No Knitting Before The GRE

August 16, 2018

I mean, I should have expected it when they said no analog watches…I still want to know which genius got caught writing his answers on an analog watch, and how tiny he tried to make them… I’d give him a licking that keeps on ticking…alas…knitting. See, lack of knitting while I wait makes me cranky. But I can’t complain, my unofficial scores are decent…by no means, outstanding…but good enough to be considered for graduate school, and likely not bad enough to have to subject myself to four more hours of no-knitting time. I get no patterns (they’re on paper and codes are hard to decipher…), but not even mindless knitting was allowed. I could have knit some on break, but break time was only ten minutes…and I’m on the heel.


Putzer, holding down my lap and demanding snuggles as I knit…

That’s right. Lack of knitting at an officially controlled testing site (that is simply doing their job) did not prevent me from reaching the heel. If I behave and knit some more, I might be a quarter to halfway up the leg before school starts up again. Part of me hoped to be done, but I’ve been working on quilts;-).


Putzer and Briannag helping with knitting, Briannag may just want my spot…

Alas, here’s the latest progress, as I finally got in some evening knitting time. Even after a crazy week of learning that one of my boyfriend’s cats, Squib, is diabetic (which has only required me to be supportive and make sure he has good cat food available and is not sharing with the other cats), I’ve gotten a good amount of knitting in. The cat and dear James are adjusting, and meeting with snuggle time, but it has been everyone else this week, (except Tink, who’s busy hiding from the camera or trying to sneak Squib’s diabetic food), like I said, just about everyone else wants to help me…See what I mean? This isn’t always easy folks, and I don’t just mean the Stealth Argyle pattern by Eunny Jang in Sock Knitting: Master Class that is probably one of the more challenging I have ever undertaken.

Zeus-y was here, right nearby awaiting snuggles or food to drop…perhaps he’ll get into next weeks photos…he’s not as camera curious as Briannag, and he leans more on the knitter… And now, back to turning the heel.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

4 Responses to “No Knitting Before The GRE”

  1. I took the GRE at a computerized facility… very stressful, but much faster. I hope yours goes well even though you’ll be cut off from lnitting.

    One of my cats has the symptoms of diabetes. I need to get him into the vet. So sad for him.

  2. It’s done…I can knit in my free time for the next few days (when I’m not quilting, sewing or tying…or getting somewhat ahead on my homework). I hope your kitty is okay. Sooner is really better than later with diabetes. Ours was dehydrated enough that the vet bill became pretty hefty, but the research says its manageable…just not easy at first. You may have to get creative, like throwing tuna in the cat carrier and shutting it quick when the kitty inspects it. I hope it’s something easier.

  3. It’s really ironic in a heartbreaking way… I am the support system for a son with type 1 diabetes, so I totally recognize the symptoms in my cat. I’m away from home for a couple of days every week helping with my son, so it is going to be hard to manage the cat’s disease. I totally don’t want to be dealing with this! Poor Yellow Boy.

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