Almost Spring Break…

February 28, 2019

Yes, Finally. It is almost spring break, so one would think I’d be doing homework instead of knitting. But we all need breaks…and I still get to class early to knit sometimes.


Almost ready for the heel, then comes the semi-scary leg.

I am halfway through the third repeat on the sock. I need to set aside time each day to make progress when I’m more awake. Deadlines were yesterday or today, with the exception of one mid-term that I’m likely tackling in the morning.


Bottom of the foot…if you can’t see it, I’m not telling.

I set some goals for Spring Break and we’ll see how many of them I hit. Tonight, I’m simply doing mindless knitting. I’m even showing progress so I can see how this thing grows in increments.


Shawl progress…the latest in mindless knitting.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Three Skeins in, seven to go…onward to the fourth.

I have finally knit through the third skein of yarn. I had to count the remaining hanks of yarn to be certain. It’s simple, I can watch my favorite tv shows while I knit this. It’s also growing. I should measure it tonight to track how far I’ll go with hanks four and five. I have ten skeins of yarn to use in this. I’m debating about stopping after four and decreasing with four more skeins and making something matching or some border details in this, but I haven’t decided where exactly I might go with this.


Can you believe it? I’ll try to get a spread photo on my sewing table over the weekend…I’ve got a wing;-).

I’ve also knit through the second repeat of the first sock and have moved onto the third. I should be able to knit the heel over spring break if I’m good. However, I have a fair amount of school work to do, and I may be seeking further gainful employment. It has been a challenge, but I should be more gainfully employed next week. Fingers crossed. But you guys would rather see the sock, right?



Progress on the sock, Two repeats of the chart down…one more to get to the heel.

Enjoy your gratuitous knitting photos. I hope yours goes as well or better (one day, I’ll learn not to knit when tired, but that explanation may be for next week). Until next time, Happy Knitting!

I’ve barely had time for knitting. Okay, really, I’ve been applying to graduate schools, and this knitting is more complicated than applying for graduate schools allows. I had a meeting with my success coach Monday because I was overwhelmed with the grad school application process. Then I looked at my knitting chart, and said, “Nope. My brain is already fried.” DSCN4450

Some of these patterns are just too mind-boggling for the tired brain. Alas, I’m loving this sock… it is never boring.

Then the rest of my week happened. For a moment, we had an affordable vet bill, and a reprieve for our dear Zeusy. But liver problems prove a difficult foe, and he still wasn’t eating after 24-36 hours on the pill, so my dear James gave up his best friend this week. Zeus will be missed, but he’s playing in that great big dog park in the sky, and dear James’ dad is probably throwing all the balls the dog wants (or that dog park in the sky has automatic ball and squirrel launchers that look and smell like your human. I mean, who knows what kind of heaven a dog gets, but it involves throwing the ball. Trust me.


Zeusy and Maeve…two of our best snugglers… They are both missed.

Later in the week, I got a couple of rows done, when I wasn’t busy making up for snow days (doing far more work than I would have in class, but I’m glad they kept us safe). Then I came home to knit on the shawl for a bit tonight, and am almost finished with the third skein of yarn…In the next row or two (or four), I will be researching joins and joining yarn for the next skein. I’m getting closer to the turning point…I may or may not just continue through the fifth skein…I might knit a border instead. We shall see.


The in-progress shawl… that shall bring us spring…I hope. I realize you do wish for me to knit faster.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!