Scamp Loves the Circular Needles…

March 25, 2016

…Or “No Bats, ever.”

I made progress this week. The heel of my purple sock was my travel knitting, as it was the simpler pattern. However, while I knit at the beginning of my Wednesday afternoon class, I had to begin with a caveat. “If I begin swearing,” I said as I picked up a dropped stitch, “It is directly related to the knitting.


Current Progress on the heel flap…

My instructor, a professor replied, “If I begin swearing, it is because I looked outside again.” She was right, Wednesday was a crappy day full of snow and sleet. While she didn’t keep us for only ten minutes, she did let us go after an hour to brave the drive home.

After a harrowing drive home, in which I took the back roads due to too darned many cars on the highway, I stopped off at the grocery store in my town to get eggs, milk, and toilet paper. I also got fuel. It was nasty out there, but the next day proved to be nastier. I then trekked home and only went out for a book to study from over the weekend to the library three blocks away.


Scamp, inspecting “her” new toys…

Once home and settled in, I put the milk to work and made hot chocolate. Then I did my homework. I couldn’t rely on school being cancelled. I’m in University, and they have an unwritten rule (I think the President scribes this in blood, really), that the University will only close once every five years, maximum. It closed last month, and it took two tries to close after our late February winter storm. Thankfully, my classes are all in the afternoon. (We won’t count archery at this time).


Knitting I wasn’t getting to at school today…

But there was some knitting this week. At first, I thought I might be too busy doing homework. I also left my knitting in the car today, and didn’t realize it until I went home for it this evening. I did not get to knit between classes today. I also forgot the book I wanted to read, so I reviewed study guides on my boyfriend’s Kindle Fire–once I got it connected to the internet at school.


Scamp, wondering why I didn’t just hand her the cables in the first place…see her perch on my knitting bag?

Alas, I digress, once again… So, knitting did happen. It was even easier than I thought. I’m getting used to the dangling needles, and tracing the circular to figure out which needle I should be knitting with. It’s even forming the pattern in a way I didn’t expect. I knit the same repeat of five rows every time, but I increase three stitches each time, so it moves the “hole” a little to the left each time you repeat. I’m now halfway to the heel through the repeats to get to the heel.

As I began the repeats tonight, I found my prediction that the cats would love this process came true. Scamp absolutely loved this process. She barely listened to my “No’s” through the first few of them. It was the unintended absolutely not NO! that she chose to listen to.


Scamp, ignoring mom’s normal “No’s”

Dear James stayed home from work this evening due to not feeling well. (Hope I stay healthy, but he needed to– so homework productivity went down some, and knitting productivity is slightly up.) He was searching puppies on the internet while I was knitting and telling Scamp “No,” more than once. Then he said something to the effect of “I’m guessing that’s not going to happen.” I was curious, so I asked. He’d moved on to searching out areas of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit, then started to consider a ferry to Wisconsin. Then he mentioned the Wisconsin Bat Caves…

To which I said a hearty and firm “NO!” and lost my cat assistant, when I simply expressed absolutely no desire to visit bats, ever…I will hike any waterfall I can find, most likely–enough water brought along or not. I will not seek out bats in any habitat. They visit my home far too often. I do not like bats. I will never like bats…However, I’m knitting in peace now, well, somewhat. I’m still worked up over bats. (For your sakes-and mine, I’m not posting the link. You’ll just have to look it up.)


A short time later, Putzer came to commiserate, or seeking a massage–probably the latter, but I enjoyed his commiseration as well.


Squib…pretending he’s behaving with my knitting needles…Briannag sleeping as she is Not Going Outside Today At All! No, Thank you, Mom.

Some time later, after I’d gotten some dinner and resumed my knitting, Squib decided to check things out. He, however, chose to be grown up about it, this time. He snuggled in next to me and let me continue about my knitting…though earlier he’d been playing foolish kitty when attacking Putzer’s tail. Perhaps he was a bit worn out. DSCN0322

See…I need to highlight the pattern details next time…I think they’re easier to see above.

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