Hello friends, another crazy week has passed with only one more to go…for this class. I have decided I will not take a three week class again. I should have taken the online version. I’ve been busy with two jobs, three hours of class a day, a paper and an exam. I made it through each of them, but in a regular class, you either get a breather for a second, or an easier set-up for the next section, usually. In a three week class, you are thanking whatever powers that be that the instructor didn’t assign a third reading to make up for the reading you didn’t get to last night, due to studying for the final.


Current progress on the sock…about an inch, I think…But one inch at a time, right;-)

Am I not making sense? My apologies. The (likely) A.D.D. is kicking in because I have not been able to plan a thing with this instructor. (Testing is forthcoming) There’s a time for pantsing–usually in writing and often in blogs. In three week classes, if I don’t have everything written in ink, at some point it will all fall apart. I thought it already had, but my brain is ready for a serious defrag at this point. One more week to go. Here’s hoping I either read the selection before class without throwing the book against the wall, or that he quizzes on the one I have read.


My oldest nephew, the cynical one on the right… in Jazz Band playing Bass Guitar…(I swear this kid has done nearly everything I wished I had in high school)

In the meantime, I was caught up on my reading on Sunday night for laundry, and didn’t have the paper with me(thank goodness). I got a few rows knit while we did laundry. After the exam today, I got a couple more rows done, though I hoped for more. I knew better. I’ve started taking my time with tests, reading them twice to make sure I understand the question. I cannot afford not to. I still want to keep up the four point oh. I hope I can, but it’s highly uncertain at this point, and over half the rest of the points will be due next week.


(My youngest niece just beginning her career in band. I can’t wait to see what unfolds)

Oh, dear. So, now major trips to the yarn store, though I did score some cool dish scrubbies and wine glasses…Oh, let me show you the wine glasses….


Look at these rustic beauties…it must be the birch…I believe only fallen wood is used. I’m not a mason jar girl, but you give them birch handles and I’m all over it. These are about to become retreat wine glasses;-). I’m afraid the dog will sneeze on them at home…really, it’s a thing.

And I purchased a couple of potholders when I asked dear James if he had a color preference and he said no, so I checked if he wanted them to match one of the scrubbies, to which he didn’t care either…. He was likely busy making my lunch, then, so I can’t complain too much about his lack of input. Though I don’t remember how I worded the question, his answer was “Yes,” which meant bring home whatever you pick out…If he burns them….I may kick him…ah, heck, one of us will burn them…it’s only a matter of time. Good thing they’re affordable. I hope he likes them.


New scrubbies and pot-holders I am not able to crochet…and the crochet adds sturdiness…so, things I didn’t have to knit, and I paid asking price;-).
Now, let me get some rest before the Highland Festival for which I snuck in Saturday night off. More about that next week, I hope…though I will be in the throes of studying for a final exam and review…One more week…one more week until more yarn…and some quilting…Say it with me guys…I think I’m losing it;-)

I should be studying.  I should be getting that reading done. It’s about Euthanasia. I don’t entirely disagree with the concept, but I do not blanketly support it, either. It’s for a Philosophy class about Moral Problems. It’s interesting, but not entirely my cup of tea–especially when it’s time for wine.


The cat, absorbing ethics by osmosis…though he’s recently tried to take credit for my book–or he just wants to collaborate on a storyline…

This week, it’s time for wine. The good stuff…or another glass of something. I may even move onto the hard stuff…but I do have class tomorrow, followed by work. I no longer wish to think.  So, allow me to come to the fun stuff.  Ah, the fun stuff, the mishap I’m still not quite sure how it all happened.

I was knitting my second sock last week as I came to the toe. I was quite excited to get to the toe as it means  I’m nearly done and this baby can come off the needles, ready to start the next soon…or so I thought.  I set down my needles and picked up the pattern. Where it says to knit the next four rounds, I had these 2 cute notes: dec 2.  Yes, I’d written it twice.


Both socks, almost finished and off the needles…or half of two pair…hmm…

I counted my stitches. I had the 76 stitches I needed. I held sock 1 up against sock 2, and wouldn’t you know it, sock 1 was bigger!  Four stitches bigger. I checked my notes. I checked my blog posts. I searched and searched, and nowhere did I tell myself to knit in four more stitches each round all the way down the foot.

Oh, dear. Now I was at a dilemma. I realized after some searching, that since the size 1 needles made this pair so small and it felt a little tight, I must have stopped decreasing early on the gusset to make up 80 stitches in a round instead of 76. You’d think a girl would learn to take notes. I take notes in almost every other aspect of my life. I even took the decrease 2 notes on the pattern. I just wish I’d taken notes when I decided not to decrease.


If you look closely, you can see the bigger one peeking out from the smaller one…

I’d settle for, “Hey, Dummy, you have wide feet, make the sock a little wider, say 4 stitches.” I can’t even ask you guys why you didn’t stop me, because its not in the blog. Oh, how I wished I’d blogged about it. Someone would have caught it.

Now I have a bigger dilemma, continue on with two different size socks, rip-out and re-knit…or go buy more purple, brown and blue variegated yarn and knit up two more socks…one for me, one for my diminutive 11 year old niece as part of a Christmas gift…


Here’s the latest (terrible photo, sorry) on a much easier sock to knit. It may be time to cast on some vanilla latte socks…

Oh, the choices. The last idea holds some appeal. (Wondering if I can get even close to the previous dye lot). But I’m ready to move onto another pattern. I’m going to focus on the gray and dark purple colorway this week.  Next week, perhaps I’ll have bought more yarn…we shall have to see…

Wish me luck with these darned purple socks…yes, you may have a laugh with me on this one. My aunt already did–though she pointed out that once they’re inside my shoe, no one will know. However, I think my feet will feel the difference.

Feel free to weigh in fellow knitters…What would you do in this predicament?

Wondering…With Pride

May 13, 2016

Where to begin: with the Pride Moment: Grades are in…dun, dun, dun…This girl got a 4.0, in all of her classes. That’s not all. I worked for it. I worked part-time. I picked up a second job. I attended a quilt retreat, and knit a sock and most of another. Now, I only took 9 credits or ¾ time for the academic world. (But I couldn’t have done it all if I’d done any of it full-time. But raise a glass (mine was Chianti) to the smart girl who won’t shut up about her knitting.


Scamp, helping Mama knit her sock…or distracting me for attention…

Now we get into the wondering part. As I knit the second sock of this set, I wondered about the sock. Will it be long enough? Will it fit? I’m not used to knitting on this small of a needle. I’m using ones instead of twos. I have seventy-six stitches though…I should be okay. I even have a photo of the first sock on my foot…it looks fine. (You’ll just have to take my word for it;-)…till next week, hopefully). Or search through my late February, early March blogs…


Current progress on the socks made of Christmas Yarn….

Then I got out the pattern to make sure I was done with the cable repeats…it looks as though I am. It’s even close in length to the other…see? And I read on, and I have notes to decrease two stitches twice in the next four rows. What? Why? I’ll have to review each of my blogs and see if I mentioned the decreases. I hope I did. Perhaps I was aiming to get at a smaller number to decrease for math reasons. Remind me to answer this mystery for you next week, won’t you?


Previously, when these two socks were near the same completion rate…

The other half of the wondering equation involves the gray sock. I looked at it last week and re-tried it on, or perhaps it was after I tried it on James’ big foot. Set down the beverage while I defend myself. His feet are still bigger than mine–there’s more of him to balance.  Okay, I’ll let you have another sip for a moment. I tried the sock on me, and it was too loose. I knew this was happening. I’ve been warned, but I’m going to forge on anyways. I don’t think I can get more yarn in these colorways, and I don’t think there’s going to be enough for three socks, especially if one of them is too big. I’ll have to hope for the best. But you’ll get to see where I went from this:


Briannag helping me model the slouchy sock. (And it was slouchy…see all that extra room?)
To this:


Pretty close to where I unraveled it to…it was almost therapeutic, as I knew I would knit something better with it. Same pattern, just a better fit.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Though there was much winding of wonky yarn. Now, there will simply be more knitting, with hopefully a simpler pattern to travel with me for between class and work or days there’s nothing else to do. They do creep up in June, well, a couple of them. I’m doing my best to fill them with visits to aunts and a couple of birthday parties and some quilting and knitting. I’m never not busy for long…and then I let myself get lost in silly games that make me say bad words. I’ll stick to the knitting for that, as I have something to show for it in the end. P.S. I shouldn’t mention this now, but I’m finishing these socks. I got this yarn this Christmas, this may be the fastest I’ve knit a pair of socks in some time;-). Until next week–Happy Knitting, my friends, and may your yarn be knot free and your knitting tink free.

Four rows this week…understandable, considering, well, final exams. Nothing too hard, but nothing too easy, either…only a cumulative essay and a test over the last book I barely finished, a strong desire to read and knit for pleasure and a portfolio to finish for a class in which the final exam consists of meeting for food–and since none of us are certain of our standing…50% of our grade is our final portfolio, we all showed up, ate food and listened to a story–a fascinating story.


I’d suggest you count them…but I made it to the end of the repeat…the patience for the camera–not so much.

It did not rank up there there with the easiest final ever, as five questions with only paragraph answers beats major revisions of sometimes very personal works I’ve worked on all semester any day. It did rank up there with coolest final,ever….not to mention the “coolest shirt contest,” which some 20 year old wearing Ren & Stimpy won, go figure…her audience was college students, though…Oh, that they would understand the pull of Speed Racer and/or tie-dye…or even Paintball. Somebody liked the nostalgia…I’m not sure they have any idea…. No pics from final exam day…I had to return home to get my camera…and I’m not sure they were allowed;-).


Horrible photo, I know, but I’m going to sleep…better post next week-with the whole week off thing…(unless you’re a Grease fan, then see below and forget about the socks.)

Alas, the baby carrots and hummus and pita crackers went over better than expected, as everyone else who provided(instructor and another student or two) brought cookies-though the cake-based cookies were nice little slices of heaven at the end of a long semester.


They look so grown up…but they got along long enough to dance next to each other in Grease…I wonder if this was on purpose;-). The next show is on Mother’s Day, after all… They did a good job.

I finished my evening off(by normal standards catching a production of Grease featuring my niece and nephew. It was a good show, and now I want to watch the original. This musical almost feels as if it is becoming a right of passage for teens everywhere, as it has been the love of hoppers at Camp Bay Cliff when I was last there, and perhaps when I was there again–fifteen or so years later…(though they moved their sleeping quarters, so I’m not quite certain)