once I tasted it. It was still good, but I thought they’d make a nice addition.


And yes, there was knitting. It seems as if it was a little of everything week. But the sock is making progress…perhaps more next week, though I still have to keep sewing my tushie off.