Four rows this week…understandable, considering, well, final exams. Nothing too hard, but nothing too easy, either…only a cumulative essay and a test over the last book I barely finished, a strong desire to read and knit for pleasure and a portfolio to finish for a class in which the final exam consists of meeting for food–and since none of us are certain of our standing…50% of our grade is our final portfolio, we all showed up, ate food and listened to a story–a fascinating story.


I’d suggest you count them…but I made it to the end of the repeat…the patience for the camera–not so much.

It did not rank up there there with the easiest final ever, as five questions with only paragraph answers beats major revisions of sometimes very personal works I’ve worked on all semester any day. It did rank up there with coolest final,ever….not to mention the “coolest shirt contest,” which some 20 year old wearing Ren & Stimpy won, go figure…her audience was college students, though…Oh, that they would understand the pull of Speed Racer and/or tie-dye…or even Paintball. Somebody liked the nostalgia…I’m not sure they have any idea…. No pics from final exam day…I had to return home to get my camera…and I’m not sure they were allowed;-).


Horrible photo, I know, but I’m going to sleep…better post next week-with the whole week off thing…(unless you’re a Grease fan, then see below and forget about the socks.)

Alas, the baby carrots and hummus and pita crackers went over better than expected, as everyone else who provided(instructor and another student or two) brought cookies-though the cake-based cookies were nice little slices of heaven at the end of a long semester.


They look so grown up…but they got along long enough to dance next to each other in Grease…I wonder if this was on purpose;-). The next show is on Mother’s Day, after all… They did a good job.

I finished my evening off(by normal standards catching a production of Grease featuring my niece and nephew. It was a good show, and now I want to watch the original. This musical almost feels as if it is becoming a right of passage for teens everywhere, as it has been the love of hoppers at Camp Bay Cliff when I was last there, and perhaps when I was there again–fifteen or so years later…(though they moved their sleeping quarters, so I’m not quite certain)