Half-Way There…

October 23, 2015

…and some days, I do feel as if I’m Livin’ On A Prayer. I admit it, I’m a big Bon Jovi fan. When I was much younger, the three top men in my life were Tom selleck, Patrick Swayze and Jon Bon Jovi. Each of them broke my heart by being/getting married. The big meanies. It still didn’t stop me from looking, just like I did tonight when I watched Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars. I enjoyed watching Derek channel Patrick, and well, the dancers in shorts were pretty hot too. I started watching for Paula Deen. As I grew, the loves of my life switched to men who could cook. As I watched the men in shorts, and channelling their inner Travolta, I enjoyed knitting the toe of the sock I’ve been working on.


Maeve, helping with the knitting

It’s been a banner week for eventfulness, and next week may also be eventful as well. Monday afternoon, we got up early and took Dear James to the doctor to get his throat biopsied…that was an experience. Yes, I stayed to watch. Perhaps I have a morbid curiosity, as well. I’ve never seen a biopsy before. I had a front row seat. Poor James had the hard work. I won’t go into the details.


Putzer, claiming my knitting pattern book until he gets some love, too.

Tuesday, I simply knit. I wasn’t feeling too great this past weekend, and decided a restful day was good. Wednesday, I went back to work for my short shift. I wish more of my shifts could be shorter. Then I came home, and I knit some more. But the exciting events occurred when decided to walk back to my own home(two and a half blocks away) for caramel sauce I could enjoy on an apple. I took both dogs with me at 3:30AM. We live in the city. It’s still dark, but I thought it was reasonably lit.


Putzer and Zeus helping with the knitting…or claiming my favorite blanket, here due to forgotten construction across the street from my house

I decided to give them a slightly longer walk, as it’d been a couple of days since they’ve had a good walk. I walked them towards the library (only a half block from my house). I decided to walk them around the library and through the parking lot. That was, until I met the curb part of the sidewalk I forgot about and tried to chew up some of the darned sidewalk. The sidewalk won. It left some bruises on my cheek, the back of my right hand and my knees. It also took a chunk of tooth for being forced to act the  accomplice for the curb’s mean and nasty prank.


Maeve, Squib and Briannag, helping me knit…for now…

I began your Thursday morning in the dentist’s office, hoping I can get my tooth repaired affordably. (I do want to mention to the dentist that the tooth fairy is supposed to bring me money when I lose a tooth). An exam and an x-ray(that hurt) later, we decided it is affordable to repair. In addition, I remembered on my way there that I had Aflac accidental coverage. It does cover my tooth, so far. In the meantime, I’m sporting some Halloween tooth(sorry, I’m not sharing that photo–it won’t exist).


Scamp, inspecting my knitting work to see if she can get away with confiscating the yarn…

Tonight, however, my dear James shared couch time with me, as my knees must hurt as much as his. He can be so considerate, I feel guilty sometimes for picking on him, until he picks on me. So, my tooth is half-way to repaired, but the real accomplishment this week is that the gift socks are half-way done. I got through the cables and to the toes.


I stuck with the wedge toe. I swear, the next pair of socks I knit will have a star toe. It makes so much more sense to me. I like it better. It requires a little more attention to detail, but after cables, star toes are quite easy. Though, with cables, the biggest problems I’ve had so far involve locating the cable needle when I needed it and reading the pattern correctly.


The wedge toe, in its unappreciated glory.

It seems I put in an extra length of cable repeat. These may become knee socks(or something rather close) for their intended recipient. The pattern read to repeat the cables two more times until the piece reached 7” from CO. Somewhere in there, I think it was the two more times, I got confused and have an extra section of cabling repeat. The good news, I had plenty of yarn, and the sock looks okay. (The bad news is that I have to do the ribbed cuff again). I’ll just have to get that over with Sunday or Monday night.


Cable detail of the sock…
I will admit, I was tempted to try them on. But since they are gifts for someone else, I may have to have the gift recipient try them on and snap a photo to share between during Christmas and New Year’s. Someone, please remind me to take my camera for Christmas events this year.


The sock, the whole sock, and nothing but the sock…I

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  1. Just me, Moni Says:

    Hope them bruises get better soon 🙂

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