Two Rows At A Time, Once Again…

July 8, 2016

A little over two years ago, when I taught preschool, I got a twenty-five minute break during the day, usually during nap-time. I was working on the pink rose ribs pattern I planned to wear with my shirts and favorite jackets for sub-teaching. But in those twenty-five minutes, with a complex pattern, I often only knit two-rows. A week or two ago with only 56 stitches, I would have told you I could get five rows of simple knitting and a couple of yarn overs in one or two of the rows done in that time. Now, I’m up to 78 stitches, I believe (I’d better count again) and working the pattern a little more slowly.

I’ve also had my oldest niece over to help me set-up my house. She’d rather cook than organize, but she had to earn a surprise jacket (for Halloween) that I bought her last time I had her visit. I took her “window” shopping. Somehow, she forgot the window part, and what we thought was a jacket on clearance for $3.00 was on clearance for $10.00. I quietly double-checked the price tag, which said $10.00 and paid the bill. I even had a lady across the line offer to put in the dollar she thought I was short for it. I wasn’t, it was just more than I was expecting. But the cashier had just received change from the back that was $1.00 off. It turned out to be a fun night at quilt guild, pot luck and all…and she designed a quilt to create–though she’s not ready to start on it, and I want her to get started already.


Briannag, looking for love in all the couch places…will you love me, mom? I don’t get homework.

So, back to knitting, which I didn’t get to much of, as I was seeing to my oldest niece. She’s 14, but you still have to check in from time to time…and sometimes, you have to pull their nose out of the book so they can earn that jacket. (Sorry, no pic of the jacket…though it was all black and rather cool and goes perfectly with her planned Halloween costume).



Squib, protesting my dedication to schoolwork, or requesting to play with the knitting…one can never be sure with this cat…

Now, I’m outside of class, or just allowed in class with less than 20 minutes to spare, and I’m knitting before class. It’s part of my relaxation plan during classes–especially this class. There has been no clear communication about assignments or requirements, just re-iterations of things that weren’t very clear to begin with. I get that English is not her first language, I also get that when all of your groups ask the same question, you have failed to clarify the assignment.


Three of five I have to read and summarize this weekend to create an intro for a phantom paper…I don’t mind doing the work, but if we’re going to write a paper, let’s just write a paper. And if we’re working on summaries and sources, please make your assignment fit your goal…(Topic: History of Arts Education(Music) in K-12(primary school).

Okay, enough complaints about class, I say–looking at the stack of papers I have to review for main points and summarize in an introduction…have I lost you yet? I was nearly lost, myself. Not to mention that our sources must come from the year 2000 or later (as if no research before 2000 is viable) for our topic, it likely is. Alas, let’s go back to arts I pay for myself…I think I’m almost to the heel turn. I’d better check again…In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your knitting. DSCN0930

The easiest way to compare…Yessir, I’m almost there…Now to count stitches…soon.



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