February 5, 2016

For me, this has been a week of adjustment. I did start knitting the sock monkey, and Dear James offered up the suggestion of giving the sock monkey shorts. This was not planned. It’s not the monkey I wanted to make. It might be right. I’ll have to check on Sunday, when I borrow Mariah. I think the recipient might like it. I have a feeling Mariah will go for it. I think I’m knitting some silly pink candy shorts.


Sock Monkey foot…just the beginning…

If not, it’s only a half inch of knitting to re-do, about three or four rows with this yarn, at twenty-four stitches. It’s not going to be too painful to frog it and re-knit in gray. I don’t necessarily want to, but I won’t mind if it goes back to the original as planned.

As I knit this, I carved a little time between homework and figuring out a new sleep schedule-which includes multiple naps a week to knit the sock monkey and sock pattern. I never thought I’d be happy to take a nap during the day, now I have to figure out which days work to take a nap…or if I will need them once I adjust to my new schedule.


This schedule should be easier for me. It will get there. In the meantime, I have to remember that I have to adjust. Adjustments matter. I’ve already adjusted the sock pattern, hoping it works. I’ve adjusted my schedule. I’ve considered adjusting the sock-monkey pattern. I have adjusted the planned color scheme for this sock monkey.


I have also generated class interest in my knitting. In my English Literature class, I stop reading for class in the hallway and enter about ten to fifteen minutes before class. I knit during that time, knocking some out. I have a deadline for the sock monkey. It can barely take a full three weeks to create.


Knitting help as I finish the first sock monkey foot…

Today, the Professor asked me about what I was knitting. I was nearly overjoyed to share it with her and quickly pulled out the finished leg to show her. She thought I was beginning a hat, at first. I was so happy to surprise her. She told me she’d knit and teach if she could. I suggested fifth grade for that…if they have nothing else to do, they get curious. High School works well, too, if they are well on their way to working on and completing their lessons. She told me she wouldn’t be bothered by me knitting in class, as I put it away before class. I was glad, but I’m a notetaker, and it may be distracting to others. Alas, I may digress, but only a little;-).


Sock Monkey leg with set up for shorts…if approved…

Then I went to my Creative Writing class. I love and hate this class.  I enjoy the writing aspect. I almost hate the critiquing aspect, mostly because it is really tough for me to read the trite and undescribed. I often want more from “well-written.” I want feeling and connection in my writing, which is difficult for good writers to obtain. There may be even great writers I am missing because of this…let’s not digress overly much…but I am rarely without feeling, regardless if I embrace them or not. That’s for my therapist though, short time that I have him….Yes, adjustments require adjustments.


As I said, I went to Creative Writing class, and started setting up ahead of time, knowing we were going to have to arrange the class. But once I set up, I began knitting.

Jaz(Jasmin) sidled up next to me and asked what I was knitting. I told her of the sock-monkey and the pattern. She asked questions! Squee! She took notes; oh, my…my heart did palpitations. Aaaaahhhhhh…she reminded me she’s going to crochet stuffed animals. I mentioned my book, and, and I showed her the red heart pattern I was using.


This is the current sock progress…found in Sock Knitting: Master Class by Ann Budd

Jas wrote it down and noted the yarn I was using. She had questions. I loved it. I’m using Deborah Norville Serenity Yarn in chunky in gray and pink candy.  She asked where I got the yarn, and I told her mostly Jo-ann’s for the acrylic stuff-which she wanted to feel–knitter’s heaven in my humble opinion. I go to Apple Tree Lane (and send Dear James there) in Clare for the sock yarn. It was nice to find someone interested in my knitting world who wanted to join me, even if she crochets…I thought about learning to crochet from her as I showed her simple knit-stitches today. I was in knitting heaven, adjustments or not…

This is the sock yarn I buy(or get Dear James to buy) from Apple Tree Lane in Clare, MI.

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