Almost Halfway There…

February 12, 2016

I tried on my socks this week. I thought I would need to do one more chart repeat, but I’m ready for the toes! I enjoy knitting the toes. They’re a bit easier–so it’s a break from the chart for me. There will be much less flicking. I will not be surprised if I move to Vanilla Latte socks after this pattern, even if it will be in black yarn.


Maeve, inspecting the needles as I check the work.

The toes are not just simpler, they are a symbol of accomplishment. The toes are a sign that I’m going to make it, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, this pattern calls for the star-toe. I like doing this toe. I’m not sure why, perhaps it simply makes sense to me.


The fit is good. I’m pleased with this sock and can’t wait to show you the rest. Maeve, must be enjoying the taste of the needles in the background.

However, I still have another sock to go. But once I finish the toes and run the yarn through them twice, I will be able to cast on the second sock and officially be more than halfway done. I love this sense of accomplishment.


See, my baby toe has disappeared….and I think I have four rows of stockinette to stitch before I knit the toe.

Now, about this sock monkey. I’ve made good progress for him as well. I think it’s a boy, it won’t tell me until I’m nearly finished, or it may be up to the recipient, whom I shall not name at this time. While it’s not super-secret, it is hush-hush. He is almost halfway done as well.

I’ve got two legs and a tush and am creating his belly and back right now. I still have ears and a muzzle and arms and a tail to knit, but most of those things are easy. In the meantime, I have to stuff him as I go. I’m glad for the progress on him as well.


Small edit: there will be no more silliness than necessary on this monkey. The four rows of pink candy at the top have been replaced with grey.

I’ll post updated photos next week, if possible. My camera picked tonight to go on the fritz. I either need to get it a good cleaning, or replace it somehow.


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