Breaking My Own Rules…

August 21, 2015

…because some days you must, right?

I’m knitting the second sock of a pair. I began this sock pattern a little over a year ago, I believe. You guys are so patient with me. Thank you. I decided to look back to this time last year, and I must have gotten this sock confused with another sock I was knitting at a time when I was teaching more school…. I thought this was the sock that I could knit only two rows at a time on…I’ll have to check for that blog.


Briannag may be snuggling my bag, or protecting it from Scamp…or just claiming it as hers. She hasn’t figured out you need opposable thumbs to knit, however.

I looked back to a year ago, and my post was called Following My Own Rules. I have to laugh at myself for this one…I was beginning the super-secret fantasy quilt about a year ago, and it was so new and I was so enthusiastic, I created a rule. I’ve also created another rule(one that I usually stick to a little better), that I had to finish one project before I knit another.


Squib getting curious about knitting and planning to cuddle for a few moments

This week, as I read over the previous blog, I realize just how I’ve broken most of my rules, and yet managed to make things work with a certain amount of diligence. I can be disciplined, but days like today, d-words go out the window to play in the rain, except for dammit, when the ssk on the last row doesn’t want to work, and the dogs who try to cuddle me or protect my knitting, I think. I hope.


Zeus, snuggling until mom takes the photo…In my defense, it’s a little easier to knit without an 80lb. dog sitting across your lap.

Today feels scattered, and when you have key-lime(sort-of) cheesecake for your second breakfast, you kind of learn to expect scattered if you’re me. Okay, you don’t think much of it, but you see the cause and effect after. However, I still made progress. But let’s compare the changes…


Current Sock Progress…the little rules just might work…

A year ago, I was working on the rose rib knit socks #1 and beginning a super-secret fantasy quilt that I still have not finished. It was a goal to have this quilt done by Christmas…maybe this Christmas….perhaps in time to submit to a contest…one never knows with these things. A year ago, I devised a rule that I would complete one entire repeat of a pattern round before I sewed on the quilt.


Maeve, snuggling on mom while she knits, she lasted the longest, but she usually does.

In the meantime, Scamp ran off with my skein of pink and orange variegated yarn to knit this pattern with, and so I switched off and knit the black-hearted socks. I have completed a pair of socks at least. Scamp has not fully attacked the sewing, or perhaps the thread is cheap enough (or was) that I just buy another spool, because hand sewing quilts well takes a lot of thread. I also furthered the quilt design some.


Repeat 6 of 9 on the second sock…

Progress report…with one pair of socks knit in the meantime, I am about the same place on the second sock that I was on the first about this time last year. I just completed repeat 6 of 9, which I mentioned specifically in one of my blogs. However, I’ve relaxed the rules a bit. I’ve allowed myself to sew the hexies that are part of the background quilt, so long as I do knit a pattern repeat on two of my nights off. I still sew at work instead of knit.


One of the smaller projects in between…

I have also completed smaller projects in between. I have knit my dad a log-cabin style book wrap quilt I was able to present him for father’s day, once I remembered to bring the gift with me. I have also speedily quilted a tote-bag for my aunt that I need to sew the handles on and hand it off so she can use it with the pride only an aunt can muster for a handmade gift. It even looks good, too.


Really, almost shameful…it’s almost finished. Perhaps I should make another “rule,” just not on a day I’m managing to break so many…

Either way, I’m still excited to see where this journey takes me, and I cannot wait to finish these socks to enjoy on a chilly fall day of hot cocoa or showing my feet to small fries to entertain them at the end of the day. I’m often seeking new converts for knitting or sewing. Don’t even ask me about how much time I spent searching fabric dying processes on the internet tonight….I told you I was a wee bit scattered today;-)


…while I still managed to make progress;-)

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