6 Rows This Week…

April 29, 2016

I knit 6 rows this week. Yes, you can likely count them if I photograph this up-close.


Here it is, in all it’s glory, six rows…Finals are coming(which is almost scarier than winter is coming…I think)

Finals are complete Thursday at 5, I plan to have more knitting done next week…then on to a week of Knitting, sewing, and making phone calls;-)


Finals Week is Coming…

April 22, 2016

There, I’ve said it…one crazy week is going to meld into another until I can say with certainty…it is done. It’s almost like knitting the toe of the cuff-down sock. You know you’re going to get there, but it can’t come fast enough, and yet, how are you going to work in more time to set it up.DSCN0462

Front view of progress…

I’ve kept it simple this week. I only had so much time to knit, and I need to finish a book for a class I have a real final to take…as well as a paper for this class. In addition, I need to finish a portfolio for another class, while completing drama critiques (I’ve like about half of the plays thus far, and that may be the wine talking–shh…don’t tell my Creative Writing class).

Alas, It’s been knit in twenty minute increments(sometimes thirty) since I came home from the quilt retreat…and oh, what fun the quilt retreat was. I had a great time and got a lot of sewing done, and met up with some fellow knitters as well, as well as received some expert quilting advice. I wasn’t quite smart enough to take it all on, but I enjoyed it and used what I could.


Side view of progress, I think I’ve finished six or seven rows this week-between classes, when I should have been reading;-).

In the meantime…I’ve gotten some knitting done, but I’m back to two rows at a time for now. That week of no school work will be nice, but now I have choices to make-which are as dangerous as too much work to do;-)…

Week of Short Progress

April 15, 2016

Okay guys, it has been a crazy week. I knit five entire rows this week.+


I took a second job and I have a quilt retreat I leave for tomorrow. I took a second job to make up for the short shifts I’ve been enjoying lately. I haven’t been there long enough to pull out the knitting…I’m looking forward to finishing finals so I can simply veg with knitting and quilting and reading. Though, for this weekend, with most of my homework done enough, I’m going to enjoy this quilt retreat and make some progress on the super-secret fantasy quilt as well.  Until next week guys, and happy knitting.


Let me begin by saying I have a distinct bias: I started on dpns. I am comfortable on dpns. I like the way my dpns make socks. However, I’m open to change to change and am trying one sock toe-up on two circular needles at this time. Later, I will revisit this post or create a similar one, once I get to two socks at a time on one circular needle. I have a specific pattern in mind for that sock. Alas, allow me to return to the socks I am currently working on.


Briannag, helping me model the pussy willow sock…

I’ve been working the Knot Socks top-down or cuff-down on four double pointed needles. This pattern is also cabled. I am on the second sock and getting excited to finish. I knit the heel turn after an exam today and so the sock is taking on a periscope shape, which is one of my favorite parts of knitting with dpns.


The heel-cup(short rows on the purple sock…coming to one of my favorite parts…

I have also been knitting the Pussy Willow socks toe-up on two-circular needles in that pretty gray yarn. I love and hate the circular needles. The extra circular needle is always dangling below. You get used to it, but it can be annoying. The good thing with circular needles is that I haven’t lost any stitches in traveling. I have managed to drop a couple stitches when switching between needles during tricky knitting sections, but nothing major-not even the swearing.


Both socks together…easy drop on the left and picking up to do…lots of cables on the right; there may be no perfect method-but that’s why we love socks, right?

I did not have to tighten the first stitches as much with the cables, but there is a minor amount of confusion about which needle leads to which. I tried to keep the needle I wasn’t working on centered, but that couldn’t happen as I was knitting the heel flap and turning the heel. In fact, turning the heel was actually more cumbersome on the two cable needles as I found myself trying to work two needles together that weren’t meant to cooperate. I ended up slipping the stitches onto the working needle and marking my spot. It wasn’t a tough fix, but the heel is somewhat more difficult on the circulars.


The beginning of the periscope on the purple sock.

This being said as I’m about to pick up my heel stitches and knit across on my dpns. I’m just beginning working into the foot on the purple socks. I’m beginning on the leg on the gray toe up socks. In addition, the toe-up sock pattern is a simpler knit to knit as there is only one spot in which I am working the pattern. The purple cuff-down sock is cabled and more complex with much flicking back and forth on the needles. I’m not sure this pattern could be easily worked on the circular needles.


Current progress on the Pussy Willow sock…It is nice to try it on as I go along…Wondering if its a little big, but sometimes, a girl likes big, slouchy socks. And, Briannag is cuter with her eyes open…usually.
I almost have to work two similar patterns to get a true feel for it. Perhaps when I get to the single circular with cables, but I suspect my purple cabled socks will be done by then…or at least they should be. I’m not ready to track more than two sock patterns at a time. Picking up the heel is going to enough for tonight, provided I do not decide I’m too tired to knit. (I wish there wasn’t such a concept. So, fellow knitters, which style is your preference?

Or adding up all the elements…whichever it was, I couldn’t do it right the other night. I read the pattern section, then again…and my math came up short every time. It couldn’t be my math. Apparently, it was playing an April Fool’s Joke on me a little early.

I even contacted the book editor via email to tell her of my problem. I was disappointed. I even considered that I might need these socks to be smaller…perhaps I could knit the smaller pattern and have it come out right. But I’ve made such progress on this sock. Then I read through the pattern one more time and I saw it…”then repeat rows 1-3 one more time.”


Will it work out or won’t it? (Okay, it did…)

Suddenly, there was light at the end of the tunnel. I decided I probably should not read the pattern when tired as well as not knitting when tired. And it’s been a heck of a week. I do mean a heck of a week.

Saturday night, I dealt up a Royal Flush in the first hour of my shift. This is a jackpot hand. The jackpot was sizable. This is where you better be able to small talk with customers–though that big a hand and jackpot make it easy. It was partially fun, at least the actual dealing of the cards.


Purple sock progress…currently

We celebrated Easter bright and early at 1PM on Sunday afternoon with Dear James’ family–well, a little over half of the twenty-two person brood. He’s youngest of five and has eight nieces and nephews. We had a good time and a good dinner. Then we came home to do laundry. As Dear James and I finished that dastardly chore I knit some through, we were looking for a place to eat dinner.

My aunt Maryal called Sunday night at almost ten p.m. to inform me my aunt Jane was in the hospital for a full hip replacement. She’d fallen again trying to move the cat…(I think I need to get her a scratching stick to maneuver the cats’ with once she finishes rehab. Maryal wanted to travel three hours to Ypsilanti for the surgery, but with my class schedule, the most I could do is drop her off one night and pick her up another.


Briannag even decided to snuggle in on my lap(before I got the camera of course) to check out the new knitting needles, or simply to claim Mom.

However, Jane decided this matter for us, and alluded to surgery on Tuesday(which snuck right under my radar, this time). But Tuesday afternoon, when none of us could reach her, Jane’s friend, Wanda, who reports to us in these matters informed us that Jane was in recovery when she went to check on her Tuesday afternoon. So much for planning.

Alas, Jane is coming through okay, and does not want to go into rehab, but has decided it is in everyone’s best interests. And still, I knit. Though I did have to stop long enough to send a card and make a couple of phone calls(while running errands).


Top view of the heel of the gray sock…after the math was worked out…

In the meantime, I’ve knit the heel of the gray sock, and have gotten ready to turn the heel on the purple sock. I have no idea what time I will get out of work tomorrow night, or if I will deal out any fun hands(I doubt it, law of numbers says it’s unlikely; but I didn’t expect to deal out the hands I did this week). But I will knit when I can and will sew what I can if I get the slacks broken down.


Squib says: Allow me to test these new toys, Mom…

Oh, and remember that prediction about the circular needles-that the cat’s will love them? Well, let me show you what Squib thinks of them…