It’s Different Every Time…

February 19, 2016

I did it! I got the first sock done tonight. Do Not Ask Me How Far Behind I Got On Homework…but I got it done. Actually, I’m not that far behind and I have till Tuesday to catch up. I’m not signing up for any extra days this week, no matter how short they promise to be. I may not sign up for any extra days for quite some time. That’s why I sub-teach some days. Plus, kids like knitting stories more than gamblers, usually.


Progress on the sock monkey. I promise not to leave that needle there…

Since I do nothing the easy way, I have stories. Last week, my camera was on the fritz and behaving badly, but I could still get photos with it. Then Dear James tried to help, and broke the battery cover. Since I’d decided to tease him about a surprise Valentine’s Day Gift-I knew about the books I was receiving–he got an idea. I knew nothing of this, so let’s proceed as if you don’t either…though I sorta guessed at it. Then I set it aside.


Poor battery cover on my old camera…

Move forward to the weekend, where I was going to finish the toe of this sock. The shift supervisor caught me at a semi-weak moment on the table, mid-hand. I expected he was going to tell me I was staying late Saturday night. Instead I ended up working an extra shift that turned into nine hours. I ended up staying far later than expected on Monday as well. Valentine’s Day was moved to Tuesday in this house.

Knitting did not get done as a result of the extra shift on Sunday; nor Monday. I had homework to finish and needed to study for an exam. I didn’t even take the sock monkey to classes on Tuesday. I forgot him. However, dear James and I finally got to have dinner together, then I stopped to buy a battery for my old camera. A piece of tape would take care of the battery cover. I met Dear James as he finished shopping for what was on the list, though the list hadn’t been completed and he told me to keep my battery receipt.


New Camera…terrible photo with the old camera…but I’m not playing with mirrors here…

When we got home, he handed me my surprise gift. Holy Whoa! I returned the battery yesterday. This is the camera I originally wanted(perhaps slightly better), but didn’t want to ask for the more expensive model. I refused to discuss price. I didn’t need to know. I bought him a shirt with photos of his own puppies on it, that says “Happiness is owning a pit bull.” Briannag is on the front, like this:

002 (10)
Briannag in her happy pose 😉

So, today, I took the exam and got out of another class early and set up a date with my aunt. Then I sat down to watch Project Runway: All Stars and knit. I got to the sock monkey’s neck and stuffed and knit a little of the head. Then I decided to finish the sock tonight.


Good thing I re-read the pattern…these would have looked quite funny…

The toes weren’t the exact star toe decrease I was expecting, however, it was pretty close and similar to what I was used to. It wasn’t too hard to work, though I almost became confused at one point.

I almost missed four rows of decreasing, due to tiredness, likely. But I caught myself before I tried to turn thirteen stitches into three. It is much easier to turn five stitches into three. Take my word for it…

Now, enjoy my finished sock…and feel my pain next week as I cast on the second half of this pair;-). 021

Finished sock…it doesn’t look too funny, in fact, it looks quite nice;-)

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