…or gives me a hefty kick off of the internet and other fun keeping from meeting my knitting and sewing goals.

Who Knew?

Who would’ve guessed that all my online time was slowing down my knitting(and my quilt-making)? Never mind that we have to finagle ways to get online for a phone book right now, or play actual CDs(gasp, I am that old!) on the laptop that is connected to one of the power outlets that is running normally. Never mind that I’m missing the premiere of Project Runway. It’s a guilty pleasure, but I like watching people make weird stuff out of cloth. I mean, take a look at my super secret fantasy project…oops, almost gave it away there.


Briannag, snuggling into my spot when I get up for a beverage

What happened? I never thought you’d ask;-). I came home from a longer than usual Wednesday night shift to find lights out and thought the bathroom light needed replacing. When I discovered how quiet it was and the computer was all the way off, I started to wonder what was up. I prepped my handy flashlight and headed down the basement to check the circuits and flip the breakers. No change. This is not how this is supposed to work. So I heated up some soup, turned on the lights that did work and began to knit. After knitting a couple of rounds, I began to sew.


Putzer, invading space for his two handed massage…while the others settle for snuggling next to mom…

I started shaping a foot…it really looks like a foot now. Look, I even have help. Okay, okay, I always have help. And Putzer is really here for his nightly massage, after all, my hands are not on the keyboard or the only mouse the cats won’t torture and eat…(Then again, perhaps it hasn’t ever been close enough to the edge of the desk).

So, I managed to get extra rounds knitted last night, and have knit two more tonight. I was anticipating three to four more weeks of working on these socks, but if this power stays wonky much longer, then I’m going to have these socks knit up in no time flat.


Zeus’ turn to snuggle in when I get up for a snack…

And, well, maybe it’s good for super-secret fantasy project progress as well, though I created more work (that won’t be so secret) this week after a guild meeting. It’s likely a good thing. I’m going to need something to keep me out of trouble, after all;-)…  030

But look! Look what I’ve got done….I’m almost tempted to knit another round;-)…

  Please forgive the hasty photos…I fear the more I ask of this computer, the more it’s going to spring on my later in some form of unpleasantness beyond the current Stop playing on the internet! status.

A Busy, Tired Week

September 18, 2015

…including some jealousy inducing photos

I spent most of today recovering. I sewed my tush off last week, and some of this week. Though I got a little confused on hexy placement for a moment, but this pattern is currently a little forgiving. I hope I can say these words later, when I really need them. Or perhaps I should stop placing hexies without comparing them to the template, and not my harshly drawn on graph paper suggestions. I wish I could show you more, but this photo will have to do, as its still in the super-secret stages;-)


Scamp, helping me sew while investigating ceiling activity….Hoping I haven’t shown too much of the super-secret part.

I also received not one, but two new autographed hard-copies of books this week. Dear James teased me about how much of my book I would complete the night I received the newest book. The second book is a re-print of one I’ve already read, but I aim to get the entire series(so, its still exciting). Some of these turn into great birthday and Christmas gifts. Yes, my birthday was last month, but the book wasn’t released until this month. It has been worth the wait so far. I’m about a quarter of the way into it and I’ll be glad to get back into tonight. I’ve even considered adding time to my sunset function on my alarm clock so I don’t have to turn on my phone flashlight to finish the chapter…


Did I mention this was the latest release of a favorite author!? 😉

I did end up finishing the other book I was reading on my day off. I even got up early in case a substitute teaching job opened this Monday or Tuesday. It didn’t, so I got to finish the book and the puzzle-which I did not get a photo of, as I’m still missing two pieces. I’ll find them, but I have to clean my dining room to do so. I haven’t yet, but I did check the mail again and found hexies in the post box. Boy has it been a happy week. Enclosed in the well decorated envelope were new cardstock weight hexies with new sayings this week. I took photos of them too.


I love this kind of mail. This is half the reason I buy these on etsy.com

I also found myself fighting off a low grade fever. I should rest more, but I don’t notice its there until I’m committed to making tomato sauce with lots of fresh tomatoes or lasagna or even while driving to work. I hope I’ve fought off whatever bug has been working its way through me.


Squib, snuggling up while I knit.


Scamp, inspecting the knitting as well.

I’m not sure if its that time of year, or if its due to swinging my sleep schedule around for teaching(though I haven’t tested this system yet). I did complete a 1,000 piece puzzle, and I’ve knit another pattern round on the gusset/periscope of the sock. Allow me to show you what I mean. Please excuse the crazy cat(and dog) lady pile-up. I won’t mention which article of clothing Scamp even made herself comfortable on tonight. There’s plenty of pet activity in the photos.     007Putzer, seeking attention while I knit

Perhaps it was that I sat down and relaxed on the couch, or that I’ve had a busy week and spent much of my normal visiting time at home, sleeping, but all the pets seemed to want to help tonight. 011  Squib,  and Putzer helping me knit, Briannag looks jealous at the end, and Zeus is sleeping in the middle.017Squib and Briannag trying to claim my knitting for themselves…

005Don’t say I didn’t warn you, the pets just don’t get spoiled enough in this house(sarcasm intended here).

  I even made lasagna in the process, and had a great dinner, once I freed my lap of cats and put the knitting away. Yes, you may be jealous of the lasagna…I’m not sharing and not mailing, but darn is it good. Though with the addition of goat cheese and olives, I was looking for some artichoke hearts once I tasted it. It was still good, but I thought they’d make a nice addition.


And yes, there was knitting. It seems as if it was a little of everything week. But the sock is making progress…perhaps more next week, though I still have to keep sewing my tushie off.


Scamp, comfy and ready to nap on the couch

Dear Scamp,

I’m about to make dinner tonight. What are you doing?

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m sleeping. Bri’s in Dad’s spot. I have her spot on the couch. We’re comfy.

Love, Scamp *yawns big


Briannag, sleeping in Dad’s spot…

Dear Scamp,

I’ll let you sleep while I make Mac and Cheese. I just needed Dad’s help with draining the noodles. They spilled all over the sink. Sorry you had to hear that. Wait, where is the measuring cup I was going to have Dad clean out when he was done helping with the noodles?

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

Got any more dishes that you need cleaned out. The measuring cup had some good stuff in it. Is that dinner? I can’t wait.

Licks and Kisses, Zeus


Zeus, cleaning out the sauce pan

Dear Zeus,

Where is that measuring cup? I left it in the stock pot for a reason.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

What’s a measuring cup? Heck, is that the stock pot? Is it clean, let me check.

Licks and Kisses, Zeus


Zeus, double-checking the sauce pan…the stock pot must be clean…

*Mom double checks the stock pot and surrounding kitchen area…

Dear Zeus,

Where did you leave the measuring cup? That’s a good measuring cup. I need to wash it. Did you really carry it off?

Love (shaking my head), Mom

Dear Mom,

I don’t know what you mean. I like the cheesy stuff in the dishes you let me lick out.

Licks and Kisses, Zeus


*Walks into living room, then hallway, and finally the bedroom. Ta Da! One can only wonder what games they really play…

Dear Zeus,

We have to have a talk. I know we let you bring the kong in here, but the good measuring cups are NOT supposed to leave the kitchen.

Love, Mom

Dear Mom,

What is this cup you speak of? Do you have more cheesy stuff?

Licks and Kisses, Zeus

*Mom sighs

Dear Zeus,

We’ll talk about the cup next time I let you clean it off. In the meantime, I’m holding these utensils(wooden spoon and whisk) so you do not run off with them. (We might not see them in the same condition, ever.) Now, I need to do dishes and get this Macaroni and Cheese in the oven.

Love, Mom


Mac and Cheese ready for the oven

Dear Mom,

Can I have some? I’m waiting good, right where I’m supposed to be. See, I’m not in the kitchen. Putzer wants some, too. I’ll share if you tell me I have to.

Licks and Kisses, Zeus


Mac and Cheese, cooked and melty…yum, now to cover this to keep the darned cat out of it…

Dear Zeus,

We’ll see about letting you lick off the plate when I’m done. You guys are all spoiled. Remind me to cover the mac and cheese to keep Putzer out when I’m not looking.

Love, Mom


Putzer, checking Zeus’ work…

Dear Mom,

What’s remind? I just want food and snuggles.

Licks and Kisses, Zeus

Inspiration to Continue

September 4, 2015

The good news, the second sock hasn’t become boring yet…Perhaps a six month hiatus helps with the second sock syndrome I’ve heard so much about. However, my fellow bloggers help greatly. There are a few I follow and read often, and each of them is often posting some form of progress or *gasp* a finished project, also known as a knitter’s delight.


Here’s my almost finished project of the week…just some final trimming to do;-)

Each of the blogs I follow lets me see what others are getting done. Some get a lot done. One has been finishing a pair of socks a month. I don’t knit quite that much. But when I’m jealous of her socks, I know I can go knit another repeat on mine. When one blog posts her progress on a sweater for her baby, I see that work takes effort, and am inspired to continue knitting towards the heel on my sock.

0059 pattern repeats and a “cuff”…ready to begin the heel.

I even got there Wednesday night. I finished the 9th and final full round pattern repeat. I finished the leg. I now get to separate the stitches and continue on with the heel. Though I finished the pattern repeat last night, I decided not to continue on, this week.

007Next week, I’ll have checked the heel notes and should have a flap complete…

It’s been a semi-crazy busy week….or just an exhausted week. I’m not sure which. Classes didn’t work out for me, so I’m focusing on projects, and re-directing my efforts for scholastic improvement. I’ve also been making progress on two other projects I’ve been working on. One involves a wee bit of a story…

002Perhaps it really was meant to bee…

‘Tis the story of a lovely lady, who thought she would embroider the straps onto the bag. Out with the golden denim thread she came, sewing on the bodies of a familiar and beautiful insect, originally planned to be a butterfly. But these little creatures were being sewn on breaks, at work, and on a whim. Their wings were simple, though dotted, and the simple gold on red tone of something that appeared to be a child’s art…

003The first is often the best one….should I add an eye to the giraffe?

When Dear James was asked how they looked, he said something to effect of, “Those are nice bumblebees.” If my mother was here, she’d be telling the story of my dad calling my turkey a tree in kindergarten…I was nice when I told Dear James this story, and hinted that this happened in the month of November, where we give thanks by killing turkeys and making lots of food. Don’t let me get started on pumpkin pie, I’ll have to start an entirely new blog for fall. I still have a sock and a quilt to finish.

   004   Back of the completed tote bag…

So, the bumblebees aside, as when you’re an adult, you don’t pretend their butterflies any longer:-(. The sock is ready to knit the heel. The quilt is getting more flowers everyday, and having the petals re-purposed so I might sew more flowers and begin the clouds. Dear James has survived the consulting, and redeemed himself a little when I laid this blanket to be creation out, and he stated, “You really have put a lot of work into this, haven’t you?” I think he was a wee bit surprised at how much making a quilt from scratch takes, especially when you design your own.

006Remember, you’ve come a long way, baby; bumblebees, rose-ribs, and all, that, jazz…

For now, I wish you luck in making progress on your own projects as I post the eye-candy of my projects that are no longer “super-secret.” The quilt is still under lock and key, unless she reveals she’s onto me. There was a close call when they visited, but shhh….I don’t think she put two and three together. (Yes, we normally say two and two, but only the design was exposed, and she was working on cleaning off a table.) I do not bring the fabric that goes with the design out around the intended recipient, at least, not intentionally.