My Needles Feel Naked…

December 11, 2015

….really, really naked. Like, considering the black yarn again naked.


Or, why I don’t have socks on my needles…I could go into references from Sherman and Peabody when I was growing up. I don’t wish to bore you if they’re not your thing. If you have no idea who they are, I hope you can find them on Youtube.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not knitting. It’s simply that my sock needles feel lonely and unloved. I still have yarn, and thread, on my needles. the needles are simply much bigger or much smaller these days…and sometimes, I only need one.


Briannag, taking my place on the couch after a short break from sewing…

It’s Christmas season here, and I’m hoping to get these gifts done by Christmas. One of them is done, and I showed them to you last week. I’ve also had the delight of working on other projects…. However, I can only share a few of them with you, and it must be done carefully. Though these will all be given out by Christmas. Somebody, please remind me to take my camera. It’s going to matter.


Squib and Putzer helping me sew the latest project…

Where to start…I told you about the stranded color work…it’s coming along, but my aunt offered me a cheat which I traded her the cotton yarn I found in order to accomplish. I may be gifting some of the other stuff to my sister-in-law so she can crochet a scarf or something else with it. It may be easier to color block in crochet….Of course, I may be too ambitious for my own good. I really never thought I’d utter those words, let’s just forget I said that, okay;-).


I can’t tell you what it is or who it’s for yet…but it’s coming along(this is the stranded side).

So, next on my ambitious projects: a teddy bear. I can’t tell you who will receive the bear. I can’t tell you why. I can simply tell you I think she needs it and she loves mint green. Not to mention we’re Irish (with some German and likely some Greek thrown in…along with a few other nationalities…) But if you noticed the tiny shamrocks, we’re Irish.

I believe I named him Fitzgerald William…(it could have been William Fitzgerald…it’s been a couple of years).

It’s actually coming along better than I expected. Perhaps it’s simply determination and focus. Perhaps it’s that I’ve sewn stuffed creatures before that were tougher, by hand. I didn’t even mean for this one to be sewn by hand. I just started it at work, and took it to band concert (my oldest nephew and youngest niece are now in band). It kinda stuck, and it came together pretty quick. I have ears and stuffing and buttons and details. Each should take no more than a day.


Scamp, helping me with my latest sewing project…(more, after I gift it, promise.)

The ambitious part, you say? I have no instructions. They have been misplaced. I received the pattern second hand and luckily have been able to figure it out on my own, mostly, I think, and I hope. I’m sewing the ears so I can figure out their placement as well. Then again, I’m almost fearless about knitting. Why should I let a wonky ear stop me? It’ll give the bear character and more for me to blog about-next week. Now I’m going to take a deep breath and show you a late fall/almost winter surprise in Michigan.


December, 2013-not too much, but some snow on the ground…

Most of our winters have snow on the ground by now. We don’t always get snow days by now, but let me show you a first weekend of December a couple of years ago…(and puppies, of course).

Now, we have green grass and mild temperatures. The weather is mild enough that I looked out my back window and saw green leaves in my backyard, in December. I had to investigate and found the cabbage I’d neglected for the past month and a half was still growing. However, we started having hard frosts at night. I had to pull it, no matter what size it seemed. I checked it, and I thought I had heads-nearly three inches I guessed. I pulled the cabbage, roots and all, and felt a smidgen of guilt for it as I did. Then I had an event(or perhaps needed sleep) and left Dear James to harvest the actual heads. He gave me the partially deflating news that I had no heads just leaves working at being heads.


My cabbage baby, harvested in December(rare in Michigan, we usually put our gardens to bed in late October/early November).

I still found a soup to make with it. I even consulted dear James and we somehow decided on a Weight Watchers recipe. It’s pretty good, though I’m thinking of adding a bit of hot sauce and perhaps some smoked ham hocks…If treated like greens, they’d be pretty good. In the meantime, I found one tiny, almost 2” red cabbage head that I couldn’t bear to put in the soup yet. I’ll let dear James add it to his chili(everything goes into the chili). I have to show it to him first;-). With that note, yes, I do hope for snow on Christmas eve(just enough for Santa to pull his sleigh), and twice, perhaps in January, when I don’t have work or class. Until then, that s-word is banned from my tables…and my vocabulary, even if I do think snowmen are cute.

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