Challenge For First Chair

July 13, 2015

Dear Scamp:

What are you up to?

Love, Mom


Dear Mom:

I’m taking over the chair. I’m keeping Squib out of it. It’s my chair, see?  And, if Squib tries to get the chair, I’ll pounce on him.

Love, Scamp


Mom’s writing chair, complete with cushion…for the next few minutes.

Dear Squib:

What are you doing? Scamp tells me it’s her chair now.

Love, Mom


See what I mean?

Dear Mom:

The chair is mine! Do you see me sleeping here? I’ve even knocked out your cushion. It’s my chair.

Love, Squib

Dear Putzer,

What are you doing in the kittens’ chair?

Love, Mom


Dear  Human

I didn’t want to climb into my bed. I’m using the chair. It is a good chair. The kittens can have the floor. You can massage me now.

Love, Putzer.


Briannag considers certain seats on the couch, hers first.

Dear Briannag:

What’s up with the couch? It looks like Squib stole your favorite spot.

Love, Mom


Dear Mom:

Squib took my favorite spot, and I’d like you to move him and snuggle me. My chuffs never really work on him. It’s like he thinks he’s the boss, but I’m older. At least I have the pillow.

Love me, Briannag

Dear Mom:

Thanks for distracting Squib. I just want to sleep in my chair right now.

Love, Scamp

…And so it goes…while I never took band or orchestra in school, my best friend did, and she would talk about challenging for first chair. Our first chair is simply more humble. Maeve is not featured here because her favorite chair is a lap.


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