Showing Off My Socks!

September 30, 2016

Today, I got to show off my new gray and purple pussy willow socks. I was sitting outside of my early class (please do not ask about this class today), knitting my current socks so I could get to the heel flap. We all know I love the heel flap, right? The periscope look comes next and I can entertain my classmates(which we may just need in the next few weeks). My former professor walks by, sees me knitting and says hello. She told me in her English Literature class that if she could teach and knit, she would. I don’t blame her. I’m an avid note-taker, or I might knit more during class. However, I put away the travel knitting before class so I can take notes.


The view of this sock I showed my former prof today…in my really bright shoes.

It wasn’t until I got home from multiple errands that I realized my socks were on backwards;-). Remember me discussing the right and left footed socks. I failed to pay attention this morning. Apparently, so did everyone else. My former professor also told me about the pair she was working on at home, but I didn’t get more details, because I was explaining why I was still knitting this cabled sock I’ve been working on for some time.


Current Progress on the purple socks with cable…

But I got to row 16 of 17 of the repeat before the heel flap in classes today, so I came home to knit row 17, double check sizes(because I do not follow knitting patterns and knitting directions well, especially as I get close to the heel). It’s almost as if the needles and yarn take on a direction of their own(or they have in the past).  So, as I got closer, I knit the set-up round. Then I began the heel flap.


Back view of current progress on the Knot Socks by Nancy Bush

I like the heel flap, but I want to race through it. I wanted to finish it tonight so I could turn the heel on Sunday. However, I have a quilt show to see and help clean up after(it worked best with my schedule). I also have a paper to write, a short one on Oedipus, the King. I need to focus. However, I want my sock done, and somewhere in there I need to get some sewing done on my quilt. It’s not all going to happen this week, I’m aware of that. I think I’ll get about half of this heel done, the paper, the quilt show, some sewing and perhaps some progress on the home knit  socks.


Suprise visit while I knit. This is the closest Scamp (on my lap and there first) has ever gotten to Maeve.

I did get them on the new needles, which also meant tinking back two rows. That was no easy feat with cables, but I figured it out. Now I need to follow that chart immaculately. I suspect I’m only knitting one pair of these socks. For now, let me get the photos ready and get back to working on the paper.


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