Launch Pad

August 28, 2015

I took my 11 and 13 year old nieces into my local yarn store and showed them around a bit earlier this week. I told the proprietor that Elizabeth, age 11, wanted to learn how to knit socks. She sensibly steered me towards teaching her to knit something flat first, and later a hat or mittens. Since my niece wants leg warmers, we’ll see if she simply wants leg warmers, or if she’s looking for a cabled version of them. Part of me can’t wait to teach her to knit.

I even bought her her own set of knitting needles in a size 8, similar to the first pair I learned to knit on. Now, let me explain my situation…I work overnights, and got out of work at 5AM Sunday morning. I came home and went to sleep from 8-ish until about 2:30PM. I was doing okay here. I was going to take my nieces and my little to the beach Sunday afternoon, but the rain and the temperature laughed at my plans. So we cooked and worked on one of the most challenging puzzles I’ve seen in sometime.

Sunday night, I put them to bed somewhere near a reasonable time and did some reading and puzzle work until about 2AM, planning to get close to 5 hours of sleep before Elizabeth woke me near 7AM. I can function on 5 hours of sleep, if necessary. With my nieces’ schedules, it’s a bit necessary.

However, some rude truck with squeaky air brakes drove by my house, and stopped near enough that I heard it at 5:30AM. Since 2AM is way before my bedtime, I was up and raring to go. I even tried calling Dear James and having him talk me back to sleep. I started to feel tired enough to sleep about 7:30AM, close to 8. Lizzie was up at 7:20AM, almost like clockwork.

003Maeve helping me knit this evening…She knows how to make me jealous of a nap when I need it…

The temp that day remained too chilly to visit a lake or a beach, so we worked on the puzzle, and I found some books for my oldest niece to borrow. I should have waited until she was ready to head home to give those to her, as I rarely heard another peep out of her once she had a book in her hand. Lizzie and I worked on the puzzle a bit more and made lunch, and I kept Lizzie busy with some drawing for a bit.

After we did some window shopping, and visited the local yarn shop and thrift store, we made our traditional trip to Cops and Doughnuts. Then my dear James called me once his thyroid ultrasound was done(more on that later, I’m afraid-hoping its not terrible news), and told me he was making arrangements to go to the next town to pick up his wings order that was incorrectly filled the night before. Since he was traveling to the town my nieces live in, I volunteered him as driver to take them home. It’s never a good idea to drive on 3 1/2 hours sleep. He was a pretty good sport about it.

As I dropped off my nieces, I started to show my youngest niece how to knit flat with two knitting needles. I have no idea where this hair-brained, sleep-deprived idea came from, perhaps my niece who didn’t get that if I’m slurring my words (and Dear James was laughing at me for it,)I should be getting a nap. I hope she got it. I’m not sure I was a good instructor, but I am sure I will hear about it soon, whether she is quite frustrated, or at her older brother’s birthday party. But the flat knitting will be her launch pad into the world of knitting, and I’m happy to bring her in.


Briannag, reclaiming “her spot” on the couch…

As for me, I’m still knitting on the rose-rib socks and the cat is using me as a launch pad as I knit. My lap apparently makes a good jumping off place to reach his favorite perches, usually the back of the couch. Maeve snuggled in for her evening nap, and the rest of the animals ignored me, mostly. Briannag and I did have an interesting chat that could be a whine session or her method of suggesting I was really in her seat, sitting upon her pillow, which she sleeps on while I type this blog post up. (We won’t even mention her behavior, or lack thereof, when I tried to get a nap Monday night after dropping my nieces off at home).


Squib, content to rest after using me as a launch pad, likely to catch anything with wings that sneaked in as I let the dogs out tonight…

I also thought about my rose ribs patterns as I knit, since Squibby was busy using me as a launch-pad(no photographic evidence, he’s too quick); I thought about how I wanted to move into cabling, and this pattern may be a launch pad for moving into new techniques in the knitting world. Wish me luck.   009

This weeks sock progress…two more ribs and I can knit the heel…

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