An Inch at a Time…I think…

May 27, 2016

Hello friends, another crazy week has passed with only one more to go…for this class. I have decided I will not take a three week class again. I should have taken the online version. I’ve been busy with two jobs, three hours of class a day, a paper and an exam. I made it through each of them, but in a regular class, you either get a breather for a second, or an easier set-up for the next section, usually. In a three week class, you are thanking whatever powers that be that the instructor didn’t assign a third reading to make up for the reading you didn’t get to last night, due to studying for the final.


Current progress on the sock…about an inch, I think…But one inch at a time, right;-)

Am I not making sense? My apologies. The (likely) A.D.D. is kicking in because I have not been able to plan a thing with this instructor. (Testing is forthcoming) There’s a time for pantsing–usually in writing and often in blogs. In three week classes, if I don’t have everything written in ink, at some point it will all fall apart. I thought it already had, but my brain is ready for a serious defrag at this point. One more week to go. Here’s hoping I either read the selection before class without throwing the book against the wall, or that he quizzes on the one I have read.


My oldest nephew, the cynical one on the right… in Jazz Band playing Bass Guitar…(I swear this kid has done nearly everything I wished I had in high school)

In the meantime, I was caught up on my reading on Sunday night for laundry, and didn’t have the paper with me(thank goodness). I got a few rows knit while we did laundry. After the exam today, I got a couple more rows done, though I hoped for more. I knew better. I’ve started taking my time with tests, reading them twice to make sure I understand the question. I cannot afford not to. I still want to keep up the four point oh. I hope I can, but it’s highly uncertain at this point, and over half the rest of the points will be due next week.


(My youngest niece just beginning her career in band. I can’t wait to see what unfolds)

Oh, dear. So, now major trips to the yarn store, though I did score some cool dish scrubbies and wine glasses…Oh, let me show you the wine glasses….


Look at these rustic beauties…it must be the birch…I believe only fallen wood is used. I’m not a mason jar girl, but you give them birch handles and I’m all over it. These are about to become retreat wine glasses;-). I’m afraid the dog will sneeze on them at home…really, it’s a thing.

And I purchased a couple of potholders when I asked dear James if he had a color preference and he said no, so I checked if he wanted them to match one of the scrubbies, to which he didn’t care either…. He was likely busy making my lunch, then, so I can’t complain too much about his lack of input. Though I don’t remember how I worded the question, his answer was “Yes,” which meant bring home whatever you pick out…If he burns them….I may kick him…ah, heck, one of us will burn them…it’s only a matter of time. Good thing they’re affordable. I hope he likes them.


New scrubbies and pot-holders I am not able to crochet…and the crochet adds sturdiness…so, things I didn’t have to knit, and I paid asking price;-).
Now, let me get some rest before the Highland Festival for which I snuck in Saturday night off. More about that next week, I hope…though I will be in the throes of studying for a final exam and review…One more week…one more week until more yarn…and some quilting…Say it with me guys…I think I’m losing it;-)

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