I am a thirty-something single white female with a steady boyfriend and every once in a while, we kick around the idea of marriage. Neither of us has been convinced that its the right time. In the meantime, I knit for family and friends and have decided to focus on a blog to add some more discipline to my writing, as well as allow me to tell more people about my knitting ventures. It seems I have a gift and knit stuffed creatures are not just for kids anymore as a friend of my boyfriend’s just asked me to knit him a Cactuar yesterday.  I just learned that a Cactuar is an angled cactus like character in the Final Fantasy video game series…this could get interesting. Come find out how this journey got started and how it unfolds.


2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Kate Loveton Says:

    I saw a comment you made on another blog about being interested in stories about dogs; I wanted to recommend to you Garth Stein’s ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ about a dog who desperately desires to be human. It is quite wonderful!

    You have a nice blog – I enjoyed sampling it. 🙂

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