Cable Knit Socks…Learning Something New

October 9, 2015

Not just any cable knit, mind you, but asymmetrical cables in navy blue yarn. KnitPicks still cheerfully calls it Jay. I’ve never been a large bird fan. So, it began with finishing socks early last week, and choosing yarn and pattern this week. I realized right away I could no longer find my stitch markers. (I have a feeling Squib and Scamp had a hand in the disappearance of my stitch markers.)

I begin this sock in a knit 2, purl 2 rib. Can you guess why this is my least favorite? I somehow have an easier time tracking four or five stitches, not 2. I do not want to knit all the same stitches, but I don’t want to mix them up every other stitch as well. This goes on for an inch and a half.


Lots of pages of instructions…oy and vey…I better pay attention

Then I must address the missing stitch markers, which leads to a find of three bones and more balls and other items we’ve been wondering where they disappeared. We also discovered that the best puppy toy box is the footstool. However, there were no stitch markers there. I considered using a rubber band or two from a rubber band bracelet that has broken(my Little, Mariah, gifted me a few of these when she got her loom). I ended up buying some at the local yarn store and picking up some cookie cutter Christmas gifts(it’s still semi-secret, as Christmas is a couple of months away, so no photos at this time).


The green round next to the 5″ mark is one of the new, better guarded stitch markers…

Now that I have the stitch markers, I began reading the directions for the cable stitches. Half of it is still greek to me, even though the stitches are defined in the book. 2/2LC and 2/2RC are described, but I’m never quite certain what is meant by the front of work or back of work…There are You Tube videos that help make this distinction, thankfully. I watched a couple and begin to to work with my cable needle. I even thought I was getting the hang of it for a moment.


Cabling in process…Yes, it helps to mark off my work.

I was, mostly. Please don’t get me wrong. But I did learn from this endeavor(besides locking up the stitch markers and other non-kitten toys). The biggest thing I learned was to take cabling one small stitch or section at a time. I’m also grateful this pattern is worked over sixteen stitches. Any more and I might have lost those marbles. (I’m told I don’t have many more to lose, but I do find people willing to donate their own marbles often, regardless of how much they are using them at the moment.) Alas, I’m not knitting marbles or casings for them. If I do, I’ll make sure they’re cute.


The simple side of the sock.

I have my knitting on my needles, and some of my usual pet help as well as some snugglers as I cable away. I sat there Wednesday night with stitch markers ready to go and began the endeavor(after I’ve read the definitions twice and watched the YouTube videos Knit Picks “How to Cable for Beginners” and The Knit Witch “How to use a cable needle in knitting”

). Tonight, as I sat down to knit, I realized one of my sections didn’t look as smooth as it should. It’s four or five rows up in the cable. I wondered if I’d crossed it wrong, but I wasn’t going back to fix one or two stitches for an 11 year old’s socks.

I knit on, cabling as I went. This pattern is coming out well on the solid color socks and I was content. Then I got to the bottom of the second round of the pattern repeat and noticed I’ve only used two of the six defined stitches. Then I looked at the bottom half of my pattern repeat and saw this innocent and sneaky p following my crosses. What? Who knew you could purl during the actual act of cabling? Oy and vey. Now I know I have a mistake, I was on row 13 of 16 on the left side as I discovered this. I made the correction there, I believe.


Maeve, helping me knit the new socks…

I thought about ripping it out and starting over, but I am only a perfectionist about knitting when I have to be. I don’t think I have to be at this point. It’d look prettier if I did it right, but it’s okay to slip in an angel kiss now and then, and leave it, right? I’m glad she’s 11 and still learning to knit. If I had more time between now and Christmas, (I currently have about ten weeks), I might rip it out, but I do not have time for ripping back that many rows to fix it, since I didn’t realize it until I was done with the second repeat of the pattern.

    013The current progress…wish my luck in my journeys…

Next week, I get to try this thing called a traveling leg section and have to decide if this is the left or right sock and mark it as well. This could get interesting. Join me on my cable journey ladies and gentlemen.

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