Allow me to explain this situation…

Busy month

I have an insane graduate student instructor. Graduate students are supposed to be a little bit insane. I mean, those classes make your undergrad look like busy work. But when you add teaching and a touch (or about 1000% control freak and finger puppets on a thirty minute presentation of why she hates Freud) you get one of the craziest experiences ever, like open book open note weekly quizzes that don’t always match the reading and a Term Paper due April 1st at 5PM. This was not an April Fool’s. And yes, the same April fool’s day that housed Easter. I’m not a huge celebrator of Easter myself, but my family is, and I missed it because of this darned paper.


Trying on the sock to see if I am ready for the increase…this lighting did not come out as well as I wished…

About the Conference

I also had a literacy conference to attend mid-month, which changed my sleep schedule from overnights to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at eight a.m. I was too exhausted that night to even consider going down to the hotel bar Granite City (which had a great titled beer: Barn-Raising Irish Red; as if it were named for me). I considered knitting, but only brought the needles, not the pattern for the stealth argyles by Eunny Jang. Oops. I considered tying a quilt, but didn’t have the scissors to tie off more, so I tried sleeping and found the scissors as I was packing up the hotel room at those odd morning hours I don’t do. I also met a fellow knitter there who is from Midland, a town about 25 miles from me. I was so excited to chat about knitting, even though literacy is one of my first loves as well.

But I got some decent pictures…it was too cloudy for great ones…and Mackinaw is coming, I promise.

The view of the river from my hotel room…and yes, that’s Canada over there. I’ll spare you the traffic photos…for now.

In addition, I saw a certainly well-meaning post by someone in the blog world I greatly respect. I will be happy to be half as good as she is when I grow-up. Knit wise, professionally and blog wise…in addition to creatively. I will just say the post mentioned something I happen to do, and mostly because I do not have a budget to do it differently. But it hit home, so I will be looking into better options…mostly because she is right and I’m hoping to improve your knitting experience.

Lost And Found or Meeting Fellow Knitters

Yes, there was knitting this week, and great luck…which may be inspiring something even crazier. Let’s talk about that luck. After submitting the crazy term paper (due before the end of the term), I began studying for my Learning and Memory class. I also felt worn-out from a frenzied week of extra, semi-planned class work–which meant a cold was coming on. I do not have time to be sick this semester! So, I went to my class Tuesday afternoon, taking my knitting bag with me–like a good knitter. Later, in my classes, I thought I’d left my knitting bag in the car, and didn’t give it much thought. I did have a cold or other bug sneaking up on me.


I must admit, I like this set-up for photos better…at least I got something accomplished at the hotel…

The next morning, I woke up early for a meeting and found an email in my inbox about a small sewing bag left outside of the room I have class in. If you can describe what’s in it, you can have it back. I thought: No,it’s not mine. I left mine in my car. But, wait…I don’t remember bringing my knitting bag out of the car. Maybe I did leave it behind at class. I then replied to the email with the laundry list of yarns and the type of needles, as these aren’t just any needles, and we confirmed it was my bag. I thanked her profusely as I’ve been working on this sock all semester.


And here’s what the top of the foot looks like…It’s going to be an adventure to photograph this to show off the argyles. I may have to call in help;-)

She offered to teach me magic loop, and I thanked her heartily, but I’d already done it and didn’t love or hate it. Though we had a nice convo about knitting. I’ll have to stop in to show her these socks when I’m done. In the meantime, I’m finding a way to label each of my knitting bags, so it will only take a phone call to return it to me if I get sick while studying for a test again. In the meantime, I won’t show you photos of a half done heel, but I will say,

“Happy Knitting!”