Spring Break Progress

March 11, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, I made good progress on the knitting this week. I’d simply hoped for more. Now, before I forget to mention it, the sock monkey I gifted last week was much enjoyed. I hear the name is still up for debate, but I allowed the recipient to be told the name by the mysterious monkey featured in In Pieces….


Scamp, helping me make progress on the sock…two and a half repeats or so here…

I’ve re-discovered I’m not good at planning for arbitrary things, like time for a recall to be fixed or certain shopping excursions. Okay, the shopping was fun, and had a time limit in itself, but that was for quilting–not for knitting. We did make it to two area shops to search out quilt fabric I’ll have to share with you soon. I was hoping for a little more adventure, but I like to offer Mariah choices. We only bought fabric for Mariah, and none for me. It felt only a little unfair. I will survive, I had purchased fabric the week before. And the car didn’t take near as long to repair the recall as I thought it might. Though I did get to visit with a nice puppy named Max that day.


Squib, inspecting my progress…Briannag sleeping after ensuring mom is in her rightful place on the couch…

So, about that Spring Break…or time to get ahead in my world–of what, I’m never certain. I tried to get ahead in bills, which meant sub teaching and working my sleep schedule around, which isn’t easy and left less time for knitting than I had thought. I’d rather be knitting, but knitting doesn’t pay the bills yet. (A girl can hope, right?).


Putzer would love for the knitting to pay the bills…

So, I taught classes two days during my normal off time. Which got in the way a bit of some of my other goals–I planned to make more progress on homework. I made progress, but again, less than I’d hoped to make. There is good news, in that Spring Break isn’t technically over until Monday morning at 7:30AM(when I will be sound asleep awaiting an 11:30AM archery class).


Briannag would love for knitting to pay my bills as well…

I still have time to get some more knitting and homework in, but we have plans to visit James’ sister for a concert pretty early this Sunday. In addition, I’ll have to make sure the standard homework is complete. It will be, but I feel as if I could have made better progress there as well. Some days, I guess you just have to work with the time you are given.


Travel knitting…It seems just the moccasin toe requires the four place markers…but this sock shall be an adventure…

In the meantime, I’m heading to bed shortly to re-work my schedule for overnight work instead of getting up before sunrise again(which should be listed under criminal activity in my world).


Current progress on the sock…Three full repeats done. 17 more rows, then I can turn the heel flap.

I’d hoped to be at the heel flap by Sunday night, for some simple knitting during the second half of the semester…We’ll see how things go;-). Sticking this one out for now, as I know it will come. I just wanted better progress to share this week. A girl cannot do it all, however; at least not all the time.


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