Partial In-Home Power Outage Fuels Progress

September 25, 2015

…or gives me a hefty kick off of the internet and other fun keeping from meeting my knitting and sewing goals.

Who Knew?

Who would’ve guessed that all my online time was slowing down my knitting(and my quilt-making)? Never mind that we have to finagle ways to get online for a phone book right now, or play actual CDs(gasp, I am that old!) on the laptop that is connected to one of the power outlets that is running normally. Never mind that I’m missing the premiere of Project Runway. It’s a guilty pleasure, but I like watching people make weird stuff out of cloth. I mean, take a look at my super secret fantasy project…oops, almost gave it away there.


Briannag, snuggling into my spot when I get up for a beverage

What happened? I never thought you’d ask;-). I came home from a longer than usual Wednesday night shift to find lights out and thought the bathroom light needed replacing. When I discovered how quiet it was and the computer was all the way off, I started to wonder what was up. I prepped my handy flashlight and headed down the basement to check the circuits and flip the breakers. No change. This is not how this is supposed to work. So I heated up some soup, turned on the lights that did work and began to knit. After knitting a couple of rounds, I began to sew.


Putzer, invading space for his two handed massage…while the others settle for snuggling next to mom…

I started shaping a foot…it really looks like a foot now. Look, I even have help. Okay, okay, I always have help. And Putzer is really here for his nightly massage, after all, my hands are not on the keyboard or the only mouse the cats won’t torture and eat…(Then again, perhaps it hasn’t ever been close enough to the edge of the desk).

So, I managed to get extra rounds knitted last night, and have knit two more tonight. I was anticipating three to four more weeks of working on these socks, but if this power stays wonky much longer, then I’m going to have these socks knit up in no time flat.


Zeus’ turn to snuggle in when I get up for a snack…

And, well, maybe it’s good for super-secret fantasy project progress as well, though I created more work (that won’t be so secret) this week after a guild meeting. It’s likely a good thing. I’m going to need something to keep me out of trouble, after all;-)…  030

But look! Look what I’ve got done….I’m almost tempted to knit another round;-)…

  Please forgive the hasty photos…I fear the more I ask of this computer, the more it’s going to spring on my later in some form of unpleasantness beyond the current Stop playing on the internet! status.

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