Yarn Bombs and Progress…

June 10, 2016

I think.


The yarn bomb…it started off so nice and pretty.

It’s so pretty…no, pretty doesn’t give you a right to tangle if someone looks at you cross-eyed–even if you really want to or you think they deserved it. I’ve been so close to the breakthrough I want to finish, but the puppies are worried one of us will have a coronary attack if I do…they’re probably right. I don’t want to be the cause of such discomfort. It can wait, along with the food I was supposed to cook tonight.


Happier puppy, Momma, come love me…you need some lovin’.

I’m off routine, I admit it. Right now, I’m not even sure what a routine is. The three week “damn I haven’t stopped moving yet,” course is over. So, instead of relaxing, I found my own apartment to hopefully move to in two weeks and helped my aunt pack this week.


Mama, do you love me, I just wanna play ball.

In the meantime, while I studied for a final and sucked it up for a 95% or so on a final paper, I made progress on a sock. I still am not certain how I pulled that off, except knitting before class and sometimes when I should be reading. However, I was too busy to take a photo.


Good progress on the sock…I’m just having a night…

I did, however, sneak in a day trip to Mackinac Island with my Little–in which I did get pictures…It’s so pretty there. I did get some knitting done in the van on the way there. Again…only photos of Mackinac Island…but we got lady slippers and Trillium in the same patch (as well as the same season). It’s said they don’t grow together very often.


Arch rock…both stories are pretty cool….and it looks better in person, so if you get a chance, go see it and take the carriage ride to it, or ride your own horses-though they don’t come with a tour guide full of stories and lore

Now to put together two colors that will hopefully go together as beautifully, once I get calmed down from the first attempt and let myself return to the knitting. I want these socks done to start on another pair;-). Please don’t let second sock syndrome set in…


Another view on Mackinac Island, likely from the same spot. I only got so many scenery shots that day-I could get 25-50 of any given sight if left to my own devices;-).DSCN0742

Beneath the Mackinac Bridge…Worth all of the wind and chill that day…Brrr….But oh, such a neat, cool sight…

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