Gussets and Daydreams

November 20, 2015

That sounded better in my head….but that may be the wine talking.


Some days, the knitting is easier without help from Briannag…

It’s a busy time of year. I normally have Thursdays off. Tonight I worked six hours. I had a good table, and my favorite table for most of the night(shh…don’t tell my superiors, please). They don’t think my job should have too many fun elements…though I have to make BlackJack look fun, even when I’m the one with BlackJack…alas, let’s talk about yarn. Life is better when you have time for yarn.


Almost can’t tell I’ve broken my own rules;-)

I’ve semi-broken one of my own rules this week, but it’s working for me, so far. I haven’t knit the entire repeat of the cable knitting pattern rounds. I’ve stopped at various intervals of knitting. I’m not even attempting to pick it up tonight. I’m too tired. But as I knit this week, I reflected on two things. I reflected on finishing the sock and the layout of the cable knit pattern. I hope the travel section is lining up. I’m also gifting this to a child who may or may not get the concept of a left and right sock. This pattern has a definite left and right sock.

But it was my youngest niece’s first choice. My oldest niece is the one who believes that socks have a left inclination and a right inclination. If you listen closely, you’ll learn she truly believes this. If you agree with her, this pattern was made just for you. I’m working on the right sock, and must remember that as I work…If Lizzie doesn’t, well, that’s her problem.


I hope these match more of Lizzie’s clothing…but blue’s semi-neutral, right?

I said two reflections, correct? The other is, what next? I’ve been thinking, as I knit once again what I’ve knit before, I keep thinking my next pair of socks must match more of my clothing. Though I think I want lavender and gray colors. I have a lavendar sweater, and a lavender paisley print shirt with black pink and gray, and a fair amount of shirts these socks will match.

I also have some burgundy and black as well as some cream colored sweaters. I think some burgundy and cream socks would go really well with these. I think I need a trip to the local yarn store….now I just need this check with the extra hours of the extra work day, I would have only agreed to under great duress….though this week was close. In the meantime, I’m due for a trip, so don’t be surprised to hear about more yarn soon…. Well, once I obtain some foam cubes and begin that hand-made camo toned yarn.


Current prgoress…hoping for the best…but we’re getting there…

If it’s not one yarn, it’s another. In the meantime, I need to cook up some steaks for dinner, (such a hardship, when use what you have means cook up those old steaks, that don’t remain freezer-burned once you sear them well)…Alas, wish me knitting luck and great finds for new yarn…and well, french market pattern or something more interesting?

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