…has caught on with me;-)….It’s real. I’m doing it.

It started last week(or the week before at Hunter’s while I waiting for my sister-in-law); I took my knitting to class. I’ve taken my knitting to class everyday. I don’t have a lot of reading for this class right now, but I will have loads later, I suspect. However, I still get to class early and I knit a row or two. Sometimes, I get three rows in…other days like today run away from me and I get only one or two rows in…but it’s coming…just wait.


Mascots at the game-7th inning stretch singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,”

I had a busy final move day today. I unloaded much that isn’t needed anymore and I had some help unloading some of it. It is a load off my shoulders. I’m done, I can focus on the move-in. But in the interest of doing things my little enjoys, I took her an hour and a half away to a West Michigan WhiteCaps game. (To my Grand Rapids friends, I’m sorry I stayed so quiet about this, but you guys like to drink–which is frowned upon with my little). We had a good time and saw a poorly called, poorly played game of baseball. The players were doing what they were supposed to-mostly, perhaps the other team was just better. But there was one call, at least, where I asked if the ref went to Bowling Green. It wasn’t college ball…but maybe he was from Bowling Green(somewhere in Indiana).


Please don’t look closely at my hair, I’m in the middle of a move-out of one home, now to set up another.

However, Mariah enjoyed herself, and we splurged on Burger King, sugar and hot dogs as well as a tie-dye ball we didn’t stay long enough to get signed. As she gets older and we pick a team she likes better, perhaps we’ll stay that late. She was ready to leave by 9:30…and the little turn around in the ballpark left me needing that extra few minutes to get her home. (And yes, friends, she turned into a pumpkin, but I had to resist getting a picture-she pulled her foot off my dashboard before I got her home–darn it.) She also woke up ten minutes before I got her home. No sleeping pics of the Little sleeping on the way home.

However, this blog is about knitting, not driving a sleepy 11 year old home. I took the knitting with me, of course, and let Mariah take her first photo on my new camera with only so much instruction of how to hold it. I do have a picture of this one;-)

I also have a picture of where the knitting has gotten too (or will by the time I post this).


Current progress…I think I’m at six or seven repeats of 9…class resumes Tuesday;-)…

I also knit at home, but I’m getting far more done while waiting for class or a tow truck–goodbye old truck, I won’t miss you. You cost me too much money-it sounds like an ex-husband…(No, the ex-husband cost me less or made his own money, most of the time).

Alas, this is a knitting blog….I keep having to remind myself tonight, but this is also a journey…and my journey tonight took me to places I knit in public. No photos of class knitting–sorry…oh, there’s a story there. Hold on. But I have been knitting in public.


During a ballgame…I did get to watch Kirk Gibson’s son play some tonight, on the Detroit Tiger’s apparent farm team.

So the class story–we have guest lecturers this week-who have no problem letting us out early(and for once I don’t feel cheated out of my education–we’ll discuss that later). Today’s guest lecturer was talking to us about writing intros…without realizing it, I’ve probably been writing Introductions for a while now, informally-but still an intro. We had an in class writing assignment and I chose to persuade that knitting is a great tool for mindfulness(which I’m supposed to be looking into;-)). The guest lecturer reviewed them on break, and mentioned that she, too, was a knitter and they had a group that met at Hunter’s Ale House on Thursday nights.


Getting there…in size and shape;-)…I think. Perhaps I need to do more knitting in public while waiting. Imagine the progress…I may need to cast on some vanilla socks…(so I’ll need some really fun yarn;-)).

Well, I was busy tonight, but I learned we have a knitting group only twenty minutes away where they serve Right Brain Lavender Ale(try it, please). A pint, a glass, some knitting, some girl talk, and just what the doctor ordered. No wonder the waitress didn’t bat an eyelash when I stopped in with my knitting a couple weeks ago to meet my sister-in-law after a rough day of work(which is also on my “prescription tablet,” along with quilt retreats).

What on earth do I mean? (if you choose to care). I was tested for ADHD a couple weeks ago, and learned I have symptoms but do not have ADHD, not even the inattentive type. It is much more likely that I have had anxiety, but between knitting and quilting and scrapbooking–as well as the blogging and working in front of people often, I do not qualify for anxiety either. This is supposed to be good news, but the tapes I’ve been playing in my head are over five years old and need to be changed. So, they said, get out there and socialize some. I guess I am, so long as I can take the knitting along.


Squib, always ready to help me knit…though not such a public kitten…

Perhaps next week I’ll discuss the shoppel question….Schoppel Wolle Zauberball

I’m  currently using string theory colorworks, so I was confused, but I must meet this german wool. I’m part german after all, I just focus on the Irish side, mostly. Schoppel wolle zauberball