Traditions, Old and New…

November 27, 2015



Situation normal…Mom, I’m keeping the bag…no you can’t have the contents.

This morning was Thanksgiving and I worked a bunch of extra and unexpected hours tossing cards at people(literally for this game). Then I came home to get the requisite five hours of sleep so that I might travel to visit Dear James’ family for gathering and food gluttony.


Just when I thought I might get to knit without furry help…It never lasts…excuse the terrible photo…

I enjoyed the day and trying a new wine…perhaps I’ll aim to try a new wine every Thanksgiving, and perhaps I’ll share one of my aged Chianti’s with them each year. We’ll see how that tradition develops. I’ll discuss stocking topics closer to Christmas. You’re welcome, it does happen to be my favorite tradition. For now, I have some simpler traditions and potential new ones to discuss. My oldest niece and I play the ‘I love you more,’ game. I thought I’d won it this past year when I told her that I loved her enough to share my ice cream with her. She’ll be 14 in two weeks. You can imagine how long she remembers the ice cream at that birthday party.


Look, look! Do you see what I see?

However, as I’m knitting these socks for my younger niece, I’m realizing we’ve yet to create our own catch-line tradition. Lizzie’s specialty is funny faces, and making people laugh. But as I knit, even tired, on little sleep(and only a small mistake I chose to ignore). I had knit these socks these socks right “Down to the toes.”


Scamp, sleeping where the knitting bag should be. She’s making her own traditions…

This line is going to be included with the gift of the socks, because every girl(every child, even,) deserves to know they are loved, right down to their toes. And what better way to accomplish that, but with a pair of warm socks that are knit…

Right Down To The Toes. 


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