In the Midst of a Move…

June 24, 2016

…That’s right, moving day came Tuesday. I spent my weekend packing, sorting and preparing to donate…while working and begging work to leave early(thankfully other part-timers want hours). I also spent my weekend being charked by a dog…(I normally don’t go for made up terms, but Briannag is giving a low bark from the couch that dad calls a chuff…there’s just enough pitch in this one to call it a bark…so its a chark). She looks lonely and pathetic but doesn’t even want an ear scratch. If I move to the couch, which I likely will at some point, she’ll move to her “end,” if she’s really in the mood to share the couch and sit and watch me knit. If I’m not knitting, she might try to lay across my lap.


The puppy who doesn’t have a Mama on the couch with her… so unloved…

She did this to me last night as I knit the first repeat of actual pattern on this sock. I think I’ve managed six rows this week. Considering I’m moving and still have a former duplex to clean out and clean up, I consider that impressive. I still need a light bulb for the lamp I put in the living room yesterday. I moved in Tuesday and slept there that night. In addition, I need to check the futon stats and find out if I’m shelling out cash for a new one. Oy and vey, I didn’t forget how expensive moving is (That’s a lot of money that could have been spent on yarn!), but I’m in a more comfortable and better laid-out apartment with no stairs.


Actual knitting progress for the week…see, there was some knitting…

I also have a dishwasher and washing machine and dryer in the apartment! That’s so nice, and everything is on one floor(and I got a downstairs apartment.) I like to keep moving, but my knees are getting too old for upstairs. I did consider taking pictures, but everything is so white or beige in a new apartment, that I decided to wait until I’m more set-up. Then you guys can see a little of my simple apartment life I’ll wish I had moved into years ago. But there’s a time for everything, right…



And tonight, besides the knitting, is a time for strawberry shortcake. I don’t normally post food, but I shopped hungry tonight and mostly behaved myself…but the $0.99 pint of blueberries did me in, and strawberries were 3#/$5.00…then the yellow sponge cake made its way into my cart (shh…I wasn’t making biscuits and berries, no matter how fast the biscuits claim to be. I’ll do that next week). Then I went back for the whipped cream and left the store before I bought the Twinkies or chocolate chip cookies that would have been almost as tasty.


Summer night’s move-in dessert special…it was worth every bit of it…

The strawberry shortcake is a summer treat for me, and I had the yellow sponge cake cups as a kid. I never really cared for angel food cake, though it’s oft loved-I’ll have to try making one fresh, uh, uh…there’s that elusive someday, right? Yeah, someday, someday I’ll get to it. For now, put what you like under your berries. I did update it with blueberries, though I admit to sneaking some of the fat ones.


Fierce Protector of the lawn…but just throw him a ball and watch him fetch…

In the meantime, I need to get that moving task done so I can go back to studying for a few weeks and knitting. And I may have to quiet a noisy dog yelling at the neighbors for walking by his yard…He’s already an old man–he just doesn’t need the cane, yet…If he had one, he’d be shaking it.

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