A Little at a Time

March 28, 2019

Every day or night this week has had something extra thrown in…quilt guild, readings and a play, job interview/hiring process and creating more questions than I go along…not to mention assignments. This means there is not as much time for knitting as I would like, and yet, sometimes there’s a little here and a little there. So, I still got a little bit knit during the play–only a little as I have to write about said play; while I took a deep breath waiting for class to start and sometimes at home after an event to finish off a row.


Current Progress on the Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd.

I will say, one thing about knitting over four needles is that it is easy to get to a stopping point when I’m interrupted, as long as I note where I was and which needle I was knitting when I stopped. It is pretty obvious and I try to stop in the middle. Alas, my current progress above as I watch Project Runway and submit tonight’s homework.


Scamp inspecting the Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!

Over the Heel…

March 24, 2019


011Over the heel and through the leg…

I finally knit the heel. Then I thought, try on that sock. I’m glad I did, the first heel I knit (since this type of short row heel was confusing for me) was two inches too long! I did a lot of frogging with that discovery, and re-knit the heel as best I could. This one fits. Yeah. I’m now into the leg, which I thought would be more of a bear.


Bring the pattern around the back…

The leg is laid out on four needles, and I have to tug those second and third stitches often to prevent ladders, but I think the layout makes more sense than the top of the foot knitting did. It’s at least easier to follow, for me. Until next time,


This needle layout makes sense to me! It’s becoming fun again. 

The knitting is still complicated, but fun. The pattern is Toe-Up Travelers by Ann Budd and can be found on ravelry.com or in Sock Knitting: Master Class.

Happy Knitting!


DSCN4604 (2)

Our new trouble-maker…Furball (for now).

I promised last week to set aside some time each day to knit this heel. I did, but not the time I expected. Instead, Sunday night, we had a new addition in the form of an energetic two-year old Chow-chow mix. Apparently, she’s mixed with cat (yes, I’m jesting, I think). She does not come when she’s called, which we will work on She’s nervous in the car when she runs out of the house, which we will work on. And she refuses to eat canned food, which we will let slide. We’re out of our element here.


The top half of this sock…part of me can’t wait until this heel is turned.

We’re used to bigger, lazier dogs, that are dogs, and are food motivated. Or we’re used to dogs who act like you’re asking too much when you scoot her off of your favorite couch pillow. She’s cat-like, in that she only wants your attention when you ignore her or are trying to get things done. (and she will not come back when she’s called–in part this is a two-year old dog. In part this is big pain in the arse.) So, she was named Fireball when we got her, and we’re in the process of changing it to simply Furball. After her latest trek out of the house to romp around the neighborhood for nearly an hour at a balmy 21 degrees F (at least it isn’t 9 degrees today), you can replace Fur with your favorite choice phrase. Mine just might start with an S.


Speaking of that Big S. Here’s Scamp…who also goes by the nick name for Furball sometimes, tonight, she’s behaving (or pretending to).

So, Tuesday night, after two days of introduction, I had brought my knitting over, and sat on dear James couch knitting, or trying to. I remember why I knit alone. Every time I tried to make a stitch, I had a dog start to snuggle me and place her large paw on my arm so that I essentially could not knit. I did get her maneuvered and accomplished some knitting, but I’m not certain how much.


The heel looks a little better from the back.

It doesn’t help that I don’t think I love this heel pattern. I don’t love doing any heels toe-up, and I like this method less than most. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary yarn-overing, unless one has very large heels. My heels tend to run small, and I am not paying for any heel pattern. So, the search is on, and here come small heels in the back stretch…I’ll let you know as I knit which ones I might like…or I will move to doing each and every pattern cuff down with an eye of partridge heel flap (then decide on how to turn it). Until next week, happy knitting and may your dog be better behaved than our new addition. (p.s. She will not stay still for photos, either, again…cat-like). However, the cat has decided she will simply snuggle me for now, since I’ve been “neglecting” her lately. (Really, she’s been sleeping when I’ve headed home, but that’s severe neglect in the cat world). In the meantime, hopefully I’ll get the heel turned this weekend and the dog adventures will settle down for a bit.


Serious neglect, I’m telling you. Scamp needs some loving…never mind my knitting goals.