Simple Progress…

October 7, 2016

I knit the heel flap this week. That’s the good news. I sucked it up, knew I didn’t need to take copious amounts of notes in Psychology class, and knit my afternoon away after re-reading Oedipus. Next is Hippolytus, or to simply write the paper on Oedipus. If you don’t love ancient Greek literature, forgive me, but I feel as if I’ve been here before with this heel progress before. I feel like all my photos are the same. I love the periscope look that will come, but for now, I’m at the heel flap. I’m almost certain I’ve shown you a very similar picture before.


Terpander, back where I started ripping…We’ll get there, one day…

In addition, I re-knit the rows in the Terpander pattern that I tinked previously. It’s not the same photo, but it’s at the same place that it was before. I feel stuck in a rut with knitting even though I’m making progress. Perhaps I feel stuck in a rut with other things too….I determined not to complain about school, though I have a quick appointment with my instructor next week. I’m starting to get her style and it seems disappointing to me. I feel as if the less I do for class, the better I do in class.


New Picture of the heel flap progress…I hope to turn the heel this week before I return to class…

I digress…I wasn’t going to complain about class here. So, let me get back to the Terpander socks. They are going to be the stars this week. I’ve gotten back to the point I had to rip out, and I am not likely ripping again. This means I cannot knit this pattern before coffee or when talking to others. This is becoming a Sunday afternoon knit. It is involved and pretty. The new needles are smooth yet rough enough to hold the yarn a little better, but are not as smooth as the addi turbo rockets were. But the gauge feels better already. Plus, these needles are really pretty.


Look at these needles(yes, I’m a bad knitting Mama, but I couldn’t think of a better way to show off the contrast. Look! They’re so pretty…and great contrast…

They have purple in them. Yes, I know they’re dark, as Dear James pointed out, but they contrast with this yarn really well. Look, see! I told ya;-). Alas, I need to knit a round or two and sew a quilt top, right after I write that paper that is still on the books for this weekend. In the meantime…I hope to have something more inspiring to share with  you next week.


The heel flap from the other side…Hopefully more exciting sock parts will come next week;-).

The super-secret fantasy quilt is coming along, but it cannot be revealed until the recipient gets to see it;-).


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