Ten Rows This Week…

July 22, 2016

I knit ten rows this week, or was it fifteen. Never mind, I explained math in my English paper. The paper is finally done and I’ve learned to love and hate plagiarism checkers. They’re helpful, but my work is mine, and I know if you state ten words of someone else’s, even if you paraphrase it, you quote it. The paper is not quite what I imagined, but I hope it came out better than I expected. I’m too tired to tell.


Putzer, protesting my dedication to homework and the resulting lack of massages…

Alas, the paper is done and progress was made on knitting. Now I can move on to a little quilting, the chapter summary and the proposal. We’ll see if the cats keep protesting the homework…see what I mean? Though they’re cute when they protest it.


Scamp, wondering just what is so interesting about books and paper(she’s a cat…books are simply toys to her).

I’m going to keep it short this week as I’m tired and need to get some sleep tonight before work tomorrow. To each of you, happy knitting. May you not have to rip anything out this week, or next.


Look at this! Look, the holes are finally going in the right direction…I so thought I was recreating the issue, just over six stitches. I’ll call this knitting magic.

Two more weeks of class, then I can pretend life returns to normal for a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t;-), it just requires less homework.


Three holes from yarn over (there’s another right beneath the marker)…it’s confirmed, 15 rows this week;-)…unless I started a section last week-I’ve got English Brain…


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