This Thing Called Good Sense…

December 4, 2015

…it’s not my strong suit.


They’re done! They’re done! Shh…don’t tell the recipient…if she’s in the room, close this blog;-)

On the good news front, I finished the Christmas gift socks, with plenty of time to spare. Then, out of the blue, I was provided an invite to a dinner function with silly Santa Hats…Oh, boy! I have red and white yarn, right? How long can it take for me to knit a Santa hat? Famous last words…I’m an inch and a half into the brim and thinking of sewing up the one the dog used as a toy for Christmas photos of 2013. That’s right, I’m wearing a dog’s photo prop.


Scamp, interrupting the knitting to which I’ve given far too much attention…

I still had to cut a bear. I still had to sew a quilt. I just finished socks and now my needles feel bare. There are no socks on them:-(… I’m not crying tears, just the sad face. I have the bug. Then, after cutting out a bear, fighting exhaustion and somewhat ignoring the quilt and somewhere in there making a dinner the boyfriend won’t eat until tomorrow(he’s quirky that way), I have to knit some fuzzy dice. (Update, he made salad out of the chicken I made for dinner. I was kind of impressed).


Briannag “helping” me knit the santa hat…(it’s too small…it may become hers after all). Yes, she is on my lap.

Only I had decided I could make my own camouflage with three colors of yarn, and some fair-isle knitting. The holidays are the perfect time to learn a new technique in knitting, right? How hard can it be? I’ve made lace. I’ve mastered cables. It’s only carrying the yarn in back, right? I’ve watched some tutorials–never mind that i’m not an auditory learner…and I either need to watch the videos forty times or read the transcripts with pictures. Gasp, you heard me right, I can’t stand learning from videos.


Back of repaired hat…where I had to cover the tooth holes left by the “Brute” as I affectionately refer to Briannag (sorry about the horrid photo, it’s late and I’m getting tired.)

So, Tuesday night, I decided to bite the bullet and just try it. I reviewed some info and cast on the first row in the main color. Then I started switching colors. Then it didn’t look right. So I ripped it out. I’d only knit an inch of sixteen stitches. That’s less than one row of sock knitting. I increased to eighteen stitches and started switching colors every three stitches instead of four and realized I was breaking half of the rules already. I’ve never been great with rules. (Photos to come later, in case my nephew peaks…the youngest niece doesn’t have a facebook account yet and is good with just being 11).

As I knit, I realized this wasn’t quite the effect I wanted, and I needed to purl the other side. Here’s where that sense thing came into play: I love a challenge. I even need a challenge to keep my mind engaged on the knitting. But as I reviewed, I found a useful blog about color work by TECHknitting on blogspot:


Santa hat–only one color, well aged…

I reviewed the info, and found some good advice was posted on part 2 of knitting with 2 or more colors…(I hadn’t read everything in part 1 yet, or if I did, I scanned it for keywords-I had knitting to work on.) But the sage advice I hadn’t followed looked like this: “If you try color knitting back-and-forth, you’re going to have to purl in two colors on every other row. This is not impossible, but it is more difficult that knitting in 2 colors–so leave 2-color purling until you’ve mastered the tension thing.”


(Credit to Summer Photography of Lansing, MI) This hat did not stay on her head long…I forgot I had it, or she tested it more than I remembered…

Um, oops….I just don’t know how to listen and seem to prefer to jump in feet first before I ask if there are eels in the darned pool. I don’t know if I can stand eels or not, but I know I likely wouldn’t hesitate to go in after a book I hadn’t made copies of yet. (If you’ve seen Love, Actually 20 times like I have, you’ll get this. If not, what are you waiting for, go rent it!)


(Credit to Summer Photography of Lansing, MI) Both the hat and the elf ears are reasons we don’t gift Briannag with hats…

Now for the update after real life happened. The socks are still done, I didn’t rip anything out. But I came home from work Wednesday night to my aunt’s friend calling me from Ypsi(over 2 hours away) to tell me my aunt Jane had fallen and broke her hip. She lives alone. I’m glad her friend was able to get someone to check on her. I went somewhat into planning mode and took the info. Then I called my dad and my aunt Maryal and updated them. Maryal called Jane in her hospital room to find out when surgery was scheduled. They still didn’t know at 10:30 that night, but Jane was adamant we not come to visit. I had the trip mostly planned in my head.


My nieces(with permission) and sister-in-law at our Cup of Christmas gathering tonight. If I can, I’ll link to the photo including me tomorrow(or when it’s posted)

Slightly disappointed, I’ve kept my phone with me, and learned my aunt Jane was scheduled for surgery this afternoon. It happened closer to evening. They finally returned her to her room about 10:30PM. I’m amazed however, because the report is that she’ll be discharged in a couple of days and able to get around with a walker. It’s been a bit of an ordeal, but I was still able to wear the dog photo prop hat I’d re-sewn and knit the pouf to complete. Briannag is waiting for me to leave it unattended, either one…trust me-these Santa hats are soft and make good toys.  Oh, and I got the bear cut out…now I have to figure out the best way to sew it…Wish me luck.


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