Wedge Toe Vs. Star Toe

October 2, 2015

They’re done! They’re done! Laundry night is tonight(this is Monday for us). I get to wear my new socks to school tomorrow! I even hope it’s kind of chilly. Chilly weather is the best weather to knit socks in…Lots of photos and photos of my feet to come, promise…


Star toe…I like it…


Wedge toes…completed

But for now, I just finished knitting the toe. One of my patterns previously called for knitting the star toe, I think it was the Vanilla latte socks from eons ago(these green ones). At first, I was slightly impatient with all the knitting involved. Yes, a knitter can be impatient with the knitting. The star toe I’ve used decreases six stitches then knits even for two more rows.


Completed socks, just needing stitching…

The wedge toe I just knit decreased four stitches in a row, then I knit a row. It feels as if it moves faster. Perhaps it does. However, there is a kitchener stitch involved. I even like and get the kitchener stitch as a method of finishing. Well, I used to like this stitch.


What my feet looked like in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, one of the 2nd graders noticed they were bumpy like hers…

I just finished this wedge toe. I’m not sure quite how much time spent is used in the actual star toe at this time. However, as I was knitting, and trying to remember when to slip, slip, knit(ssk) or when to Knit 2 together(k2t), I was wishing to finish using a simple knit six and k2t for the star toe…all the way around. I’m sure there’s some decreasing to get the right multiples at the beginning, but it feels simpler, and once it gets going, it does get going. For the purposes of my future socks, I’ve decided. I like the star toe and will use it as often as I may work it into the pattern.


Briannag and Maeve, helping me show you happy feet;-)

For now, let my feet try on and photograph the socks…where to photograph them…hmm…the kitties and puppies are absolutely curious. Well, some of them were anyhow…which made photos simpler.


Zeus, waiting for me to play ball with him…

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