Reading the Pattern Correctly

April 1, 2016

Or adding up all the elements…whichever it was, I couldn’t do it right the other night. I read the pattern section, then again…and my math came up short every time. It couldn’t be my math. Apparently, it was playing an April Fool’s Joke on me a little early.

I even contacted the book editor via email to tell her of my problem. I was disappointed. I even considered that I might need these socks to be smaller…perhaps I could knit the smaller pattern and have it come out right. But I’ve made such progress on this sock. Then I read through the pattern one more time and I saw it…”then repeat rows 1-3 one more time.”


Will it work out or won’t it? (Okay, it did…)

Suddenly, there was light at the end of the tunnel. I decided I probably should not read the pattern when tired as well as not knitting when tired. And it’s been a heck of a week. I do mean a heck of a week.

Saturday night, I dealt up a Royal Flush in the first hour of my shift. This is a jackpot hand. The jackpot was sizable. This is where you better be able to small talk with customers–though that big a hand and jackpot make it easy. It was partially fun, at least the actual dealing of the cards.


Purple sock progress…currently

We celebrated Easter bright and early at 1PM on Sunday afternoon with Dear James’ family–well, a little over half of the twenty-two person brood. He’s youngest of five and has eight nieces and nephews. We had a good time and a good dinner. Then we came home to do laundry. As Dear James and I finished that dastardly chore I knit some through, we were looking for a place to eat dinner.

My aunt Maryal called Sunday night at almost ten p.m. to inform me my aunt Jane was in the hospital for a full hip replacement. She’d fallen again trying to move the cat…(I think I need to get her a scratching stick to maneuver the cats’ with once she finishes rehab. Maryal wanted to travel three hours to Ypsilanti for the surgery, but with my class schedule, the most I could do is drop her off one night and pick her up another.


Briannag even decided to snuggle in on my lap(before I got the camera of course) to check out the new knitting needles, or simply to claim Mom.

However, Jane decided this matter for us, and alluded to surgery on Tuesday(which snuck right under my radar, this time). But Tuesday afternoon, when none of us could reach her, Jane’s friend, Wanda, who reports to us in these matters informed us that Jane was in recovery when she went to check on her Tuesday afternoon. So much for planning.

Alas, Jane is coming through okay, and does not want to go into rehab, but has decided it is in everyone’s best interests. And still, I knit. Though I did have to stop long enough to send a card and make a couple of phone calls(while running errands).


Top view of the heel of the gray sock…after the math was worked out…

In the meantime, I’ve knit the heel of the gray sock, and have gotten ready to turn the heel on the purple sock. I have no idea what time I will get out of work tomorrow night, or if I will deal out any fun hands(I doubt it, law of numbers says it’s unlikely; but I didn’t expect to deal out the hands I did this week). But I will knit when I can and will sew what I can if I get the slacks broken down.


Squib says: Allow me to test these new toys, Mom…

Oh, and remember that prediction about the circular needles-that the cat’s will love them? Well, let me show you what Squib thinks of them…



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