Tangles….tangles everywhere…

August 18, 2016

They’re making a simple hair-combing look easy. Perhaps I should know better than to attempt to wind my own yarn. This has whiled away the time on a lazy day for a few hours before. I aim for two, it becomes four…today, I aimed for two to three…eight hours later, I set it aside in search of food.


(Wondering if Scamp played with this yarn first…)

There is good news: I got the Pussy Willow socks off the two-circular needles-in one piece;-). I now have a wearable pair of socks that I have lost count of how many times I tinked and frog. No need to remind me, guys and gals, really, no need whatsoever. Dear James already has; and ended up buying me a new skein of that dark purple and blue sock yarn I cabled into Knot Socks without a second thought. I want my cables back. He was eager to gift me an easy pattern.


(They’re off the needles…my happy moment for the week;-))

I missed my appointment to wind on the magic loop for the terpander socks today–due to trying to wind my own yarn. I don’t care what she charges, I’m paying Diane at Apple Tree Lane to wind the cotton yarn on her skiff next time. I don’t know what she charges, but it will be worth it. Most skeins I wind in an afternoon. I woke late at 1 today (prepping for afternoon into late-night work, vs. just late night work.) poured my first coffee and blended my breakfast smoothie, adding oatmeal and blending again.


My easier pair of happy knitting…

I think I get it. There is something satisfying to untangling a rowdy skein of yarn…but this one makes poker players and middle-school students look well behaved.  Oh, dear, I need to get back to it, someone pour me more wine, please. In the meantime, I’ve gotten through the second row on the knot socks for the first of two new socks….

The big question, make the one with four extra stitches first, or make the standard sock first. The standard pair will be for a gift. Can I get them all knit by Christmas? And take classes? And finish a quilt? Let me quickly change into my Wonder Woman uniform;-)…and once this skein is untangled, let the next set of knitting begin.  Now, wish me luck on the rest of the de-tangling of yarn when I get home tonight;-)

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