Inspiration to Continue

September 4, 2015

The good news, the second sock hasn’t become boring yet…Perhaps a six month hiatus helps with the second sock syndrome I’ve heard so much about. However, my fellow bloggers help greatly. There are a few I follow and read often, and each of them is often posting some form of progress or *gasp* a finished project, also known as a knitter’s delight.


Here’s my almost finished project of the week…just some final trimming to do;-)

Each of the blogs I follow lets me see what others are getting done. Some get a lot done. One has been finishing a pair of socks a month. I don’t knit quite that much. But when I’m jealous of her socks, I know I can go knit another repeat on mine. When one blog posts her progress on a sweater for her baby, I see that work takes effort, and am inspired to continue knitting towards the heel on my sock.

0059 pattern repeats and a “cuff”…ready to begin the heel.

I even got there Wednesday night. I finished the 9th and final full round pattern repeat. I finished the leg. I now get to separate the stitches and continue on with the heel. Though I finished the pattern repeat last night, I decided not to continue on, this week.

007Next week, I’ll have checked the heel notes and should have a flap complete…

It’s been a semi-crazy busy week….or just an exhausted week. I’m not sure which. Classes didn’t work out for me, so I’m focusing on projects, and re-directing my efforts for scholastic improvement. I’ve also been making progress on two other projects I’ve been working on. One involves a wee bit of a story…

002Perhaps it really was meant to bee…

‘Tis the story of a lovely lady, who thought she would embroider the straps onto the bag. Out with the golden denim thread she came, sewing on the bodies of a familiar and beautiful insect, originally planned to be a butterfly. But these little creatures were being sewn on breaks, at work, and on a whim. Their wings were simple, though dotted, and the simple gold on red tone of something that appeared to be a child’s art…

003The first is often the best one….should I add an eye to the giraffe?

When Dear James was asked how they looked, he said something to effect of, “Those are nice bumblebees.” If my mother was here, she’d be telling the story of my dad calling my turkey a tree in kindergarten…I was nice when I told Dear James this story, and hinted that this happened in the month of November, where we give thanks by killing turkeys and making lots of food. Don’t let me get started on pumpkin pie, I’ll have to start an entirely new blog for fall. I still have a sock and a quilt to finish.

   004   Back of the completed tote bag…

So, the bumblebees aside, as when you’re an adult, you don’t pretend their butterflies any longer:-(. The sock is ready to knit the heel. The quilt is getting more flowers everyday, and having the petals re-purposed so I might sew more flowers and begin the clouds. Dear James has survived the consulting, and redeemed himself a little when I laid this blanket to be creation out, and he stated, “You really have put a lot of work into this, haven’t you?” I think he was a wee bit surprised at how much making a quilt from scratch takes, especially when you design your own.

006Remember, you’ve come a long way, baby; bumblebees, rose-ribs, and all, that, jazz…

For now, I wish you luck in making progress on your own projects as I post the eye-candy of my projects that are no longer “super-secret.” The quilt is still under lock and key, unless she reveals she’s onto me. There was a close call when they visited, but shhh….I don’t think she put two and three together. (Yes, we normally say two and two, but only the design was exposed, and she was working on cleaning off a table.) I do not bring the fabric that goes with the design out around the intended recipient, at least, not intentionally.

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