Finals Week is Coming…

April 22, 2016

There, I’ve said it…one crazy week is going to meld into another until I can say with certainty…it is done. It’s almost like knitting the toe of the cuff-down sock. You know you’re going to get there, but it can’t come fast enough, and yet, how are you going to work in more time to set it up.DSCN0462

Front view of progress…

I’ve kept it simple this week. I only had so much time to knit, and I need to finish a book for a class I have a real final to take…as well as a paper for this class. In addition, I need to finish a portfolio for another class, while completing drama critiques (I’ve like about half of the plays thus far, and that may be the wine talking–shh…don’t tell my Creative Writing class).

Alas, It’s been knit in twenty minute increments(sometimes thirty) since I came home from the quilt retreat…and oh, what fun the quilt retreat was. I had a great time and got a lot of sewing done, and met up with some fellow knitters as well, as well as received some expert quilting advice. I wasn’t quite smart enough to take it all on, but I enjoyed it and used what I could.


Side view of progress, I think I’ve finished six or seven rows this week-between classes, when I should have been reading;-).

In the meantime…I’ve gotten some knitting done, but I’m back to two rows at a time for now. That week of no school work will be nice, but now I have choices to make-which are as dangerous as too much work to do;-)…


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