It’s The Little Things That Matter: Like Stitch Markers

July 10, 2015

When I began writing Knitting Journeys, I was quite excited, because there’s always something new going on in the knitting world. In addition, I’m only an intermediate knitter, though semi-fearless at that. I thought, I’ll never want for a topic to write about. Famous last words, I tell ya.


Scamp, checking in to help me search for a new cat toy, or a stitch marker-to the rest of the world…

I’m knitting the foot of the second sock. I’ve been here. I’ve done that. I’m doing it again. How many of you want to read about that? Not I! Screams the voices in my head. But my knitting provided special insight for me this evening as I prepared to knit…gasp…a lost stitch marker. There is a brave  (good euphemism for stupid-somedays) part of me saying, “Go ahead, the sock is at the foot, I don’t need the stitch marker. It’s well-enough divided.


Squib’s help, If you look closely in the upper right hand corner, you’ll see it could be well enough divided…

The smarter side of me is laughing her butt off, saying, find the stitch marker before you continue. You will be uttering even more phrases like famous last words if you don’t. I’m sure some of you have been there before. Let’s toast to a shared chuckle here.


Maeve, seizing her opportunity to comfort Mom in her knitting distress…

As I searched for the currently elusive stitch marker, Maeve saw her opportunity and planted herself upon my chest for cuddling. I know they’re rough photos, but Dear James is stuck at work while I knit, manage pets and cameras all by myself. Of course, the stitch marker would pick the tired night of the busy week to disappear.


Squib, helping me relax after I began utilizing some of his favorite toys…

I had my nieces this week, and gave up a fair amount of sleep to spend time with them. Though, my youngest niece saw through me when I set her to work on my scrap-booking, in which she did a great job. I’ll have to thank her when we get to working on the fairy garden with my dad. But it was the time spent that matters, not the sleep I might have missed.


Zeus and Squib in position to help me knit…

Today was also Dear James’ mother’s birthday. He remembered to call her without any input from me. I was still wiped from watching a friends kids this morning(the middle of my normal night) while she had a meeting she needed to attend. Again, it’s the little things. James remembered to call his mother. I remembered to get a nap once the kids were dropped off. A grandmother offered to let me borrow her granddaughter if I felt the need for a while(words of a loving, but worn out grandma-I know that feeling).  And somewhere between the couch, the dog, a couple of cats, and perhaps my jeans lies a sneaky little stitch marker that helps keep my knitting manageable, just as naps keep my busy life manageable as well.


Squib thinks the knitting needles still make good chew toys…

Now, excuse me while I search out that little thing I need to continue knitting with sanity and reflect on some of the best advice ever given regarding knitting, and perhaps life. It’s the little things, like stitch markers, and some quality time, as well as naps, that keep life going. Would you care to help me find the stitch marker?


Some of the pet traffic I must work through to find the stitch marker.

Thanks for your help. It somehow fell down beneath the couch cushion. I had to remove enough creatures to find it, and then I replaced it and resumed knitting. The gusset is coming along, but always takes a little longer than I like, especially since I’m no longer knitting solidly in the round.

018Look, I found the stitch marker! It is now in it’s rightful place.


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